Bullet journals & Heffalumps

2017 ended with a lot of promise and a lot of planning and like every year previously, I have to start with a new planner.  Now I have always had a journal where I would write out random thoughts, short stories, poems, ideas, etc. but I noticed that over time and as I found myself disciplining my thoughts more to tailor towards my goals, I found that my journals were feeling more like a “security blanket”.  I was reading back through my writing and it was becoming more random and sadly I was even writing less frequently.  I can freely admit this was most likely due to depression from fighting SJS, but I also feel that my writing instruments were getting a little outdated and boring.  I came across the one bullet journal video and then before you know it I ended up watching a string of youtube videos for the entire day.  I did some research on some different dot paper notebooks, art pens, art markers.. I placed my Amazon order, stalked it and waited impatiently for my new bullet journal adventure to begin.

Yes, I am a gadget girl and I do use my iPhone calendar for appointments, alarms etc. but guys, there just isn’t anything in this world that can ever compare to the power and magic of the pen to paper.  I am and always will be a writer they are my favourite tools in the world.  Since I’ve been using the bullet journal system, while adding some creative touches of my own, I’ve managed to be a lot more productive and inspired in my artwork as well.  I kept my creative energy flowing and decided to move into a new studio with bigger space and amazing lighting.

Since I’ve been doing some much needed redecorating, I decided to include some of my art dolls into my room decor.  Now, reborn doll collecting is a fairly new so displaying them is left in actual baby furniture, etc there are no stands for them.  So I found a pillow in the shape of an elephant. I was so excited to find it because who doesn’t want a heffalump pillow?!

It’s definitely the right time for big moves!



Picking up speed

Made some calls and with the help of my sidekick we managed to get a great deal and way under budget! May 2018 will be the next huge life moment and I cannot wait! Now down to the entertainment, colour scheme and more!
The venue is beautiful and is in a country setting with a coy pond at the entrance to the hotel.
Time to get down to details!
I'm so pumped!!

Time to get organized!

We are well into 2015 and I am so excited about all the projects that are coming into full effect lately.  I must admit with the kids being on so many different schedules, it’s been a serious challenge to keep everyone on track.

Recently, my 2 year old broke his collarbone, he is healing well 🙂 , however with his follow up appointments and appointments for the other children I’ve been hardly able to keep up!  I’ve been constantly checking my phone, setting alarms, but I still have that feeling I’m forgetting something even though I’ve checked and re-checked my upcoming events.

I was sitting in the waiting room for my son’s appointment, surrounded by people with broken bones, listening to the receptionist booking appointments and watching people bringing out their phones and/or taking a handwritten appointment cards.  In a world full of electronics and paperless everything, I knew in that moment I was not completely sold on the electronic planner.

I’ve carried around a paper planner for as long as I can remember and I attempted to go completely on the use of my phone while I was still searching for last year’s planner replacement.  Sadly, I shopped in Staples, Walmart, Target, Chapters/Indigo and couldn’t find what I needed.  There were planners there, but all of them either looked to businesslike, too plain, or just boring.  So into the world of online shopping I went and I found the Erin Condren life planners.  The website is very clean and simple and very easy on the eyes.  The fact that I could personalize my own planner, my own stationery, etc. made my decision to order one that much more fun.

I ordered my planner on Friday, January 30, 2015 and I received it on Friday, February 6!  Considering I placed my order late Friday night, I wasn’t expecting to receive it so soon.  They provided a tracking number and of course I stalked it, but I was still surprised to receive it in the mail.



The packaging was so nice, mostly because my favourite colour is purple lol, but when I opened it the surprises just kept coming!


I have been working with my planner and also letting my creativity spill all over the pages!  For those of you who enjoy expressing yourself on paper as well as keeping yourself organized, I highly recommend these planners.  I ordered the “Quick Ship” planner so I could receive it right away and opted to personalize it after I received it.  So far, I ordered a personalized removable and interchangeable cover, some personalized address labels and some attachable clips.  My mind is finally at peace and I can work with both my phone and my planner and I don’t feel as lost as I used to.

I’ve provided the website link as well as a coupon code for $10 off your first order for those who are interested in ordering some of their products.  These will also make a great gift for those who are looking for something customized and unique for someone special.  You won’t be disappointed!


COUPON CODE:  http://bit.ly/1DXzUA7

I’m off to plan more of my life 😉

Much love,


Travel organization for gadgets.

I’ve been knocking down through my “To Do” lists and so far I’ve gotten the things I need to redesign my studio.  I will be working on that this weekend as well as some special projects.

For now, I decided to get some equipment to prepare for my upcoming trips to the United States  My challenge is to fit as many of these items in one place.

tons of stuff

So.. here we have it:

2 External Hard Drives
1 camera
1 pair of headphones



4 memory cards (1 in camera)

1 emergency external battery charger
Hard Drive cords
Card readers and adapaters

This is what I ended up with:


The top half is deep enough to comfortably hold my 2 hard drives side by side and has a divider between the two halves, with a velcro tab closure.

On the other half of the divider I placed the camera wall adapter, my camera and my microphone.

Going back to the top half of the camera case, I placed the accessories with my hard drives and secured it with the velcro tab.


And voila! 🙂


Now, I know you’re probably wondering “what about my headphones?”  Well, I decided to just put them around my neck or throw them on top of my bag when the time arrives.  I usually listen to music between flight waits anyway.


Next, I purchased this tripod.  It is pretty easy to set up, packs perfectly in a suitcase and is really light weight.  It also came with a 5 year warranty which was a nice bonus.  I will be trying it out with all my equipment throughout the weekend so I hope to get some before and after shots of my renovated studio.

Until my next adventures…  Take care everyone!



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