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Getting more creative

I’ve been sick lately which has forced me to slow down on a few time sensitive things such as poster and media, designs, target dates.. it was getting to be a bit much. I guess this cold is somewhat of a double edged sword.

I get a lot of questions about my dolls. I used to be really stand-off-ish with everyone because I really wasn’t confident in my work. Like most artists I know we are our own worst critic but it wasn’t until the last 3 years that I finally let go and embraced what I’ve learned and continue to learn about my craft.

For the next part of my journey I’ve decided to get a little more artsy fartsy. Now this won’t be just a road of making and selling dolls, I’ll be documenting more if my personal journey as an artist. So let’s begin tonight.

It’s 1:43am and I’m waiting for the paint to dry while watching Netflix on my iPad. The house is nice and quiet and there’s only one light coming from my desk lamp. It actually reminds me of my childhood. When I was in either grade 1 or 2, I loved the Disney version of Pinocchio. There was a picture of Geppetto working in his workshop at night looking up at the sky wishing for Pinocchio. Haha I guess it’s eerily very similar. This took s very strange turn. Maybe it’s the paint fumes 🤷🏻‍♀️

More soon!SS

A Shared Journal

My passions…

Many of you have been following my blog about reviews on movies, products, etc,  What I haven’t really shared is one of my passions and artistic expression.

6 years ago, my mother in law purchased a doll on eBay for $150CDN.  Of course, I was curious and when she showed me this open eyed doll with soft hair and realistic features, I was hooked!  I purchased some affordable vinyl doll kits, bought some paint and  learned by trial and error.  I am a seasoned self-taught Reborn Doll Artist with years of experience and I am confident in my skills and ability to turn a simple piece of vinyl into a lifelike baby.

I’m well aware of how people react to these dolls, some negative, but most are very positive and just as curious as I was.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaching this art to friends and family.  What made me even more passionate about this art is that they are now used for therapy for many people with Autism, Alzheimer’s, PTSD and those that are experiencing loss.

I have met many great people through this art form over the years and I continue to meet new friends on a daily basis.  One thing rings truth among the artists I have met and that is to share our artwork and participate in a cause that effects so many people and their families.

This year, my goal is to spread the word of how these beautiful dolls are not only for collectors but they serve a purpose that many need in our communities.

I’m taking you all on this new journey, so enjoy the ride! 🙂


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MacPherson Crafts: An exciting journey


A few weeks ago, I took a 25 minute drive to visit MacPherson Crafts located in St. Marys, Ontario.  For those who love dolls and crafts, you would feel how I felt.. Like I was entering Wonderland!  As I trekked my way through the store the more excited I got.  Being a doll maker in various mediums for over 10 years, I finally found my favourite medium, Reborning Dolls.

The process of reborning dolls is very lengthy, using Genesis Heat Paint or Air Dry Paints, I paint layer upon layer to recreate realism in the skin and details that you would find on a real baby.  The joy I see when people see my work is more than a pay off for me.  From painting the vinyl to stuffing the cloth body and dressing the doll I enjoy the process and the transformation of what I create.


While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of MacPherson Crafts, Brenda Neufeld.  Her kindness and welcoming presence kept me in the store for hours.  She not only knew everything about reborning, but she has managed to expand her store to make room for the hundreds of doll sculpts she has available onsite and online.

I browsed through the store finding all the tools that I use to create each doll.  A reborn artist has their own idea in mind with each of the sculpts they work on.  No two artists are alike therefore making these dolls one of a kind and collectible.

It can take weeks to finish each doll and it is very therapeutic for me.  These dolls are also made for children with Autism and people with Alzheimer’s disease, among many other therapy uses.

As the cold Canadian winter approaches I’m ready to “hibernate” and paint as many dolls as I can.  Time to stock up on doll making supplies and I am excited for my next visit to this fabulous store.