Getting myself trained

I’ve decided to get some training for the sake of my business.  It’s been a long road (2 years) and this is the final step.  I’m so excited!  I love education and developing my skills, I find it very  empowering when I challenge myself.

I am in desperate need for a new Erin Condren life planner.  I’ve had them for the last2 years and I thought I could go without one this year.  WRONG!  The way my thought process is, I need something physical and all in one place.  My boys and I have all kinds of appointments and I’m getting lost as I write things in my phone, notebooks and scrap pieces of paper.  They’ve developed some new products which is tempting me to buy everything.  I am committed to have self discipline I always try to push myself to the limit which has worked in the past, but I wear myself out.  For example, here I am at 1:45am, wide eyed and fully awake with energy.  So, I really need to find that balance between work and personal life.  I know I’m a workaholic, but I was also told that I need to slow down and take my time.  In my brain, I just can’t!  I have so many challenges this year and I really need to get as much rest as possible.

Now, I have to prepare 10am and 10pm radio shows, edit two videos and pay some bills… oh man, my plate is so full I’m gonna need an extra one.

Time to sleep!

Have a great night!


Halfway there

Another Wednesday and we’re halfway to the end of the week.  My new time schedule for my radio shows are working out great.  My evening shows have been so much fun and interacting with my online peeps while I do the show has left me crying with laughter.  I’ve met more great people that share my sense of humour and it’s so refreshing.  It reminds me why I love what I do.  Making people laugh so they can forget about whatever is bothering them is my goal.

Getting into my new routine is so exciting and is solidifying my businesses. I’m getting closer to my goals and I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey.  I’ve learned so much and I am on the verge of getting more education for my businesses.  Next on my list is my promotion and marketing plans, I’ve found that this can be tricky and I’m exploring different strategies for each of my businesses.  I have a couple ways involving social media (of course) combined with some “old school” business practices I’ve learned over the years.  It feels great to be able to execute and tweak my skills and watch them evolve into things I never thought was possible.  I have to remind myself to take my time and work on my projects being mindful of the small details.

I’m keeping my eyes on the prize!


Making your base secure


It’s interesting how the whole journey in the sea of life can have so many waves yet we all stay afloat.  I have had my share of these waves, but I am now experiencing the gentle calm after the storm.  Everyone has a story, everyone needs a voice and that voice needs to come from within.  Loving yourself isn’t just a saying, it is a choice, it’s a calling that won’t be silenced no matter how hard we deny it.  Being brought up in a society that has taught us to put ourselves last, it is inevitable why the majority of us only see what others judge them by.  From great pain comes an overwhelming amount of self love.  Although we were taught to put others first, I’m challenging everyone that is reading this post to BE SELFISH!  This is not a bad thing, this is what we were all meant to do, this is self preservation.  Be the best friend to yourself, look at yourself through the eyes of a true friend.  Only you know how you want to be treated, only you know what makes you happy, only you know who your are.  Even when you feel that the world is against you, never turn your back on yourself.

Making your proverbial base secure is the first step towards a very colourful and positive future.  The great thing about all of us is that we can start over and over again until we get it right.  It is an unbelievably warm and empowering to know you can look yourself in the mirror and know that you are very loved; your best friend is staring right back at you.  This is a love that no one can take, manipulate nor change.  This is all you and a lesson we need to keep telling ourselves, our children and anyone who is ready to listen.

Making Plans

Forming habits

Today, I fulfilled my promise to my peeps and myself  that I would upload a video every day and post on my website.  I’m proud that I did it!

My radio show is going great and I have added live video streaming on Periscope (@StilettoSuprmom).  Everything seems to be going smoothly and the more time I practice editing videos, the better I get.  I am going to stick to my new schedule to discipline myself for the upcoming huge event I’m planning.

It takes two weeks to form a habit and I am sticking to it and exercising my mind to work towards my goals this year.  Sure enough when I changed my mindset things are falling into place.  I asked and now I’m receiving and I can’t express how happy I continue to be.

I’ve posted 2 videos so far, listed below, and I look forward to recording more.  I hope you all have positive vibes for 2017.

Thank you all or joining me on my journey.

Much love,


Voltrac Sounds visit 2017

Halloween 2017

What’s new?

It’s been a very unusually mild winter we are at the end of January 2017 and there’s no snow and I have my windows open.  Not that I’m complaining, but it’s just so weird.

Anyway, my holidays were so fun and very low key.  I really thought about all the toys I’ve swept up off the floor over the 2016 year, so I decided to try to tone it down this year.  What I found was that my boys still had fun despite not being spoiled with all kinds of toys that they lose interest in after 3 days.  We celebrated with my whole family, including my Mom and Dad who were visiting from the Philippines.  The whole holiday included food, fun and karaoke.

When I entered the year of 2017, I did a lot of thinking of what I want to do. All my projects and hard work is starting to pay off.  I’ve been hosting my own radio show and supporting indie artists it has been quite the journey and things that I wished for are coming true.

My major projects include taking a course, running my businesses and planning a huge event.  I’m so excited to share more of my journey too.

I will be posting more often and uploading videos, with all the things on my plate, making videos and live streaming is my creative escape lol.  I love entertaining and making people laugh, it makes me happy.  I’ve bonded with a lot of people online and although it is not for everyone, it suits me just fine.

It’s such a refreshing feeling to know that I am on the right track.  I feel very rejuvenated and ready to take on 2017 full force.

Currently, I am practicing self discipline and remaining focused.  I just have to be a little less impatient, that’s one of my major tasks I promised myself for 2017.

I’ll share more soon!

I hope 2017 is treating you all great so far this year and may all your New Year wishes come true.

Until next time…



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