Hair Gadgets and a Heatwave Meltdown

One would think when they receive a “Heatwave Warning” the most logical thing to do would be to stay indoors or go somewhere where it is nice and cool… Well, clearly I didn’t follow the warnings and I accepted my consequences of constant perspiration and feeling so overwhelmed with all the errands I had to accomplish.

The morning started off trouble free, despite the teens sleeping in.  My friend and I partnered up again to attack the neighbourhood Freshco.  Sigh…  We picked up our much needed groceries, dropped them off at home then headed out for a dessert waffle at William’s.  If you have a chance, definitely try this dessert, it’s a freshly made waffle with ice cream and whipped cream.  YUM!

Well, I came back home and had to quickly start dinner.  While in the middle of cooking; I noticed that my kitchen sink was clogged…  Ugh my first though was “Why can’t these boys keep the drain plug in?!”  The dishes weren’t done, there were no clean utensils, etc.. It was a complete nightmare.

On a great note, the curling wand “adventure” was a successful one.  I walked away burn free and with a head of curls that stayed in my hair despite the hot ass weather.  I was perspiring all day and well into the evening because I had an urge to bleach down my entire kitchen!

Now that the house is nice and quiet, I can get my projects done and then I can finally relax.

It was a day….a definite day… whew!


Lancome Grandiose Mascara Review

Lancome Grandiose Mascara


When I say I love receiving presents I mean it, but getting one of my favourite makeup products to try?… Yup, I was definitely squealing like a little girl! lol

My two weakness makeup products are lipstick and mascara.  For daily use, I have a whole routine with my eyes which includes applying 4-5 coats of 4-5 different mascara formulas.  Some beauty lovers may cringe but I like to combine different formulas finishing off with a waterproof mascara, due to my oily eyelids.  I found a combination that works like a dream, but when I read what the Lancome Grandiose Mascara was claiming I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and try it.

IMG_3231The shape reminds me of an old fashioned perfume bottle and I found the added touch of a flower encased in clear plastic to be absolutely adorable; a very feminine touch!



The swan neck shaped wand is very interesting and the brush had more of a rubber bristle feel.  When I first applied the product to my lashes I was actually taken aback.  It is thick but with a more creamy consistency and the brush allowed me to get right to the root of my lashes.  I’m used to adjusting my hand around the angles of my eyes, however with this wand, all I had to do was turn the wand around.  It took some getting used to, but it definitely made getting my corner lashes easy.



The above shows my before and after results, this is with a generous 2 coats, which really wasn’t necessary, however my preferences are a very thick looking lash.  Overall, what usually takes 4-5 coats and mascara formula, I was able to accomplish with just two!



After a long day, and my tired eyes, I looked into the mirror and I was surprised to see no flaking, no smudging and my lashes looked as good as when I first left my house.

I recommend this mascara to anyone who has problems with runny eyes or oily lids.  My lashes felt light and flexible all day and for once I feel confident that I have found the ultimate mascara that can keep up with my busy days and nights.

Thanks again to Influenster for this complimentary mascara to try and review!  Great stuff!!


The Facebook Fire Challenge

I came across a few videos on YouTube and I just had to say something about it.  It concerns me that children are actually trying to do this challenge and are literally burning themselves.  It saddens me that the need for attention and views on social media has brought children to this.  Children are dying and permanently injuring themselves for a few seconds of fame.  I hope to bring attention to this so we, as parents, are aware of what our children are exposed to.

To those who survived this challenge… I hope they realize how lucky they really are to escape death and injury.  For those who have been injured I hope for a speedy recovery and I hope you too will spread the word of how dangerous this is.

Much love to all…and please stay safe!


Grooming the prized dog… and BBQ meats?

Today, I decided to tackle my Costco-bought racks of ribs on the BBQ.  I spent most of my day outside enjoying the sun…and the rain…then the sun again :/  Despite the weather I managed to make my special ribs for the boys.  I knew they really loved them when I didn’t hear a peep from them as they stuffed their mouths.  It was almost eery, how quiet they were.  Nonetheless, they finished in record time and rolled their eyes as I told them to wait until I took a picture of what was leftover before I’d allow them to have seconds…  It had to be done  lol

After they cleared the dishes and we took turns catching my dog trying to steal the bones, they settled down and I got to finally relax…until…

I had the genius idea of deciding to bathe and groom my show dog Mikael.  For those that aren’t aware, Mikey is a Lhasa Apso, he used to have long hair down to the ground, but since his retirement (he’s 10yrs old now) I’ve been keeping his hair as unkempt as my own.  Now, don’t get me wrong, he may be an excellent show dog, but he is definitely a boy dog.  He will roughhouse with Judge (my Doberman), jump into snowbanks and yes…he catches birds..yick!

I let his coat go, my genius idea turned into a 2 hour grooming session.  I had to cut out some matts and trim his coat… now, my hand is sore from all the scissor action.  The worst part of my grooming sessions is getting around his male parts… OMG SOO gross… luckily we have an understanding, he holds completely still and I try not to throw up.

Anyway, Mikey looks like a happy new dog, the boys’ bellies are full and the house is silent…

Now…about this insomnia…


Social Media… Off The Grid

A Story of Logging off for 24 hours.

I’m not sure what prompted this self-experimentation, but I decided to see if I could turn my phone off for 24 hours. No texts, no notifications, no emails…no social media.
I began my experiment at 10am on a Wednesday morning. The weather looked gloomy and it had just finished raining. I stared at my phone, reached my index finger to its “Off” button and watched the screen fade to black. I automatically thought about safe places to keep my phone, then I’d get nervous thinking I’d forget where I put it. I thought my purse could be a safe place, but then I worried if it would fall out of my bag. I settled for my first option…my bedroom end table. I sat back down and looked at my laptop clock… 10:25am

I closed my end table drawer and said my silent goodbye to my phone and all its invisible people trapped inside. I sipped my coffee as I watched some YouTube videos, then I switched to watching a movie. I did find myself looking around for it and catching myself go into a SLIGHT panic. However, I managed to hold it together and continue focusing on the end of the movie.  12:19pm

I decided to do some work, which lead me into thinking that all my notes were sadly trapped in my phone.  I stopped working and decided to put my energies towards making some changes to my studio layout given my upcoming projects. Hmm… 1:33pm

I fell asleep  1:45pm

I opened my eyes to read – 4:46pm – Yes, I reached for my phone.

I decided to venture outside, it was a little windy, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I sat outside with my dog, as the sun burned my eyeballs.. I forgot to get my sunglasses.  I was all squinty as the sun made my head hot, I was starting to perspire. Once a huge wasp whizzed passed my face, I called it quits and went back inside. I proceeded to eat dinner, in silence. 7:22pm

I decided to record myself in an audio log about my experiment. I found myself talking about redesigning my studio, again, just with a gang of crickets chiming in the background.  I deleted the recording.  8:13pm

I continued my evening by watching a documentary about how women murderers can be just as psychotic as men murderers. A doctor characterized them by the brutality of the murders they committed and their general social behaviour. It was interesting. 9:55pm

Tomorrow, I have several errands to do so this should be a challenge. I will have to get through my morning and begin my errands at the bank and will not be able to use my phone until 10am. I have been dreading this. 11:26pm

The notifications on my phone keep going off and I keep reaching for it…sigh… 1:43am

I woke up yesterday feeling like I forgot something, then realized I was just missing my phone…I almost cried… 9:08am

I held my phone and watched the clock until it turned to 10:00am

Overall, it was a fun little self experiment… that I will NEVER try again… I mean, I can totally live without my cellphone, I would just really rather not! 😀


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