Back Home

It wasn’t the greatest situation to come home to know that my friend is very ill.  I’m glad I’m home and close by to him as he is like a brother, but it’s just so sad to know that he has an uphill battle for his health.  I pray for his strength as he is one of the strongest people I know.

Although my return home is bittersweet, I feel empowered and ready for a fresh start.  Sometimes other people’s struggle is an eyeopener to what drastic measures you must do to achieve your goals and dreams.  I have constant reminders of this whenever I meet new people and hear the triumphs of my friends and family.

Although I currently have laryngitis, which also puts a hold on my videos and radio show, I have so many more opportunities happening to me.  I’ve put my foot down to set up my own personal boundaries involving everyone in my life.  It’s been a very hard acceptance as I’m usually the one everyone runs to, but if I don’t I will lose myself again, this is something I never want to negotiate again.

Tonight, I open up my notebook and rearrange some of my upcoming trip plans.  I’ve found better and I see clearer now…this is a very exciting time for me.  I hope you all find your inner strength and never let it go! 😉

Chicago Day 8: Travel Day…from Hell?

Since my vacation was cut short due to urgent matters back home.  I had to rush around and get things done.  I rebooked rides and bought a plane ticket home…well…the day started off great checkout at this fine establishment was a breeze, then I got to the airport.

I went to scan and check my suitcase and my ticket came up with an error.  So I proceeded to the agent and when she keyed in my confirmation she said, “You’re a month too early.”  Of course I freaked out and said what do you mean?  She proceeded to tell me that there was an internal error and I had to call the airline directly.  That’s when things started to snowball. 

Once I got on the phone with the airline help desk the agent said that my options were to get a refund on the ticket and start over or pay an extra $900 to be on the flight it was originally booked on.  So I opted to take the refund and sat down to figure out my next move.  Let me say this, being in a questionable position with holds on all my credit cards until I called each one to tell them I was still in the U.S., was not an ideal situation.  Plus, the wifi was only complimentary in 20 minute intervals.  I had to call the hotel to refund my remaining 2 days stay and I STILL didn’t have a ticket.  

I went back to another agent and she was the most amazing person.  She told me she would put me on a standby flight and all I had to do was pay a difference of $70US, she then told me how everything could have been avoided if the other agent had more compassion.  Of course, I cried because of the stress of being potentially homeless for the evening as the next flight was at 6am.  I mustered up calm to balance mayhem in my brain of how to get myself out of this “pickle”.  With my agent getting ready to leave after a 6 hour shift…yes I was there for 6 hours waiting for credit card releases, she finally had me booked on the plane home.

At this point I was more than exhausted, I had a nutrigrain bar that I hardly felt nourished me, but when I get stressed the last thing on my mind was food.  The agent felt so bad for me she even offered to buy me a ticket if I had a check to pay her back.  How amazing was that, she was an angel!!  After I passed TSA, with a complimentary frisk by a huge scary looking woman that thought my right boob wasn’t real, I was more than relieved to put my headphones on listen to music to calm myself and tweet about my crazy adventure.

I was called to the plane and gathered my last wind of strength to walk my ass onto the plane.  I made it to the end of the plane gave my ticket to the flight attendant because all the numbers and letters just melted into one.  I just needed to sit.  Well, surprise!  I was bumped up to First Class and I instantly thought of that amazing airline agent that so methodically got me this ticket.  I almost collapsed in my seat.

I was given a hot towel, which I used to wipe my dried out eyes and clean my hands.  I was given water before the take off; a choice of beverage; choice of snack; touch screen choice of movies, tv shows, or music; I had leg room and the perfect window seat where I took pictures and said my mental good bye to Chicago.  I put my headphones on and finally relaxed.

Getting back into the Canada was like breaking into a fortress with a toothpick, but I was happy that my last length of travel was almost over.  A 1½ hr shuttle bus back home with my limo driver waiting was the cherry on top.  I came home to heaps of snow, but it felt nice.

I dropped my bags on the floor plugged in my laptop and phone and hit my pillow hard, yet I had a smile on my face from a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, this was a great experience and I learned a lot about traveling to and from the U.S.  I will definitely be more prepared the next time I visit our wonderful neighbours down South.


Until we meet again, Chicago!  Much love!





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