Restrictions..not cool!

Restrictions..not cool!

How the hell am I gonna survive?


Travel Plans and Budgets to rearrange.

I found it important for me to clean out my mental and emotional state.  Sorting through my relationships and really finding out the true meaning to each one.

My children are all home for the 2 week Christmas Vacation.  Instead of the anxiousness I had felt every other year before this one, I feel very at peace and calm about this next transition.  Maybe it’s because I’m finally resigning to the fact that drastic changes need to be made.  Although it hurts like hell, it is necessary.  Some people have a certain need to push people away to test whether they will still accept them.  It’s been hard for me to constantly be reassuring and with the odds against me time is not a luxury I have. Creating that buffer that fear of getting too close seems to only create more distance mentally and emotionally with me now.  I used to have so much patience for other people around me but now, I am just tired.  I’m drained with all the schedules and fake smiles, it’s time to get a move on these plans and create the life I have always dreamed.

You can’t come back from that.


Sometimes, life will give you small hints along the way that you aren’t where you are supposed to be; but then, something changes things and you can never come back from it. Relationships are organic, they move, they change, shift and morph into a completely new set of dynamics that one can’t ignore.  Sometimes one must simply walk away.

As I start my new journey of travel, site seeing and food experience, I tread slowly, slight caution, but full of excitement. I have dedicated the rest of my good years to myself and my happiness. Gone are the days where I was told, as a woman, I cannot be selfish. When the universe is calling for you to change you have no choice but to abide. With happiness as the prize, I am grabbing the future with two hands. I have made my travel plans and am going to start ironing out the fine details. I’m excited about life and what lies ahead…