Gadget Review: Canon PowerShot N and Canon Vixia mini X

Canon VIXIA mini X



Now, the reasons I’ve been on the hunt for a camera is for my current and future projects. I will be traveling to many destinations, meeting new people, trying new food, etc., so I had hoped to document my journeys from before, during and after my trips. I have been into electronics since my Dad taught me at a very young age, so it has now become a very addictive hobby. So let’s get to it!

Canon PowerShot N
-comes in black or white
-touchscreen moves up to 90 degrees
-unique shutter button is on the lens
-picture and video capabilities
-compact size
-WiFi file transfer abilities
-multi-picture Creative Shot option
-playback with sound
-uses micro-SD memory card

After using the Canon PowerShot N for a little under 3 months, the pictures were still stunning but the video playback had a clicking noise. After returning it to Canon, under its warranty, for repairs they claim that they found nothing wrong although the salesman and I agreed the clicking was still there.
I love the design of the PowerShot N, it’s unique with a 90 degree angled touchpad making it feel like the old cameras from the early days. The Creative multi-shot option provides 6 different filters and angles which is great for giving a more artistic flair to the photo. Cute concept but I believe that the clicking noise during the video option may be related to the fact that the shutter button is on the actual lens itself and the microphone may be too close to the actual mechanics of the lens. When the camera is charging, all the functionality is locked until it is unplugged from the charger, this can make things inconvenient unless you buy an extra battery.

Canon VIXIA mini X
-touch screen moves 90 degrees but can flip and move to the front and back of lens
-video and picture capabilities
-light weight
-HD extra wide view “Fish Eye”
-easily accessible playback and record buttons
-sound/mic volume scroll button
-sound filtration options
-microphone and headphone plug-ins
-WiFi file transfer abilities
-uses standard SD Card

The Canon VIXIA mini X is very easy to use, it is light yet feels like it’s built for on-the-go wear and tear. The lens cover slides over simultaneously with the on-off button and the record and playback buttons are easy to use and find. The “Fish Eye” lens takes some getting used to as I’ve never seen anything like it before, but I love it! It makes the videos look very professional. Another great feature is that you can adjust the sound filtration to match your video environment, for example, if it’s windy out you can choose a preset sound filtration that allows you to cancel out background noises. When plugged in, the camera resumes all its functionality. Although this camera takes still shots as well, I haven’t found anything resembling the Creative multi-shot that the PowerShot N had, but the quality of the pictures is superb! I’m still trying the different features out, but so far it’s turning out to be an excellent camera.

Both the cameras range from $299-$399CAD.

My advice, if you are a fellow camera lover, is to find a reputable store specializing in cameras. Think of what you want to do with your future camera, be it artistic photography to making movies, do your research and be aware of all your options. I was lucky enough to find a great camera store that offers trade-ins and upgrades to newer equipment and camera models as well as extended warranties.

I hope this helps my fellow gadget lovers! 🙂


Great day for pampering and chatting

Despite the gloomy day, things seemed to work out smoothly. My new video camera came in so now it’s time to get down to the fun stuff. My last stop is fixing up my studio, adding some shelves and storage for supplies, I’ll also have to move some furniture around. I was expecting my camera next week, but it came in yesterday. Ever since I picked it up, I’ve been taking great videos of the kids, my pedicure appointment and my radio show. Haha I know, I’m a big kid…but it’s fun!

I know I’ve caught a cold and I struggled through my radio show. I think I’m going to have to check my equipment because there were lots of times where I couldn’t hear what my cohost was saying and it would cut out, but it’s always great going live and we just never know what could happen. Great conversation of just random thoughts and ideas.

My pedicure was relaxing and I felt the Spring fever coming on…along with the need to Spring clean. Yikes!

I will be having some video and audio projects very soon! Hope you all have a stress free weekend! 🙂

Much love!


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