Crazy weather brings germs.. yuck!

A very productive week has lead me to catch one of the worst colds I’ve had in a very long time.  It knocked me out all weekend and I still haven’t recovered.  I’m all drippy and sniffly and the whole thing just irritates me.  The constant nose blowing and passing out in the middle of watching movies has been my life for the last 72 hours.  I’ve been drinking fluids and Advil has been my best friend lately.

I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in my part of the world but it has been so confusing with one day being a high of 39 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius today!  I could hardly sleep last night with the thunder and lightning…flashing lights and angry rain was what woke me at 2 am and it kept me awake all morning.

Although I am supposed to be getting bed rest, I can’t help but bring my work to bed with me.  It’s a thing us workaholics do…which is something I need to revisit and reevaluate for my daily routine.  The tough part is being so sick you can hardly sit up, but then get these great ideas and search desperately for a pen and notebook with one eye open.  My work has taken up my bed forming a bit of a “nestlike” look.  It really is very sad.

I did manage to sidetrack myself and watch my favourite movies, the last one I finished being The Devil Wears Prada… by watching I mean the movie was on while I was writing notes, making project outlines and budgets.

The things I hate the most about being sick are:

1 –  I.  Can’t.  Breathe.

2 – Headaches are mean

3 – I can’t taste a damn thing

4 – Blowing my nose gets old

5 – I.  Can’t.  Breathe.

I hope you are all staying healthy… bring and use your hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE!

P.S.  Did I mention I can’t breathe???!!


Restaurant Review: Marienbad Restaurant & Chaucer’s Pub

After an extremely busy day, I decided to indulge in one of my city’s most well-known and respected restaurants.  The last time I had been to this restaurant was over 10 years ago, so I think I was more than due.  I arrived just after a little rain drizzle and the outdoor patio tables were so inviting.  There are two entrances to this restaurant; there is the Chaucer’s Pub side (which serves the same menu) and there is the Marienbad Restaurant side both have an old world European ambiance.  The restaurant and pub is located in the heart of downtown and is known to get very busy during the evenings and weekends before and during bar hours.

Marienbad Pub

I chose the Marienbad Restaurant side for some peace and quiet after an extremely busy day.  I was relieved to be welcomed with some 5 star service that is so rare and seems to be fading away these days.  My server was pleasant, helpful and courteous; he didn’t bother me with so many questions throughout my meal, which seems to be the norm with most of the newer restaurants I’ve been to lately.  Clearing plates and bringing drinks on a timely basis… my kind of service!

Marienbad decor


Above is some of the beautiful decor I adore so much…


Doorway to the Attrium


Above is the calm before the dinner rush and shows the doorway to the enclosed atrium dining room.

I started with an Irish coffee which was elegantly served with a raw sugar stick… it was so yum! For appetizers I went with the Calamari and the Antipasto Di Casa…and WOW!  The calamari was crisp and I could taste the quality of its preparation, the antipasto contained fresh fruit, high grade goat cheese, as well as excellent cuts of meat and alfalfa sprouts.

It took me a while to decide on what to order as every plate description made my mouth water.  I decided on the Chicken Paprikash…

Chicken Paprikash


The Chicken Paprikash contained boneless chicken served on top of a portion of haluska or small noodle dumplings and covered with a lovely paprika sauce.  It is nothing I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating and I’m glad I picked this hearty dish.  The chicken melted in my mouth and the dumpling noodles tasted light, yet filling.  I thought it was a perfect summer dish for an early evening dinner.

Now, on to the dessert…

With an order of a steaming hot cappuccino made from their classic looking machine…

Specialty Coffee maker


I decided to try the Strawberry Palatschinka…

Strawberry PalatschinkaYES!  This tasted just as good as it looks!  It contains vanilla ice cream wrapped in a perfectly made crepe with strawberries and whipped cream on the sides.  My tastebuds were definitely jumping with joy for this dessert!  The strawberries had just enough tang to cut through the delicious sweetness.  The presentation alone made me smile from ear to ear.

Now the great thing was, my friend wanted a dessert with mint and they accommodated the request by adding peppermint schnapps and chocolate ice cream.  The server in turn asked me to name the new dessert, so if you ever decide to go, try the “Fresh Mint Creme Palatschinka” 😉

Overall, this is indeed the classic restaurant it always was.  The service superb and the food was breathtaking.

This restaurant also is a hub for many special events as well as Murder Mystery Dinner Theatres.  I hope you all have the pleasure of visiting this treasure of my city.  You won’t be disappointed!

For their various menus and further information visit their website:

Happy 5 star nomming! 🙂



Gadget Review: Boostcase Detachable Power Case



I bought this case and have been testing it for the last 8 days.  Since I’m on the go a lot and use my phone constantly; I needed to find something where I didn’t have to carry all kinds of cords.  I do have an extra external battery that I used to carry around, but I noticed that my cord for my phone was starting to show excessive wear and tear.  So, on to the Apple Store I went.

Aside from all the eye candy surrounding me, I went directly to the wall of cases and this particular case immediately caught my eye.  Since purple is my favourite colour, of course I was drawn to it, but the fact that it had an extra battery pack was even more appealing.

The case is a matte Lilac colour with a soft smooth rubber feel,  not sticky and not slippery like most shiny cases.  The thinner case anchors the phone to the actual battery pack and what was even more brilliant was that I can turn the battery pack on and off when I need an extra boost for my phone battery.


When both pieces are attached it can feel a bit heavier, however it still feels comfortable in my hand.  This case has saved me a few times in the middle of conversations and when doing errands.  Extra battery power is always a bonus!



Above you will see the green light indicator button which turns off after 1-2 seconds.  Green light means the battery is fully charged, when pressing and holding this button down turns the battery off.  This is a great feature for me since I usually fully charge my phone before I leave my house and attach both pieces.  When I see that my phone battery is running low, I simply press the button and it recharges my phone’s battery very quickly.  To test this product even more, I would turn the battery pack on just enough to get my phone battery past 20%, then I’d turn the battery pack off.  I did this several times throughout the day and it worked like a dream!



Above the indicator button is red (clearly showing it needs recharging) when plugged in, it flashes red until it is fully recharged, then it flashes green.  The included charge cord has a USB plug end, which is pretty standard with most electronics nowadays, making it easier to use my many adapters I have on standby lol.  I am especially impressed at how fast it recharges whereas with my other external packs, I would have to plug them in over night to get a full charge.  It takes less than an hour to recharge the battery pack when it is completely drained.

If you’re looking for a nice looking phone case with some extra power, give this case a try.  Since I purchased it from the Apple Store, there is a 15 day return/exchange policy, however in this instance, I’ll be keeping this cute coloured gadget! 🙂

Currently, they only have products for the iPhones 4/4s and 5/5s

Price:  $99.95CAD + tax

Happy gadgetry hunting! 😉





Canada Day…and a failed video

Well, I hope everyone had a great Canada Day…  I had wanted to post a video regarding my Canada… however, it was a complete fail!  Sigh.. well I guess I’ll have to think of something else…  but in the meantime these are the 10 things I love about Canada:

1)  Healthcare – it’s paid with our taxes and being born here I’ve never had to worry about paying for my doctor visits nor hospital stays

2) Education and Social Programs – paid schooling from JK to Highschool, I love that our education is provided for and our social programs help people in need

3) We invented Basketball and Hockey – two of my favourite sports

4) Varying climates from West to East coast beaches to the ice, mountains and flatlands.. I plan to see it all! 🙂

5) Being known for our slang:  Eh, F*ckn A, oout and aboout… I love it

6) Colourful money – I like to keep things simple and colour coded…the $1 Loonie and the $2 Toonie coins are pretty cool!

7) We played a huge part of the Underground Railroad – I’m proud of Canada’s involvement with helping the slaves gain their freedom

8) Our legal drinking age is 19 years old, aside from Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec whose legal drinking age begins at 18 years old.

9) Poutine – a blend of fresh home fries with cheese curds melted with steaming hot gravy… YUM

10) Our license plate slogans – all describe the “personality” or “culture” of our provinces

With the license plate slogans in mind, I made this little dedication to my country, I hope you enjoy it:

I am Beautiful, among Wild Rose Country and under the Land of Living Skies.  I am Friendly and Yours to Discover because Je me souviens means I will remember that you stopped by.  I reach Canada’s Green Province and swim in Canada’s Ocean Playground.  I Explore Canada’s Arctic venturing through The Klondike; with Newfoundland and Labrador; New Brunswick on to Nunavut…my description remains clear…I say it loud for all to hear because…


Much love to you all!  Until next time…


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