A Story of Logging off for 24 hours.

I’m not sure what prompted this self-experimentation, but I decided to see if I could turn my phone off for 24 hours. No texts, no notifications, no emails…no social media.
I began my experiment at 10am on a Wednesday morning. The weather looked gloomy and it had just finished raining. I stared at my phone, reached my index finger to its “Off” button and watched the screen fade to black. I automatically thought about safe places to keep my phone, then I’d get nervous thinking I’d forget where I put it. I thought my purse could be a safe place, but then I worried if it would fall out of my bag. I settled for my first option…my bedroom end table. I sat back down and looked at my laptop clock… 10:25am

I closed my end table drawer and said my silent goodbye to my phone and all its invisible people trapped inside. I sipped my coffee as I watched some YouTube videos, then I switched to watching a movie. I did find myself looking around for it and catching myself go into a SLIGHT panic. However, I managed to hold it together and continue focusing on the end of the movie.  12:19pm

I decided to do some work, which lead me into thinking that all my notes were sadly trapped in my phone.  I stopped working and decided to put my energies towards making some changes to my studio layout given my upcoming projects. Hmm… 1:33pm

I fell asleep  1:45pm

I opened my eyes to read – 4:46pm – Yes, I reached for my phone.

I decided to venture outside, it was a little windy, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I sat outside with my dog, as the sun burned my eyeballs.. I forgot to get my sunglasses.  I was all squinty as the sun made my head hot, I was starting to perspire. Once a huge wasp whizzed passed my face, I called it quits and went back inside. I proceeded to eat dinner, in silence. 7:22pm

I decided to record myself in an audio log about my experiment. I found myself talking about redesigning my studio, again, just with a gang of crickets chiming in the background.  I deleted the recording.  8:13pm

I continued my evening by watching a documentary about how women murderers can be just as psychotic as men murderers. A doctor characterized them by the brutality of the murders they committed and their general social behaviour. It was interesting. 9:55pm

Tomorrow, I have several errands to do so this should be a challenge. I will have to get through my morning and begin my errands at the bank and will not be able to use my phone until 10am. I have been dreading this. 11:26pm

The notifications on my phone keep going off and I keep reaching for it…sigh… 1:43am

I woke up yesterday feeling like I forgot something, then realized I was just missing my phone…I almost cried… 9:08am

I held my phone and watched the clock until it turned to 10:00am

Overall, it was a fun little self experiment… that I will NEVER try again… I mean, I can totally live without my cellphone, I would just really rather not! 😀


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