March Break…then… a break!

I survived the first day of March Break. The boys were surprisingly quiet and with only a couple tiffs here and there they entertained themselves. I had some time to plan my next travel excursion..I’m still debating on which part of Texas to fly to, but I’m just so damn excited to have something to look forward to.

My travels have been slightly delayed because I need my camera before I leave. I’ve been researching a couple camcorders and I definitely need a new travel tote bag! Note: Beware of the faux leather print tote bags sold at Walmart, after just one travel destination, all the plastic print was peeling off of the handle. It was an impulse emergency purchase, but now that I know better I’m on the hunt for a leather tote that will fit all my gadgets and my travel stuff.

I’ve decided to repurchase my lost eyeshadow palette and do some equipment purchasing online. I know this is the universe telling me to relax and enjoy the calm pace…but I just feel so anxious, like I’ve got to get a move on things!

After this March Break…I’m definitely need a break!

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