Let’s Shave A Poodle Dog Grooming 101: Face Feet and… LIVE!

I will be doing a livestream on at 10am EST on Friday February 12, 2021.

This is part of a series on how to clip a poodle’s face, feet and undercarriage.

I decided to create this series to help dog owners trim their own dog’s hair to help maintain them during the pandemic. Grooming my dogs is a kind of therapy and physical exercise for me. As a certified groomer I knew getting a poodle would be an experience something I had to work up to. Guys, poodles have a sh*t ton of hair!

This series can also help you make a decision if a breed that requires this amount of grooming is for you. See you tomorrow!

It will be broadcast to my YouTube Channel and a link on Twitter as well.

Livestream: Let’s Shave A Poodle Dog Grooming 101: Face Feet &…

Let’s Shave A Poodle 101 Dog Grooming – Pre-Bath

I did a live video stream about how I groom my dogs. The pandemic has us packed away for safety so how do you get your dogs groomed? Many of us miss taking our furbabies to get groomed where they come out looking perfect… Those were the days, but for now, your dog needs your help.

I’ve had my share of grooming, showing and training dogs and I, too, had to learn a lot about them. We bring our dogs into our homes with all love but we have to remind ourselves that this is a responsibility. When people tell you to do your research before you get a dog, I get it. I’m from the old school before the internet where actual books were your only source of information. Looking for breed specific books was an errand on the list with other shopping needs. Although the internet has solved that issue, sometimes the info highway can get convoluted depending on what you read. Well, this is not that kind of post.

This post is made to help you start grooming your own dogs and develop a new bonding experience. So let’s begin with tools.

Fine and wide tooth comb

If you have a dog that requires regular grooming, you will need a few things. A metal comb made specifically for dogs and yes, there was a time when I used a plastic human comb… Short story, it broke in my Lhasa Apso’s coat and he looked at me with disdain while I spent 5 mins picking broken plastic teeth out of his hair.

Pin brush and slicker brush

Long and double coated dogs need to be brushed everyday. That cute fluffy puppy grows coat by the minute so before you bring him/her home make sure you invest in quality brushes. As puppies, my poodles were brushed, combed and daily checked for any knots that tend to form in sensitive areas.

Small, medium and large brushes

Make sure you buy size appropriate brushes for your puppy. It can be intimidating to see this great big thing with a bunch of teeth coming at you so speak softly and encourage your pup by letting him/her smell all your tools before you use them. This is telling your pup to trust you because this tool is an extension of your hand.

Dual spray bottle with water and a small spray bottle with diluted conditioner.

Misting and conditioning the coat is also an awesome maintenance tip. My breeder friend taught me this tip years ago. I was preparing my dog’s coat, I had it brushed and combed out perfectly, but he decided that rolling in the grass and playing with my other dog was fun. I called my friend exhausted and totally whining. After he laughed at me, he told me to mix my concentrated conditioner and dilute it at a 1:1 ratio and lightly mist his coat while I combed through it again. Wow did I ever breathe sigh of relief. 4 hours of grooming was saved and he went on to get his Championship! This tip can greatly change your world and shave some time off their daily groom. Now don’t get crazy and douse your dog with conditioner their skin needs to breathe and dried conditioner on their skin can be problematic.

I left a couple of links to the brushes I use and a live stream where I’m prepping my dog, Babbette’s coat for her bath. Don’t stress about getting a brush, wash and final groom done in one day. A little progress everyday is a win for you and your furbaby!

Let’s Shave A Poodle 101 Dog Grooming – Pre-Bath

Medium Brush

Large Brush

Grooming the prized dog… and BBQ meats?

Today, I decided to tackle my Costco-bought racks of ribs on the BBQ.  I spent most of my day outside enjoying the sun…and the rain…then the sun again :/  Despite the weather I managed to make my special ribs for the boys.  I knew they really loved them when I didn’t hear a peep from them as they stuffed their mouths.  It was almost eery, how quiet they were.  Nonetheless, they finished in record time and rolled their eyes as I told them to wait until I took a picture of what was leftover before I’d allow them to have seconds…  It had to be done  lol

After they cleared the dishes and we took turns catching my dog trying to steal the bones, they settled down and I got to finally relax…until…

I had the genius idea of deciding to bathe and groom my show dog Mikael.  For those that aren’t aware, Mikey is a Lhasa Apso, he used to have long hair down to the ground, but since his retirement (he’s 10yrs old now) I’ve been keeping his hair as unkempt as my own.  Now, don’t get me wrong, he may be an excellent show dog, but he is definitely a boy dog.  He will roughhouse with Judge (my Doberman), jump into snowbanks and yes…he catches birds..yick!

I let his coat go, my genius idea turned into a 2 hour grooming session.  I had to cut out some matts and trim his coat… now, my hand is sore from all the scissor action.  The worst part of my grooming sessions is getting around his male parts… OMG SOO gross… luckily we have an understanding, he holds completely still and I try not to throw up.

Anyway, Mikey looks like a happy new dog, the boys’ bellies are full and the house is silent…

Now…about this insomnia…


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