The smell of bacon and Technology

I woke up this morning to the sound of the boys talking about their Valentine’s candies, I had to tell them over and over to wait until after breakfast. While I waited I had 2 FaceTime calls.  Now, before 10am, I am no where NEAR awake nor FaceTime ready, but it was nice to chit chat with my friends.  My childhood friend is currently undergoing chemotherapy and he’s responding well, but knowing him he’s a workaholic and aching to get out of the hospital.  I talked to my other friend about how much we love our iPhones and how, back in the day, we had beepers and texting took a hell of a lot longer than nowadays.

That being said, I was watching a Catfish marathon and despite watching some hearts get broken, I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come.  It used to be Pen pals we could write on with actual pens and paper; family and friends you kept in touch with via landline telephone; carrying change to call on public pay phones…I look at all my techno gadgets and shake my head that everything is connected and synced.  If this is what the minimalist lifestyle looks like, then I’m a happy girl.

Being alone for Valentine’s Day wasn’t so lonely.  I’ve met many people online and I praise the fact that we are all just a keystroke away.  Relationships can be formed, connections can be made, friendships can be formed with a strong base.  I feel that sometimes when we hide behind a keyboard, we can also see the truth.  We can reach out and feed each others loneliness, sadness, joy and laughter.  We all want the same thing.. to be heard, to listen, to learn, to connect… This is a great time for us all.