Christmas Countdown 2015


Christmas is just 4 days away and although the holiday spirit is definitely in the air, the weather looks more like a gloomy Fall day.  It’s been raining for the last few days which makes for a lot more lazy afternoons.

The kids are officially home for the next two weeks and although I like my quiet and space, I will enjoy hearing them laughing and playing for the next two weeks.  It kind of feels like I’m on vacation too, the lil one doesn’t want to spend as much time with me when his brothers are home, so I guess I win! 🙂

I am a happy woman and so far 2016 looks like it’ll be full of even more fun and adventures!  I can’t wait!

Much love to you all, my Sweets!


Here’s my most recent video:

#WhatIsLifeVlogs S1V5: Christmas Shopping Countdown

Are you sure it’s winter??


It’s midwinter and it’s unusually mild weather outside.  Similar to a damp Spring day it has all us Canadians weather confused which leads to questioning everything from or clothing to what drink we want to start off our days.  I spent most of the day putting laundry away, fixing beds, answering emails and setting my schedule for a busy upcoming weekend when the 12 Days of Christmas begins.

I must say I’ve had a very productive last week which allowed me to debut my new radio show successfully.  I co-hosted my new show, Stils On The Grills, with Bishop Moonshine who was not only great to chat with but is extraordinarily funny.  I’ve decided to do more than one show a week so I’m currently working on those.  I felt so great being back on the mic, it felt a lot like coming home after such a long hiatus and completely changing my creative plans.  I’m so excited about all the upcoming plans for all my various medias.  I will also be uploading some new videos very soon so don’t forget to keep checking in with me for details!

It may be a very warm and strange winter so far, but Christmas is definitely in the air and I am so excited to get some Christmas crafts, baking and shopping done over the next couple of weeks!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far 🙂 much love to you all!


Click here for Stils On The Grills Episode 1

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