Chicago Day 3: Sunshine!

I awoke to the most beautiful day. The sun was bouncing off all the buildings that surround my view and the sky was bright blue. I was completely inspired to do some site seeing, so I had my cup of coffee and started putting on my layers of clothing.

The Cloud Gate (commonly called the “bean”) was completely breathtaking. What made my visit even more special is that I have seen pictures of this work of art in the summer and when I went there it had a cap of snow on it. It was stunning! There were lots of people taking pictures and selfies with the Cloud Gate, myself included, but what really impressed me was going under the Gate and standing right in the middle of its architecture. I stood looking straight up at the centre and let out a deep exhale. This beautiful work of art almost felt organic like it was alive and breathing, like it was looking right back at us all. To know that this came from the vision of a gifted artist made me think of my own life and how dreams and visions always reach their fruition in its due time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t wear the proper headwear so I had to take as many pictures as I could before I returned to my hotel room. I saw a Starbuck’s but for some reason I just didn’t feel like it…now that was just weird typing that!

I stopped at a bigger Walgreens across from Millennium Park and picked up some cereal bars, gatorade and a bowl of fruit. I guess this trip is also turning into a complete cleansing…and I can already feel myself changing and moving organically with it. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Chicago Day 2: When I least expected it…

I managed to sleep in today, I even told the hotel elves to come back later cuz I forgot to put the sign on the door. I opened my huge hotel drapes and saw all the snow flying around decorating and frosting the buildings with shimmer. It was really pretty to see, but it pumped my breaks on my To Do list. I had intended on finding a shopping mall because my minimalist packing limited my outfit choices, so instead, I jumped right back into bed.

I was going to eat some of the oatmeal I bought at the Walgreens, but I didn’t have a spoon and kept procrastinating to simply call the concierge. I opted to drink the complimentary coffee, watch YouTube videos and do a bit of writing.

I finally dragged myself out of bed around 4pm, then decided to check out the hotel restaurant, Chuck’s. It was very classy but with a hint of sports bar. They sat me at a table for 4 which I found hilarious, then sat a group of 4 guys in a booth behind me. I could feel them staring, but I remained focused on the job at hand…to finally have my first hot meal in Chicago. I was surprised to find out that it is Chicago restaurant week where all the Chicago restaurants promote together and charge full meals at $22, $33 and $44, this trip just got even more intriguing.

I ordered an Asianic salad which had apples, watercress, candied walnuts and blue cheese…my thoughts…it was very fancy looking but I had to cut pieces of lettuce. My entree was Organic Chicken with risotto; it came with a leg and a breast a little less than average size, but the seasoning was beautifully done and the chicken melted in my mouth like butter. The risotto was very nicely done, it could have used another 5 minutes for a more even texture, but again the flavour stood out the most. Next, was my dessert…I had to laugh out loud because it was like a carnival on my plate… cotton candy, macaroons, cupcake, caramel corn..literally carnival food. I ended up taking it back to my room.

I guess I was recharged with the great food so I decided to adventure through the hotel floors to see the memorabilia. I think I may have broken an elevator going up and down to random floors..oopsy…so I took the stairs for the last couple floors. My last discovery was finding the Prince display. Now, I have been in love with his music and talent since I was a kid so I had to go back to my room as I felt my knees get weak with nostalgia. I saw his shirt and his guitar and I melted. I actually debated taking a pillow and blanket and sleep beside the display!

My new lock screen
My new lock screen