Putting the pieces together…

Lots of changes have happened over the last few days.  They are great changes, but as with all things, when it’s new, it’s both exciting and scary at first.  The ability to adapt is a challenge, however it is a welcomed challenge.  My hope in the human condition and empathy were nearly dashed away, I let go of the pent up tension and taa-daa!  Everything worked out as I had hoped.  I’ve learned that sometimes I just have to put my foot down, make the demands and not be persuaded to compromise to make others feel better.  I had to acknowledge a lot of pain and disappointment, but once I did, I felt, and do feel, like a huge weight has been lifted.  I can truly focus on the “gain” rather than the “loss”.

Things feel different, but definitely not wrong…keeping my eyes on the “prize” has definitely helped me declutter my mind and cleanses my soul…and THAT is a truly priceless thing.

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