In the midst of our unpredictable Canadian Spring, there comes a time when we Canadian gals have to, what I call, “descale”.  This means all the dry indoor air leaves my skin so dry, I literally feel like I need to shed layers of Winter skin… I know, gross right?

I guess my new “jam” has been Winner’s and I’ve been having good luck finding little steals here and there.. But this.. this right here…

Organik Botanik Brown Sugar Face Scrub

This was the WORST product I’ve ever bought in my LIFE!!  At first, it felt like other facial scrubs when I rinsed it out I noticed my skin was a bit shiny like I had put oil on my face.   To this very day my face is a hot mess!  My forehead and cheeks feel like sandpaper and I have cystic acne on my chin!!  When I break out it’s usually one angry pimple, but this??!!  OMG it destroyed my skin!!  With this in mind, I’m going back to my favourite skincare treatment  (Biotherm Plankon Essence) to fix this face somehow.

I paid $7.99CDN for this, so basically I paid $8.00 for my break out!  It’ll be a while before try anything like this again! lol

Hope you guys had a great day.. I’m going back to living with a bag over my head until this angry breakout goes away.  If you see this anywhere.. keep walking, it’s horrible.


4 responses to “Review: Organik Botanik Brown Sugar Face Scrub”

  1. tropictrendss Avatar

    It’s a shame this product didn’t work well for you. I’ve just gone into the colder months here in Australia so my skins getting all dry now but I’d suggest getting the Glamglow thirstymud mask or the tarte maracuja oil if you want to try something out for dry skin because they’re both saving me loads right now. Products make me break out easily & these two haven’t so hopefully it would work well for you too! 🙂 xx


  2. […] to find reviews.  I can’t find any reviews for this product.  I did find a blog post from STILETTO SUPERMOM about another product (Brown Sugar Face Scrub) from the same company. She gave it a thumbs down.  […]

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  3. Daryll Joyce Pua Avatar

    I personally tried this and it made my breakouts disappear and made my skin poreless looking and healthy looking. Though it might have worked on my skin type in the weather in the Philippines. I’m quite sad it disappeared everywhere after buying 1 from Watson’s. Been looking for it for a while now after mine ran out.


  4. Stiletto Supermom Avatar

    That’s great that it worked for you I was very disappointed. I have combo oily T-zone, it’s not weather related. I found a better sugar scrub I’ve been trying this year. I’m still testing and reviewing it


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