A Beautiful Day

I woke up feeling fresh. It’s a new day with new opportunities. The weather has been strange but I can’t help but feel like it’s Spring. The birds are chirping and squirrels are all around taunting my dogs. Everything has changed in my world for the greatest. Making hearty meals from scratch and now I find myself making patterns for baby clothing. I am totally filled with nostalgia remembering all the dresses, outfits and costumes I made for the children. There was is a lot of math and fabric knowledge so I have to get going.

Everything seems to be coming together, once again, in full circle. I am so grateful for the wisdom I have gained in order to grow. Becoming the person you are meant to be isn’t the easiest to see nor accept sometimes. Very similar to creating a dress you have to observe how each piece fits with each other. The measurements are definite and integral to the structure of the garment, but what it can’t control is the flair of colour and texture of the fabric. That is me. I am fabric.

A Little Retro

*CLICK FOR VIDEO* Make it with Me! A Retro Apron Story

Summer is slowly starting to say its final goodbyes. I still have the windows open and it’s almost October! It’s inevitable the snow is on its way and I will soon have to do my traditional “hibernation”.

Last week, I had a lovely meeting with my colleague and was feeling so good about it I literally got inspired. If you’re anything like me, you will know that fabric stores, crafts, handmade artwork are my weaknesses. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and more recently felting have been great outlets for me to express myself. So, after my meeting I popped over to Fabricland and I wandered throughout the store touching fabric and looking in all the tiny corners for hidden gems. As you are aware, I am an art doll maker so of course my whole intention was to possibly sew a baby quilt or something. Then I found this amazing fabric and I knew exactly what I had to do with it.

I found it on the bottom shelf tucked in behind some other unrelated fabric. Not only is this my favourite I Love Lucy episode, the colours are gorgeous retro shades. I immediately thought about making an apron for my doll painting and other crafts. I gathered my focal fabric and some cute complimentary and contrast fabrics to give it a modern day/vintage look.

I found this chocolate brown fabric with delicate fine lines and flowers for the main apron, a dusty rose and white polka dotted fabric to compliment the main colour, then I added 1 full panel pocket and 2 smaller pockets on the front. I made sure I had room to carry my cellphone, pens, scissors and other notions.

I made my own pattern by copying the shape of my rooting apron. I started with the centre pocket with the base of 4 blocks of the focal fabric measuring 14 x 14 inches. I cut out 2 blocks of the focal fabric and put them over the bottom 2 blocks of the square piece. I finished the top edges of the pockets with white bias tape, I stitched between the 2 blocks to separate them into 2 smaller pockets. After cutting out the shape of the apron I attached the middle pockets. I kept the pocket looking like it was thrown together for that vintage homemade feel. For the straps, I took the dusty rose and white polka dot fabric and cut 4 x 3 inch strips, folded and sewed them right sides together lengthwise, turned the 4 pieces inside out, pressed and attached 2 pieces at the top of the apron for the neck tie and 2 pieces on either side of the waist of the apron. I also made the straps longer so I could wrap them around my waist and tie a bow at the front under the pocket. I finished all the edges around the apron, pressed the seams and taa daa! A fresh apron ready to get dirty!

I may do a video tutorial in the future for those that are interested in this quick little project. More sewing projects coming up soon!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!


Time to get organized!

We are well into 2015 and I am so excited about all the projects that are coming into full effect lately.  I must admit with the kids being on so many different schedules, it’s been a serious challenge to keep everyone on track.

Recently, my 2 year old broke his collarbone, he is healing well 🙂 , however with his follow up appointments and appointments for the other children I’ve been hardly able to keep up!  I’ve been constantly checking my phone, setting alarms, but I still have that feeling I’m forgetting something even though I’ve checked and re-checked my upcoming events.

I was sitting in the waiting room for my son’s appointment, surrounded by people with broken bones, listening to the receptionist booking appointments and watching people bringing out their phones and/or taking a handwritten appointment cards.  In a world full of electronics and paperless everything, I knew in that moment I was not completely sold on the electronic planner.

I’ve carried around a paper planner for as long as I can remember and I attempted to go completely on the use of my phone while I was still searching for last year’s planner replacement.  Sadly, I shopped in Staples, Walmart, Target, Chapters/Indigo and couldn’t find what I needed.  There were planners there, but all of them either looked to businesslike, too plain, or just boring.  So into the world of online shopping I went and I found the Erin Condren life planners.  The website is very clean and simple and very easy on the eyes.  The fact that I could personalize my own planner, my own stationery, etc. made my decision to order one that much more fun.

I ordered my planner on Friday, January 30, 2015 and I received it on Friday, February 6!  Considering I placed my order late Friday night, I wasn’t expecting to receive it so soon.  They provided a tracking number and of course I stalked it, but I was still surprised to receive it in the mail.



The packaging was so nice, mostly because my favourite colour is purple lol, but when I opened it the surprises just kept coming!


I have been working with my planner and also letting my creativity spill all over the pages!  For those of you who enjoy expressing yourself on paper as well as keeping yourself organized, I highly recommend these planners.  I ordered the “Quick Ship” planner so I could receive it right away and opted to personalize it after I received it.  So far, I ordered a personalized removable and interchangeable cover, some personalized address labels and some attachable clips.  My mind is finally at peace and I can work with both my phone and my planner and I don’t feel as lost as I used to.

I’ve provided the website link as well as a coupon code for $10 off your first order for those who are interested in ordering some of their products.  These will also make a great gift for those who are looking for something customized and unique for someone special.  You won’t be disappointed!


COUPON CODE:  http://bit.ly/1DXzUA7

I’m off to plan more of my life 😉

Much love,


Easter Weekend Begins…

Today begins the Easter Weekend.  Thankfully , the sun is shining and it is warm enough to do some walking.  After my 9 year old and my 5 year old were done eating their after school snack of apples; I brought out my packs of stickers and construction paper and told them to make some pages, hats, or whatever they wanted.  They loved the idea of making crowns and hats.  The house is so quiet and I actually have time to write and work..as well as repaint my nails.


Easter Nails

I filed and shaped my nails and I came up with a pastel purple, pink and green look.




On my left hand I painted OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in no, 540 Jaded on the ring finger.  On my right hand, I put the same lavender colour, but I used OPI’s If You Moust You Moust on the ring finger.  I’ll be going to my brother’s house for Easter this year.  I don’t have a clue what I’m going to wear but I’m going to be rocking these nails out.  It’s traditional for all of the women in our family to sit down after dinner and paint our nails, chat and watch movies while sipping our coffees or teas.  I know my sis inlaw will expect me to bring my nail polish.

I also bought these Sharpie 80’s Glam markers from Staples on sale for $15.00…



…and from Michael’s Craft Store I bought these adhesive ribbons that  for $9.99 with their 40% off sale.




I was clearing out my studio for some shelving and supply storage and I came to my picture box.  Most of the photos had taken some years of abuse from packing and unpacking.  Since everything is digital, I figured I’d seriously focus on getting these into scrapbooks before they get completely destroyed.  So far, it’s been very relaxing going through my old photos of the kids.  The best part is my brother left all his things with me on various moves.  From his paintings to his old decorations from his old place.  I came across his old pictures from when he was sporting around long hair, driving a Tracker and Keanu Reeves was the latest girl-craze.  I’m putting a page together for him which will be hilarious because I’m sure he’s completely forgotten about these.

I’m looking forward to this weekend with my kids and my family…  bring it on Easter! 🙂

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