Weekend Movie picks: Action, Fear and Laughter


Let’s start with Netflix.  I love when I find great movies and especially when I miss some in theatres.

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Ever since movies such as Bridesmaids and Tammy, I have been a huge fan of American actor, comedian, writer, fashion designer and producer Melissa McCarthy.  Her comedic execution has always left me laughing my ass off.  I was so excited to find Spy now available in my Netflix line up as I wait for her upcoming movie Ghostbusters  This movie has action and comedy perfectly rolled into one and I could watch it over and over.  For a great action-spy flick with some great laughs I’d curl up with a bowl of snacks and enjoy the fun in this movie.

For us fear and ghost movie lovers I finally had the chance to watch the 2015 version of the movie Poltergeist.

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With haunting ghosts great sound and visual effects this movie is a winner for me.  I enjoyed the original movie and it’s nice to see re-creations of all the classics.  This movie brought an even more terrifying feeling now that I am a parent.  Since this movie involved some creepy clown dolls, it thoroughly scared the shit out of me.  Like most, I still wonder why they wouldn’t just leave the house, however I guess that wouldn’t make for a great movie.  Turn the sound up and enjoy this new version of the classic Poltergeist it brings the classic tale up to date with todays technology.

In Theatre Now

Since I’ve been in a week long celebration of my business venture, what better way than going to a good ol’ movie.  I still love the smell and taste of fresh heavily buttered popcorn.  I wanted to feel the heavy bass from a great action movie and I definitely found it in London Has Fallen

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.35.32 PM

Gerard Butler did not disappoint with his action hero role and for me the bonus of having Morgan Freeman as a great supporting actor is always a super bonus for me.  The movie plays heavily on terrorist attacks and good ol’ American-hero-saves-the-world.  This movie made me think of the movies I’d watch with my Dad when I was a kid.  If you like action movies this is worth a theatre trip.

Happy Weekend viewing!


Wheels are in motion…



After much reflection of the past 2015, I cannot ignore the fact that I have met the most talented and the most down to earth people in the world, thus far.  My curiosity with the internet and the entertainment world has not only turned into a passion but has turned into a mission.  During my time on the internet I have had the honour of meeting producers, writers, artists and promoters.  I must say, being a woman in the world of entertainment is not an easy journey, but along the way, I have earned the respect of many who also believe in my goal.

Independent artists, in any capacity, have the extra challenge of getting heard or being seen without a lot of help and it has always been my mission to assist these artists.  The internet has so many avenues to explore and it can be a daunting and frustrating time.  In my previous interviews, the artists have always said the same thing, “Time has changed, most companies only look at my followers, not my talent…”  I can’t tell you how taken aback I was when I realized the same thought was shared with so many talented people.  YES, the social media game is fierce, but when the artists are left discouraged because of their followings, it makes it clear why people do outlandish things for internet attention.  Producing good work has somehow fallen to the wayside with a focus on the quick seller.  My hope is that time will change, yet again, so talent is the focus and priority.

In this new year, my major projects will be to hold a large event for indie artists only and more radio entertainment.  I will continue to share and entertain with my shenanigans through my Live video streaming, videos and all my social medias.  I can’t express how happy and fulfilled I am having found my niche in the world.  I am both grateful and oh so pumped for the upcoming projects and I can’t wait to share this portion of my journey with all my amazing supporters.

Thank you all so much for being my homies! (yes I am “homie” years old, lol)

Much love to all my Sweets, I’ll keep y’all posted! 😉


Restaurant Review: Garlics of London… A Gem in the City


I had the pleasure of having lunch in this beautiful restaurant.  Despite the seasonal construction on the way to my reservation, the location is central and easy to find.  In addition to the beautiful modern European decor the customer service was impeccable!  The server explained that all the ingredients in every dish is made from locally grown vegetables, meat and honey; the pasta is made the evening before to provide the freshest meals.  True to her word, from appetizers to dessert and even my mimosa, everything tasted fresh and flavourful.  I personally recommend the Bacon Wrapped Bocconcini for a starter, you won’t be disappointed! 

Located in the heart of London, I highly recommend visiting Garlic’s of London

Twitter: Garlic’s of London   Facebook:  Garlic’s of London

Stiletto Says Episode 5 – Adulthood and Extremes

As always it’s great to finally be reunited with my girl Princess Stepford we always seem to laugh and enjoy what we do and that is to entertain.  This last episode was good ol’ thought provoking fun that lead us both into the YouTube abyss.

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Much Love


An interesting start

IMG_8531It’s 2015 and with it came the cold weather front complete with blizzards and my favourite… cancelling of school buses.  Being Canadian, I know that a green Christmas equals Jack Frost following quickly behind dusting my corner of the world with frozen water everywhere.  It doesn’t mean I hate the winter or the snow, it’s just that it creates so much work.  For example, if you don’t shovel your walkways, the mail won’t be delivered; you buy a nice pair of boots, but if you don’t clean them off, they will be eaten by the street salt and sand; the floors in every public place you go to is sopping with water and dirt.. to name a few.

What I do love about winter is when the winds are calm and great big fat snowflakes lightly float from the sky.  Currently, we’ve received a huge drop of winter and everything is so white you don’t know where the roads and sidewalks end and begin.


There is no shortage of people coming by offering to shovel my driveway which is always a great thing.  Fortunately, my boys enjoy shovelling as they kick snow at each other.  😀

Yes, I am slightly hibernating, sipping my coffee, watching The Office episodes while doing some crafts.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about my life right now lol.

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 start!

Much love to you all and be safe out there in the tundra!


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