Today, I decided to tackle my Costco-bought racks of ribs on the BBQ.  I spent most of my day outside enjoying the sun…and the rain…then the sun again :/  Despite the weather I managed to make my special ribs for the boys.  I knew they really loved them when I didn’t hear a peep from them as they stuffed their mouths.  It was almost eery, how quiet they were.  Nonetheless, they finished in record time and rolled their eyes as I told them to wait until I took a picture of what was leftover before I’d allow them to have seconds…  It had to be done  lol

After they cleared the dishes and we took turns catching my dog trying to steal the bones, they settled down and I got to finally relax…until…

I had the genius idea of deciding to bathe and groom my show dog Mikael.  For those that aren’t aware, Mikey is a Lhasa Apso, he used to have long hair down to the ground, but since his retirement (he’s 10yrs old now) I’ve been keeping his hair as unkempt as my own.  Now, don’t get me wrong, he may be an excellent show dog, but he is definitely a boy dog.  He will roughhouse with Judge (my Doberman), jump into snowbanks and yes…he catches birds..yick!

I let his coat go, my genius idea turned into a 2 hour grooming session.  I had to cut out some matts and trim his coat… now, my hand is sore from all the scissor action.  The worst part of my grooming sessions is getting around his male parts… OMG SOO gross… luckily we have an understanding, he holds completely still and I try not to throw up.

Anyway, Mikey looks like a happy new dog, the boys’ bellies are full and the house is silent…

Now…about this insomnia…


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