Can I buy your human eggs?


I found this story and it made me really think about the line between morality, society and the definition of love. There were many different sides to whether the donation of a woman’s egg to another woman due the moral and ethical dilemmas each side presents. As a mother is there really an age that determines whether or not woman over 40 years of age should have children. Is there a time that we should not have children? How does this effect the donor long term? Is this selfish and or selfless? What are the potential issues and consequences that can surface in the future?


As a mother, there is nothing more beautiful to hold a wonderful new bundle of joy in my arms. The soft cooing and helpless unscripted movements of the limbs, eyes and smiles so I understand why there is that need, that feeling any woman would when holding a child of their own. However, it made me a little wary knowing that they went to extreme lengths as to put an advertisement in the newspaper and online. Was there a discussion about a monetary exchange and in what amount constitutes “selling a baby”?


There are so many angles with this story and I’d love to hear your opinions.

Leave your comments!

Original video: Desperate parents buying donor eggs on the black market | 60 Minutes Australia

I discussed this topic with my cohosts, listen to us here:

Life in Quarantine 2020: Staying Inspired

Spring Classics Collection

I’m sure that we are all getting anxious wanting to go outside at the first sign of spring.  In my place in the world, I’m still skeptical.  That being said, I’ve been finding creative ways to keep my children and myself busy indoors.  I received my birthday/Mother’s Day presents early ( a pasta maker and juicer kitchennaid attachments and a Nespresso machine ) so I’ve been enjoying them tremendously.  So far I have made linguini, spaghetti on the first round and homemade ramen noodles.  I must say that homemade ramen is WAY better than the prepackaged dehydrated kind.

On my other hobbies and pursuits, I’ve been learning lots about ball jointed doll making. I have yet to design and create my own so that is next on the list of things to self teach.

rabbit amigurumi doll

Doll making still has my heart and I have furthered even better ways to get my dolls out to so many more people that use them for therapy and to simply make them smile.  My son found all the family photo albums including some scrapbook ideas I had in storage.  We had fun looking through them so we decided to work on that project this week.  As much as this lockdown has disrupted our lives it has also allowed me to stay in the present.  I now know exactly where my scrapbook items are and there is no excuse for me not to complete them.  I think it will be fun for my youngest to actually get familiar of what a physical photograph is.

scrapbook on white textile

The most challenging thing for me to do lately is to remain inspired. To shake things up I found a couple iBooks to read.  It’s nice to read on the socials, texting, messaging.. but it is nice to take a break from the pace of the social media world and read a book that has more focus and direction.  lol as much as I love chatting with my online world, having a direction feels a lot more calming on my brain lately.  People are getting emotional so I’m trying to remain as positive as I can.

It’s easy to get sucked into the fears and panic of those that surround you but the most important thing is to be there for them.  Transition is hard for all of us.

I hope you are all having a peaceful week.

More to come be happy and be grateful always…

Much love,


P.S.  Checkout my Pinterest  recipe boards, I’ve tried and will be trying some recipes and activities from some pretty amazingly creative people on there.  Also checkout my YouTube Channel where I’ll take you on my adventures too!


The Truth about the Reborn Community

I’ve decided to finally talk about my experience with the reborn community. I will be addressing 3 individuals who have been the worst people disguised as friendly in social media. You can read about the cyberbullying and threats many in the community have done in my posts in May and June 2019.

I will systematically address every individual who has defamed and slandered my company, my team and myself. This will be a kind of cleansing for me and a warning to others who are as naive as I was about the women involved in the community.

I have not only held the first Canadian Doll Show of this caliber, I was asked to judge the international dolls of the Doll magazine. However the amount of disrespect, immaturity and mental instability of some in the community unfortunately ruin it for others. I’ve received raving reviews about the show both in person and through emails and messages. They were afraid to voice their true opinions for fear of “backlash” or being ganged up on. This is NOT what I expected from people who claim to love the dolls and their artwork. Let’s start:

Brenda the owner of MacPherson Arts & Crafts is not only a conniving saboteur but a racist. I know this because I’ve known her for 2 years and have had first hand experience with her. What I thought was a family oriented woman turned out to be someone I decided to personally stay away from. Professionally, she is like a child worried about being called out for her gossip and poor business practices. She is incapable of separating personal from business and a character flaw I cannot work with.

Working tirelessly selling dolls and accessories isn’t easy especially online. There have been chargebacks of all kinds from credit cards, PayPal, eBay, etc that artists have had difficulty getting paid for their work. My vision was to have a place where doll makers and enthusiasts can come and see the art first hand. The show was also proof of goods sold so if there were any shady dealings there would be proof and witnesses to ensure the sale was legitimate.

I worked for 2 years on this show and Brenda would have all kinds of excuses and dragging her feet at promoting and spreading the word because she wanted to have full control, as most narcissistic brats do. When you have an artist trying to do good for her community and an ogre with money hungry fingers it is nearly impossible to get out from under their thumb. She would ask me to buy products under my name so she could analyze them and possibly duplicate under her store name. I agreed to do it and in hindsight I shouldn’t have and I regret it full heartedly.

I didn’t know any history yet my mind would always spin with her constant chatter about other people. She was banking on me to lose and 6 months before the show she said she was pulling out her store name. She then rounded up her artist friends making herself the victim manipulating people knowing they didn’t know me from mud. She didn’t come to the show because she is unprofessional. Period. I will never give my money to a racist and I’m not the only one who has had issues with her racism. I will make sure the new artists know what she is truly about and they can make up their own decisions. Buyer beware!

Krystle, Life with Krystle YouTube, I met her at a Doll show a couple years ago and I really liked how she was with her channel and saw her fans surrounding her and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where she could have her own meet n greet. I befriended this woman and yes she was extremely difficult to deal with. She emailed me constantly with the same questions which I had no time to keep answering. I paid for her room AND gave tickets to her for her fans and guess what my thanks was. A video demanding answers of why she didn’t get a better meal. Her friends were even annoyed with her. In real life she is nice to your face because she isn’t mature enough to figure out anything as simple as someone supporting her and giving a space. What a waste of money on that! Instead of voicing her opinions to me she took it to YouTube. In real life she’s a taker and a scam artist. She obviously wasn’t raised to be grateful. What comes around goes around.

Let’s talk about Shanine, The Twisted Beanstalk YouTube. I talked to her on the phone explained my show and she seemed to be on board. Of course when the witch Brenda worked her evil mouth confused her then she called us scammers. The woman’s booth was the ugliest no sign, no product booth I have ever seen at any trade show. She was too busy smoking and getting high that she never tended her booth she hid in her room, went to Niagara Falls disappointed her fans even making a little girl cry. We paid for her flight for her and her daughter. She made a pathetic video calling us scammers. Hmm how can I scam myself when she stole all my paints! She has been banned from a US show and now I know why! Geez

This all being said I may continue with a part 2 of the other vendors who have slandered and defamed me as well.

We are ready to pursue legal action and thankfully for their videos and comments saved on Facebook, which they have assured me they have copies of, it will be easy breezy.

To new artists I know you are afraid of all this drama but I assure you they are nothing compared to your talent. I was cyberbullied by grown women who have zero facts and I KNOW I’m not the only one but I still make my dolls and sell them easily.

Don’t let these women manipulate and lie to you. You are talented with or without them. Many women in this community are in cliques, they gang up on newcomers, bash and lie. Pay them no mind, some are paranoid, some are scared some are mean spirited, some are evil.. all anger comes from fear and that is all this shit is. Unfortunately, this community aired out it’s dirty laundry, its mistrust of others, it’s two-faced nature and their true colours all over an awesome doll show. I have also met the most amazing people through this tornado of a community. They believe in me what the show stands for and a vision just waiting to explode. It’s not all doom and gloom the majority of people enjoyed it and the hotel owner was so impressed he brought his entire staff out to see what we did. I don’t regret it one bit. I take these awful people for their face value…they’re plastic. Shiny cold hard plastic.

P.S. I have included an email I sent to these individuals. Others will get an email and a possible summons 🥰

Mass email:

Despite the sabotage and the lies about the IAC Doll Show I am proud to say that Dina, Travis, Lisa and my family didn’t give up despite the drama and we are proud that we created the very first International Doll Show in Canada. Because I don’t feel like writing separate emails to everyone I’ll just write this mass email, so let’s start:


You were most likely worried, like the immature child that you are, that, I would meet artists and that you talked about. Give it up Brenda, just stop talking about people’s personal lives, stop gossiping and whining to everyone because you didn’t get your way. You do this everywhere you go and to every person you are in contact with it’s rather toxic hence why you are unable to keep any friends. We/they invited you into our lives and told you intimate things, but like a cheap rusty sieve to you just can’t help but inflict your agenda and to spill your tea on everyone. You don’t spare anyone your own family, me, your staff’s, Laura Lee, Natalie, Bonnie B., Bonnie S, Kristie C., Suzette.. it’s sick! I’m literally new to the doll world I don’t know anyone but damn did you ever volunteer Canadian and American artists’ personal details. I was so uncomfortable because I only wanted to talk about their artwork not their personal life. It was pretty gross and super tacky, Brenda. “Oh Ester from Irresistibles, I hate her she’s my nemesis. Every time I post something she’s right there behind me ”. Geezus Brenda, do you even know how Google Ads works?? Duh clearly not so let me simplify.. she paid for ad space like everyone else online.🙄 Running, whining and pestering artists so you can get your answer when you want it. Have you ever thought of respecting people’s space? “I don’t know why they aren’t calling me back?!” Hmmm maybe they don’t want to talk to you and are tired of you pestering them. People don’t need to answer you on YOUR time you seriously have no boundaries. Calling me or anyone else 15 times a day because you’re backtracking every ugly thing you said and silence me is freaking annoying. Oh as soon as I told you Bean signed on to be a teacher you couldn’t wait to call her and talk shit confusing her, working that good ol’ sloppy witch agenda because you also are slow to understand what IAC was doing for our teachers. “Why are you doing it that way? Doll shows always work this way?” It’s simple it wasn’t like other doll shows but obviously too hard for you to get because you can’t control it.

Btw Here’s the thing, you talked about a “brown girl with a white abusive boyfriend, they scammed people in London, at the same hotel” I really can’t remember their names but you sure do. I’d like to interview them and put their story out there too. Or is that your narrative when it comes to mixed couples that don’t involve you in their business (I’ll come back to this)

*Side note: the hotel owner LOVES what we did because it was awesome*

You told me that Suzette experienced “reverse racism, you know when black people attack white people” what?! when you said that I just about died in my chair, guess you didn’t pick up on that when I wanted to go home. Most racists wouldn’t get it so let me school you, racism is racism in all cultures, colours etc. Us brown people aren’t the only ones. Period.

I knew you were going to put YOUR NARRATIVE about me and my husband out there (obviously because I’m brown and my husband is white and I didn’t want to deal with your racist ass anymore) because that’s your go-to sabotage plan whenever it comes to someone who doesn’t agree with you. You went right to racism especially when they’re “tanned”, also I’m not tanned it’s called melanin, it didn’t come from the sun, I was born this way.

You didn’t think I’d pick up on your manipulation and what you were trying to do?! You conveniently brought it up when I refused to do things your way how predictable. Yuck. I continued to make the first Canadian Doll Show even after you sabotaged it, luckily I now know that racist trash takes themselves out. Happy to report it was better without you and what your little minions have reported. I’m sure you talked a lot of shit about me and told all your artist friends so much bullshit bc they don’t know me. Luckily, the artists, the vendors, etc have their own minds and see passed your whiny simpleton actions and guess what, real adult women don’t have time for your crap. I’ve talked to quite a few artists and shockingly not so shocking they really don’t care for you at all. Now I know why smh

You are conniving, manipulative and two-faced even your own family warned me about you and the back stabbing that happens in the doll world, I remember that. Sabotaging the IAC Doll show and using it to promote your own store like the evil witch you are. Now you know you can’t control me, artists, family and my friends I know you don’t sleep well. Probably need more crystals for that. I told you I had to go for an infusion for my MS and what did you say? “OMG what will happen to us and the show if you died? We’d all be screwed!” That was the icing on the cake. My short answer. I’d be dead and you’d go on doing more of your evil shit.

These are all the reasons I chose to distance myself from you personally.

Professionally, you’re pathetic. Your books are a mess hence why you wouldn’t give me my dolls back. You have a problem paying any artist that puts their dolls in your store. Dina bought my dolls back for me for $900 bc she was my best friend, you idiot! She felt sorry for me because of all the things you were doing. Quit trying to form stupid alliances with people you’ve claim to dislike it’s just dumb. You told me to be careful of Dina. Why? Oh wait because Suzette doesn’t like her because Dina has her doll in a museum.. wasn’t that the word vomit you told me? Your staff doesn’t even like you and probably for the same reasons. Geezus Brenda you are a hot mess. Luckily for me, my children love me AND enjoy being with me. Getting your son to call my husband with threats? Really? It’s laughable bc it was a friggin doll show that YOU tried to control and sabotaged. But hey, he even knows the truth about you doesn’t he lol

Suzette stole money 10 years ago, she also cyberbullied Kat Majestry and you funded her and still fund her to this day! How can you be so cold and have no boundaries?! You only serve yourself and when the dust clears my fellow artists will still have talent without help from you. Poor form, Brenda.

You hate muslims bc they’re violent? I’ve met many all over Canada and they’re lovely people, you didn’t even want to hear anything good about Muslims. You can’t stand Paula bc she’s Jewish wtf is wrong with you?! Negatively talking about people’s skin, race, religion, culture is highly offensive!!! You will not get a pass from me with an “I’m sorry” you’ve said and done too many racist things in my presence and after 60 years you still don’t have a clue, or you just don’t care. Nope you are not the kind of person I want my children to be exposed to anymore.

Where are those flyers you said you distributed? Why didn’t you just give the flyers back so we could distribute them ourselves? Why are you so shady? Your distribution you said you had is a farce. And you’re a liar for saying you distributed them! You lie as soon as you open your damn eyes! We all know you pitched them because you didn’t want to see the success of the show without your store name and your money hungry hands involved. Btw boasting about your business’s $2 million annual income is your gross not your net. You also have non-liquid inventory in a morgue and employee expenses to consider and subtract from said income. But ok. I know what your modus operandi is. CONTROL you said it yourself to my husband “I know I have a problem with control” well no shit Sherlock, you try to control everyone but you sure as shit won’t control me nor IAC. Get over yourself. When you started telling me all these artists’ personal life details didn’t you think it was inappropriate?! These women trusted you to keep things private who are you to expose them like that?! They don’t know me and I don’t know them!! It’s demeaning and cruel! I knew you were building your “case to destroy” me, too. All your poison came out when I posted a huge thank you on my PERSONAL Facebook to Dina, why so jealous?! It had nothing to do with you! Dina and I are artists you wouldn’t understand but you ran and ASSumed that it was a slight to your store! It’s not all about you, you narcissistic sociopath! You freaked out!! You asked Dina to remove her name when I tagged her! Who do you think you are? The goddess of the doll world?! Maybe you should focus and spend more time on developing your supplies than on Facebook lurking everyone’s posts thinking it’s about you, it will serve you better.

Brenda, you’ve lost so much not only friendships but this “integrity” that you keep trying to convince yourself that you have. Do you even know the definition? You have none of the attributes, you need to start practicing what you preach. God doesn’t like ugly and you know it. Pray on that. It’s not enough to just attend church you actually have to absorb the teachings and apply them to real life. I’m optimistic for you because someone’s got to be. Your ethics are way off the mark. Very eeew!

As far as Dina, you can stfu when it comes to her. You and your group did a lot of horrible things to her years ago trying to prevent her doll from getting into the museum because of jealousy or God knows why! You have no business spitting your evil venom about her, to her nor about any artist. That’s just awful and sickening. Telling us to “be careful with Dina don’t trust her” what the heck was that all about?! She is a great person, caring and loving. No one knows our discussions outside of social media because that’s how true friendship works OUTSIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA something I know you are lacking. Your life is your punishment and it shows. I hope the many years of betrayal and deceit you’ve done to artists in this doll industry catches up with you. Your many years of racism may have been excused in your past but it will never be excused in your present. That is simply who you are. I’ve seen it in your personal and professional life. You can’t “unracist” yourself it is part of your being. I will file you away like I’ve had to with other discriminators, right with the garbage human beings where you belong.

As for you Shanine Bean whatever the hell you want to call yourself. Since I started making dolls I loved watching your videos I was so excited to know you were the first person that believed in a new show. I was completely wrong about you. Brenda didn’t even think you had any talent and that you wouldn’t attract any attention to the show. She didn’t even want me to invite you! IAC paid for you and your daughter’s room, flights, picked you up. How could you involve your daughter in THAT SCAM?! That’s a pretty bad parenting decision. Do you know the definition of scamming? Read on it and let me know how you’re not the definition of a scam artist. Your non-factual opinion bashing us was disappointing. I wouldn’t want you to foster anyone’s kids if you keep up with that garbage. It was simple:

IAC paid for everything you just had to teach and make an awesome booth so people in Canada could see your artwork and enjoy yourselves. Too hard to understand because change is hard for you. That’s fine. Why couldn’t you be honest with me? Not my husband. But Me. You went like a sheep to the shepherd in St Mary’s booo 👎🏼Lmfaoo. I remember when you told me Stephanie thought you were two faced well damn on me for defending you as an artist and as a person you had me really fooled. Stephanie may have been right!! Making videos bc you’re bullshit and scared to say it in person really? People who showed up to see you were so disappointed. You didn’t hurt me nor IAC YOU HURT THEM. You uploaded a petty video pretty quick with zero facts which I have in writing! Stop spreading your vinegar all over the place about a show you didn’t attend that was witnessed by every vendor and attendee. This is a bad look as a “foster parent”, defamation and slander is punishable in both Canada and the US. It’s illegal, but I’m sure you already knew that. Brenda didn’t even think you were talented and didn’t even like your dolls! I laughed my ass off at that irony so comical. Sadly, I was gullible, too, I believed that you were a good person and a decent human being, YouTube sure does make people look better than they are in person. But go on with your bad self, Shanine. You told me people in this area of Canada hate you, well maybe the common denominator is you? Hmmm ..You want to foster children? Well stop acting like a child for heaven’s sake and don’t be hateful when absolutely nothing bad happened to you! Oops sorry the NuWave oven was cracked, Princess, you can’t have it all. You’re old enough to know what you did was wrong to do to people who spent hard earned money to make sure you and your daughter were safe and that you had fun. You weren’t even present at the show with your empty booth all the vendors were pissed at you and Brenda as Canadians for your no shows. Your friend Stephanie that you said told you you were two faced, tell me how she is wrong. Making lame videos of slander and defamation, do you even know what you’re doing?! What are you 30 going on 13? The only one that was taking advantage of people was you! LOL I forgive you though, you’ve got issues. Smh good luck to you, you weirdo. Hope you learn something about yourself and your poor decisions. It’s not enough to post words of positivity and unicorns when you were unkind you should know that by now. If you can’t see your wrongs in all of this well then maybe karma will shed some light. Peace ✌🏼

Krystle, I wanted to give you a space to have your meet n greets. Unfortunately, with your thousand questions I really didn’t know why you kept asking so many. You had your fun in the hot tub with your friends and ate the food etc. So again wtf is your problem? You are so ungrateful and you don’t even make dolls anymore. But hey why not add you to the list? Maybe your friends should be more honest about what they really think of you. I forgive you too though bc I really should’ve spoke more directly and slowly to you about the plans. Maybe you wouldn’t have been so confused if I spoke slowly to you. Food for thought, you should be more grateful when people give you things, it’s not polite to act so supportive and like you’re having fun then make hate videos. I’m sure no one else offered you anything at any other shows. Actually I’m positive none before IAC lol! But I get it go on with your Llama drama haha you have to follow the Bean instead of having your own true train of thought as there are videos and pics of you having a hoot. Videos and pics of you having fun don’t lie, lady. I’m glad you put out your real happy true videos before your accusatory ones that were lies and puzzling. Anyway despite your fickleness, you did have a great Meet n Greet and your fans were happy, that matters more than your prima donna attitude.

As for any of you that make juvenile posts and videos of hate, what is wrong with you? Get off social media and hug your children and family members and pray that they will never be bullied online. It’s a terrible look for the doll community and for you. Some of you got so heated over IAC’s first show. Of course it wasn’t perfect, no show is but guess what? I did my main job, I provided a space for you to sell your dolls and accessories I spoke to each of you in person and you all said you sold items and not one of you told me that you were upset. I knew this Canadian Doll Show was inevitable we are amazing artists and the vendors I met were some of the most down-to-earth women I’ve ever met. The negativity and videos said and made are NOT the majority. The participants are happy and waiting for the next date as I’m sure it will be even better. Those who have offered to help and those who gave words of encouragement are the ones who I am thinking of for the future and you know who you. A guest at a wedding at the hotel said and I quote “I have never seen anything like this! This is amazing the artwork is incredible! I wish I knew about this sooner! Did you do this?! Thank you thank you so much for doing this!” She would’ve known about it if she got the flyer, thanks for nothing Brenda 🙄 anywhoosy…

Now that the back story is finally out there with 2 years of deceit, racism and sabotage with a manipulative narcissist some much needed light has been shed on the North American doll world, I believe we can all move on.

If our show is not for you so be it. For those who want another show I’m undecided on a date for now but I will contact you with details.

On to much better, have a great day. 😊

P.S. please feel free to share, make videos, chat about it over tea, tell your dog, tell your cat whatever it is that will make you feel relevant. For everyone else thank you for your support we’ll chat soon.

Review: I Am Jane Doe

I am jane doe

I’m always on the look out for some really great movies and documentaries on Netflix and I’ve always found little hidden gems on this streaming network.  I haven’t been disappointed so it’s safe to say that Netflix has given me pretty good recommendations as per my profile.  This documentary, “I AM JANE DOE”, was one that immediately caught my eyes.

The documentary is ultimately dark and a sad truth of the reality these day.  All the freedom to explore and have great experiences all at your fingertips.  The internet has become a double-edged sword for us all, some good and some bad.  If you are on the internet at all, you already have experience be it sharing family outings to being trolled by some random stranger.  This movie is not the romantic side of the internet, but it shows the very real horrors of being on the internet.

Human trafficking.  Just those two words together is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, but unfortunately it is a very real epidemic that doesn’t just happen in third world countries. It seems like our North American lives turns a blind mind towards the realities of Human Trafficking.  Believe it or not, North America is a haven for kidnapped children who are then sold to the long awaited customers.  In this day and of age of 2017, our children are not only being kidnapped and ripped from our parental arms, but our children are at risk every moment of every day.

After watching this movie you will not only hug your children a lot more, but you will be also empowered to be proactive with your children.  No one is really protected on the internet.  It’s no different than being exposed to the same crimes out in public.  Unfortunately, money talks and politicians are easily swayed from doing the right thing to doing what is easiest.  The truth is that we are on our own, we can’t ask the government for help when they have no answers.  We have to educate ourselves and our children and although we are very “free” we will always be an arms length from harm.  Our complacency leaves our children in very real danger.

I encourage you to watch this documentary and use it as a tool to protect those that you love.  Predators don’t hide in the shadows anymore, they hide in plain sight through the internet.  Protect your babies by educating them and yourself, that’s the first defence.


Action and Progress

IMG_0001 2

You know those corny sayings that seem to clog the internet, you know, the ones where they are supposed to inspire you or uplift you?  I read those quotes and I find one common thread between them all and that is the moment I was reading them, I should have been moving on and taking the next step towards my goal.  As positive as they are, these are things we should be telling ourselves on a daily basis.  I’m a strong believer in self preservation for the sake of the quality of life that you really want.

I was doing research, making appointments, drafting plans… and I stopped myself and smiled.  In all my adulthood, 2017 has been the best I have had yet.  I used to do things here and there, not out of things I had to do but for things I felt I needed to do.  Going with the flow and letting go of this invisible control we all think we have.

Today, I started to notice how all the things I’ve been doing up to this point have come to fruition.  I used to get stressed out when I didn’t know what was going to happen after working so hard.  Now, I find myself smiling more and knowing that this whole journey was preparing me for something bigger than just what I love to do.  I’m on my way to fulfill that mission I gave to myself.

My new addiction… The art of letting go…


MS and Me

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago and I’ve come to understand my disease more and more each day.  It’s much like riding a bike or driving, I remember how to do all those things regardless of how long it’s been since you tried riding each.  MS is constantly called the “Monster” for good reason.  There is no cure for MS and it leaves permanent damage everywhere it travels.

I’ll be going over the disease in a self-documentation of what my symptoms are and the various treatments that I have been trying over the years.  I’m still learning more and more about my disease as well as being aware of how these symptoms have effected myself physically, emotionally and mentally.

I hope you enjoy my MS and Me serious.

I will post the video on my YouTube channel under: StilettoSupermom

Off we go…..

MS and Me Vlog Intro

MS and Me Vlog 1

Review: Danielle Facial Cleansing Spin Brush

I know I’m late in the game of the wonderful world of skin cleansing spin brushes, but after watching many videos and advertising about how clean one’s face would feel I had to try it out.  img_8949-1.jpg

I didn’t want to invest in a gadget that costs over $100, I figured this Danielle Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleansing System would be close to the other big brands.  I found it in Winner’s for $25 you can find it on Amazon for a little over $40, that being said I’ll get into my experience,

I started the brush up according to the instructions and it felt so weird!  I was very careful in not adding too much pressure to my face with it and I prayed that it would  make some kind of difference, which it did.  My face felt smooth and yes, deeply cleansed.  However, I found a concerning flaw though.  I struggled a bit to wash it out properly  to avoid any bacteria that could grow on it.


As you can see from the above picture that it’s not completely clean with my waterproof makeup.  I left my face alone for a week.  I did a round 2 with the brush and I doused the brush with rubbing alcohol.. this was a BIG MISTAKE!  I didn’t rinse the rubbing alcohol completely and I started the brush up and my face started to burn… and you guessed it, I almost chemically burned my face!  Don’t do that.  Round 2 didn’t give me as much of a cleansing feeling, possibly because my face was burning.

The travel case was of great quality and it is my favourite colour lol.  I tried the other attachments but there wasn’t much difference between all of them, they all scrubbed my face off.  Overall, it was ok, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it a whole lot but I’m also happy I didn’t spend over $100 on a product I just “meh” about.

If you  are curious about the more expensive brands I would suggest you try out one that’s more affordable before investing a lot on a product you may not even like after awhile. Also, you have to sanitize it before and after you use it, it’s just a lot of extra work than buying a face cloth and exfoliating with it.

Let me know what you think of this skincare regiment I’m curious to know how long people stick to using this spin brush.


Review: Organik Botanik Brown Sugar Face Scrub

In the midst of our unpredictable Canadian Spring, there comes a time when we Canadian gals have to, what I call, “descale”.  This means all the dry indoor air leaves my skin so dry, I literally feel like I need to shed layers of Winter skin… I know, gross right?

I guess my new “jam” has been Winner’s and I’ve been having good luck finding little steals here and there.. But this.. this right here…

Organik Botanik Brown Sugar Face Scrub

This was the WORST product I’ve ever bought in my LIFE!!  At first, it felt like other facial scrubs when I rinsed it out I noticed my skin was a bit shiny like I had put oil on my face.   To this very day my face is a hot mess!  My forehead and cheeks feel like sandpaper and I have cystic acne on my chin!!  When I break out it’s usually one angry pimple, but this??!!  OMG it destroyed my skin!!  With this in mind, I’m going back to my favourite skincare treatment  (Biotherm Plankon Essence) to fix this face somehow.

I paid $7.99CDN for this, so basically I paid $8.00 for my break out!  It’ll be a while before try anything like this again! lol

Hope you guys had a great day.. I’m going back to living with a bag over my head until this angry breakout goes away.  If you see this anywhere.. keep walking, it’s horrible.


Review: LUSH Children’s soap


Although LUSH products have been around for many years, I have never ventured into the stores because when they first came out the scent from their store was very strong and literally gave me a headache.  I watched an episode of Undercover Boss: LUSH and I was more intrigued about the company as a whole.  My next visit to the mall, I made a point of going into the LUSH store.  The store was packed with customers and I almost didn’t go in because of all the traffic, but braving my fear of someone breathing on me,  I braved myself to go in.  I was immediately welcomed and I stayed to watch and participate in the live demonstration of a bath bomb (I bought 3 of those).

I asked for kids products and was led to the section and the salesperson explained how to use the soap and if they were hypoallergenic, which they were.  I walked away with the Aliens and Monsters soap.



Ultimately, my boys LOVE this product!  They had fun making shapes and animals with the soap.  When wet, the soap becomes moldable like play dough and each colour had its own scent.

The only gripe I have was with the packaging, it comes wrapped in cellophane that isn’t really easy to open and makes it difficult and messy to store.   Other than that, this is the best product I’ve tried with my kids and it was a success.

I recommend anyone who shops there to not be intimidated and go in, there is something for anyone.

Overall, LUSH didn’t not disappoint me, I’m still trying some other products I purchased.  I will do reviews on those as well.

Hope you have an awesome day!


Stiletto After Dark: What’s In Your Pants?

This was a hilarious live stream that I broadcasted yesterday night (February 27, 2017).  We explored the new fads that are now available to enhance one’s genitalia.  I was joined by many great watchers and we had some great laughs.  It’s a very interactive show so join us at 10pm daily for some after dark talk and fun, meet some of my current and new online peeps they are absolutely fabulous!

Find me on Periscope:  StilettoSuprmom

Stiletto After Dark:  What’s In Your Pants?

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