Vacuum Sealing

I finally used my FoodSaver machine and I can’t lie, it was super fun. My mom had one in the ’80s and it hasn’t really changed lol. I managed to seal some bulk ground beef from Costco and some mixed food for the dogs. My mind is racing and thinking about all the things I can seal.

I did make a video of the process so you can watch and listen to my ramblings.

Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

🎬 Full video:

Much love,

Stiletto S.

Review: Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass eyeshadow palette – Mad Hatter look

Mad Hatter makeup

What a crazy and productive week, I held a birthday party and in the process of getting the shopping done for the upcoming Back to School.

I’ve managed to find a few things that will help with the boys’ lunches and backpacks and I even have some fabulous snack recipes I’ll be sharing with you in the weeks to come.

During all my running around, I got inspired to practice some great costume ideas for Halloween and Comic Con (I can’t wait to attend this coming October in New York).

But first.. let’s discuss this eyeshadow palette…

I purchased the palette for my makeup collection for the main reason that it had all the vibrant colours I could turn into both costume and wearable makeup looks.  The packaging is GORGEOUS and is reminiscent of when I was a kid playing with plastic lipstick and powdered eye makeup, ahh those were the days.  The palette shipped and arrived in 3 days which was pretty impressive, but Urban Decay Cosmetics  sent me samples of all 24 of their new Vice lipsticks, which I haven’t opened yet.

My first look is my favourite character in the story, the Mad Hatter character.

Mad Hatter 2

First, I primed my lids with NYX Jumbo eye pencil in the colour, Milk, then I started with the orange colour, Paradox, in the crease and also placed it on my lower lash line.  I placed my favourite colour and name in the palette, Cake, which is a vibrant pink.  I placed Cake in the inner and outer corners of my eyes, leaving a space for the green colour, Hatter, at the centre of my eyes.  I staggered both Cake and Hatter lightly on my lower lash line.

I used a Lorac blush colour in Flaunt, which is also a bright pink and I loaded it onto my cheeks and added the Tartiest lipstick in Hangry (this is a product I regret buying ).  For a special touch I added the lipgloss Candy Yum Yum to the centre of my lips.

Urban Decay still provides pigmented colours in their shadows and I know I will get a lot of great use out of this eyeshadow palette.

So far, I haven’t seen this palette anywhere but on the Urban Decay website .

I can’t wait to do more looks so make sure you follow my Twitter and Periscope for the next time I’ll be live streaming my makeup and shenanigans.

Click below to watch how I got this look:

Late night music n makeup with Stiletto – Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette by Urban Decay

Final Mad Hatter look with Stiletto

Much love



Return of the false eyelashes

I have been wearing false lashes on and off since I was 15 years old and I’m happy to see that they are back in my life with even more varieties and styles to choose from.  I now feel “naked” without them.  Since my friends have asked me many questions on how I apply them, I decided to make a video tutorial on how I apply false lashes.  I hope you all enjoy it and if you know anyone in need for it please pass it along.

Take care everyone and have an awesome day! 🙂


Time to get in…DEEP: How I deep clean my makeup brushes.

What annoys me the most about being a makeup enthusiast is cleaning my brushes.  I know I’m not the only one as I’ve heard my friends and my makeup artist complain about the same thing.  There are brush cleaning gloves, solvents, cleaning sponges and good ol’ soap and water.  I’ve spent many afternoons washing and conditioning my brushes and I knew there had to be another way.  Here is my method:

  • You will need:  a glass jar; paper towels; rubbing alcohol and a clean flat surface
  • Wash the jar thoroughly, I chose an apple sauce jar as the tapered neck helps with the deep clean process and peel off label for a better visual of the brushes during deep cleaning
  • Prepare your cleaning surface and have paper towels close by and ready to use

IMG_9493 IMG_9494

  • Fill bottom of jar with about ½ – 1 inch of rubbing alcohol
  • insert brushes, one at a time, into jar and submerge the brush hairs into the rubbing alcohol avoiding the brush ferrule *Note: Never submerge the ferrule (metal part) of your brushes in alcohol nor water as this can loosen the manufacturer’s glue that holds the brush hairs together.  The results would be increased shedding or the brush hairs falling out completely.
  • Dip the brush into the alcohol, repeatedly, releasing as much makeup product out of your brush
  • Drain the excess alcohol by pushing the brush against the jar’s sides or, in my case, I pushed my brushes against the tapered neck of the jar. Use your fingers to squeeze any leftover alcohol out of the brush hairs
  • Fold a piece of paper towel and press the brush into it, this will help remove even more product


  • Repeat steps with each brush
  • You don’t need to replace the dirty alcohol as the makeup products settle to the bottom of the jar
  • Use paper towels to dry your brushes and determine how clean each brush is

IMG_9497 IMG_9498

  • At this point you’ll have a couple options:
    1.  You can refill the jar with more alcohol and repeat the steps with each brush until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your brushes
    2. You can wash off any excess residue with warm water and the soap or shampoo of your choice
  • Allow your brushes to air dry on some paper towels either flat or on a slight angle with the hairs pointing down to make sure no liquids settle into the ferrules

IMG_9499 IMG_9500

I use both synthetic and real hair makeup brushes and the results were equally awesome.  If you are worried about the alcohol being too drying on your real hair brushes after the alcohol clean, rinse them with warm water and a hair conditioner of your choice.  I personally never had to do this, but it can help preserve your real hair makeup brushes.

I hope this helps my fellow makeup enthusiasts!  If you try this method, I’d love to hear what your results were, leave a comment here or on my other social media platforms.  I’d love to hear from you!

Take care everyone and have a happy day!


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