Wiser thoughts..

Hey Guys!

It has been a long and adventurous road over the years. I’ve brought you all with me as I entertained you and the masses lol. I have learned and grown into a better me. I actually feel better.

I started this blog because I am a writer. When I was 7, I would staple paper together and draw pictures to match my story. My characters had a LOT to say. I made a safety book about not chasing a ball across the street. I wrote a “Happily Ever After?” story that told an alternate ending to the Cinderella fairytale. I’ve written poems, short stories and some quirky tweets. It is so amazing to have met people worldwide, in person and over the interwebs. Who would have thought that I could write things endlessly and make up words, share dark and light humour… I have also loved reading your blogs, too!

I’m old as heck and I still enjoy the internet in all kinds of capacities. I still enjoy radio and podcast making and you will hear me on the air waves here and there. My dj wheels of steel are now being used by my children but I still love a good rhyme and a beat. I will continue to promote artists and business owners because that is what the internet was for! Self promoting, promoting others, teaching others new things, trying new things.. It’s about all of the things! Social media can be crazy but that is only if you take it too seriously. Everyone has a voice and we should be able to use it. There are a plethora of opinions out there and you don’t have to listen to any of them. Stay open minded because sometimes the first impressions aren’t the ones you should base your opinion on either. Did that sound too lecture-y?

I’ve come quite far from pushing a van full of kids off the road in my stiletto shoes, coming up with the “Stiletto Supermom” name, creating a blog, creating a live talk radio show, creating videos, livestreams, co-hosting radio shows and now, here we are. “Stiletto Supermom” has brought so much joy to me and was/is my outlet and will continue to be my voice. I began reviewing products online, writing blogs and making videos and I don’t really know what to do now. I feel like I have plateaued and I am completely fine with it.

Does this sound like goodbye? Bc no! this is not a goodbye. This is a fork in the road and I may just hang out in the middle and enjoy the view for awhile.

I hope you are all having a great Fall and I look forward to our next update!

Much love


Nothin’ and No One is gonna break my stride

I had a great day, had a successful appointment with my doctor and despite the news about the flus and such, he has given me relief knowing that he said, “Just use common sense and hygiene and you will be fine.” It was kind of funny how I had to wear a mask to cover my face because I DIDN’T get the flu shot, they said it was for my protection, which in retrospect, I would have to agree with! There were some people that came into the clinic coughing freely, not covering their mouths, sniffling and they didn’t put their masks on until they were TOLD to. I have to wonder what the hell? Unfortunately, I guess people just do what the want to.

My day was full of errands and preparations, but the bonus was when the house was nice and quiet; the kids were sleeping soundly… I got to work on my radio show with such an amazing co-host! I really am quite lucky to have such a great support and mutual admiration for someone I’ve never met in person, but have messaged and talked on the phone with. It’s so nice to know that in general the world is a friendly place after all.

Our second radio episode was about New Year’s plans. We had some great callers and great conversation…a lot of laughter and some spiked drinks. Hahahaha

As I sit in my studio listening to the buzz of the furnace fan and think about my whole day, I can’t help but feel at peace knowing I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I have found my voice, revived my passion for writing and have enjoyed this exciting ride and all the abundance it holds for me.

I hope only the best for you all, so keep smiling and look passed the obstacles, trials, betrayals and abandonments because your just rewards are there… it’s just getting ready to bloom.

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