Exploring my Canada


It’s weird that over time we all forget to look around and see how lucky we all are to be alive and breathing.  Being a Canadian sometimes makes us complacent and numb to what we really have.  Our country is rich in resources, kind people and humour.  Canadians always get the same old lame jokes on the use of “eh” and “Sorry”; but newsflash… We aren’t really that sorry, eh!  It’s funny when other countries have a lot of shit to say about us, yet they have never had the pleasure to visit our country nor really know any of us.  We are the constant “joke”, however over the years I have realized one common thing with my fellow Canadians and that is… we really don’t have that much to complain about.  Of course, we are not free from crime, violence, etc. but, as I look out my open window and it’s quiet with a few sounds from the neighbourhood kids.  I truly appreciate where I am.

I rant about the current government, I won’t go into that in this post lol, but when I stop and think about it we have a lot more say, we have a lot more power than we even know.   On that note, my new adventure will include visiting all the towns and cities that surround my little corner of Canada.  I will bring you all with me and show you the world through my eyes.

Canada turns 150 years old on July 1st, I will be spending it with my recently reunited childhood best friend and our families.  It’s time to celebrate our beautiful Canada and what it has always had to offer!  YAY Canada!!



Canada Day…and a failed video

Well, I hope everyone had a great Canada Day…  I had wanted to post a video regarding my Canada… however, it was a complete fail!  Sigh.. well I guess I’ll have to think of something else…  but in the meantime these are the 10 things I love about Canada:

1)  Healthcare – it’s paid with our taxes and being born here I’ve never had to worry about paying for my doctor visits nor hospital stays

2) Education and Social Programs – paid schooling from JK to Highschool, I love that our education is provided for and our social programs help people in need

3) We invented Basketball and Hockey – two of my favourite sports

4) Varying climates from West to East coast beaches to the ice, mountains and flatlands.. I plan to see it all! 🙂

5) Being known for our slang:  Eh, F*ckn A, oout and aboout… I love it

6) Colourful money – I like to keep things simple and colour coded…the $1 Loonie and the $2 Toonie coins are pretty cool!

7) We played a huge part of the Underground Railroad – I’m proud of Canada’s involvement with helping the slaves gain their freedom

8) Our legal drinking age is 19 years old, aside from Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec whose legal drinking age begins at 18 years old.

9) Poutine – a blend of fresh home fries with cheese curds melted with steaming hot gravy… YUM

10) Our license plate slogans – all describe the “personality” or “culture” of our provinces

With the license plate slogans in mind, I made this little dedication to my country, I hope you enjoy it:

I am Beautiful, among Wild Rose Country and under the Land of Living Skies.  I am Friendly and Yours to Discover because Je me souviens means I will remember that you stopped by.  I reach Canada’s Green Province and swim in Canada’s Ocean Playground.  I Explore Canada’s Arctic venturing through The Klondike; with Newfoundland and Labrador; New Brunswick on to Nunavut…my description remains clear…I say it loud for all to hear because…


Much love to you all!  Until next time…


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