Can I buy your human eggs?


I found this story and it made me really think about the line between morality, society and the definition of love. There were many different sides to whether the donation of a woman’s egg to another woman due the moral and ethical dilemmas each side presents. As a mother is there really an age that determines whether or not woman over 40 years of age should have children. Is there a time that we should not have children? How does this effect the donor long term? Is this selfish and or selfless? What are the potential issues and consequences that can surface in the future?


As a mother, there is nothing more beautiful to hold a wonderful new bundle of joy in my arms. The soft cooing and helpless unscripted movements of the limbs, eyes and smiles so I understand why there is that need, that feeling any woman would when holding a child of their own. However, it made me a little wary knowing that they went to extreme lengths as to put an advertisement in the newspaper and online. Was there a discussion about a monetary exchange and in what amount constitutes “selling a baby”?


There are so many angles with this story and I’d love to hear your opinions.

Leave your comments!

Original video: Desperate parents buying donor eggs on the black market | 60 Minutes Australia

I discussed this topic with my cohosts, listen to us here:

Life in Quarantine 2020: Staying Inspired

Spring Classics Collection

I’m sure that we are all getting anxious wanting to go outside at the first sign of spring.  In my place in the world, I’m still skeptical.  That being said, I’ve been finding creative ways to keep my children and myself busy indoors.  I received my birthday/Mother’s Day presents early ( a pasta maker and juicer kitchennaid attachments and a Nespresso machine ) so I’ve been enjoying them tremendously.  So far I have made linguini, spaghetti on the first round and homemade ramen noodles.  I must say that homemade ramen is WAY better than the prepackaged dehydrated kind.

On my other hobbies and pursuits, I’ve been learning lots about ball jointed doll making. I have yet to design and create my own so that is next on the list of things to self teach.

rabbit amigurumi doll

Doll making still has my heart and I have furthered even better ways to get my dolls out to so many more people that use them for therapy and to simply make them smile.  My son found all the family photo albums including some scrapbook ideas I had in storage.  We had fun looking through them so we decided to work on that project this week.  As much as this lockdown has disrupted our lives it has also allowed me to stay in the present.  I now know exactly where my scrapbook items are and there is no excuse for me not to complete them.  I think it will be fun for my youngest to actually get familiar of what a physical photograph is.

scrapbook on white textile

The most challenging thing for me to do lately is to remain inspired. To shake things up I found a couple iBooks to read.  It’s nice to read on the socials, texting, messaging.. but it is nice to take a break from the pace of the social media world and read a book that has more focus and direction.  lol as much as I love chatting with my online world, having a direction feels a lot more calming on my brain lately.  People are getting emotional so I’m trying to remain as positive as I can.

It’s easy to get sucked into the fears and panic of those that surround you but the most important thing is to be there for them.  Transition is hard for all of us.

I hope you are all having a peaceful week.

More to come be happy and be grateful always…

Much love,


P.S.  Checkout my Pinterest  recipe boards, I’ve tried and will be trying some recipes and activities from some pretty amazingly creative people on there.  Also checkout my YouTube Channel where I’ll take you on my adventures too!


Getting back into a groove

September 2019 is here the kids are in school in full swing and I’m getting myself ready for my much anticipated radio adventure.  I’ve finally completed all the work in the background which is imperative so I can make active and progressive moves.  I’ve had many radio shows either sole hosting or co-hosting and it has been so much fun.  Not only have I had fun but I’ve learned from so much from my technology-loving partners and friends.

For this round and with full support, partnerships and sponsors I’m confident there is still so much more fun to be had.  We are putting some interviews together with upcoming artists and their latest tracks.  Schedules are being finalized for live stream shows both video and radio collabs and omg I can’t wait!

The show will be available soon on other platforms like iHeart radio, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Deezer and many more.  The below links are available now and are also available with the Spreaker and Spotify apps.

Follow my social medias and if you want to be a part of the show, make sure you download Skype!

Chat with y’all soon


Spreaker: Straight to the Points: Stabbing Fish

Spotify: Straight to the Points: Stabbing Fish

Review: I Am Jane Doe

I am jane doe

I’m always on the look out for some really great movies and documentaries on Netflix and I’ve always found little hidden gems on this streaming network.  I haven’t been disappointed so it’s safe to say that Netflix has given me pretty good recommendations as per my profile.  This documentary, “I AM JANE DOE”, was one that immediately caught my eyes.

The documentary is ultimately dark and a sad truth of the reality these day.  All the freedom to explore and have great experiences all at your fingertips.  The internet has become a double-edged sword for us all, some good and some bad.  If you are on the internet at all, you already have experience be it sharing family outings to being trolled by some random stranger.  This movie is not the romantic side of the internet, but it shows the very real horrors of being on the internet.

Human trafficking.  Just those two words together is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, but unfortunately it is a very real epidemic that doesn’t just happen in third world countries. It seems like our North American lives turns a blind mind towards the realities of Human Trafficking.  Believe it or not, North America is a haven for kidnapped children who are then sold to the long awaited customers.  In this day and of age of 2017, our children are not only being kidnapped and ripped from our parental arms, but our children are at risk every moment of every day.

After watching this movie you will not only hug your children a lot more, but you will be also empowered to be proactive with your children.  No one is really protected on the internet.  It’s no different than being exposed to the same crimes out in public.  Unfortunately, money talks and politicians are easily swayed from doing the right thing to doing what is easiest.  The truth is that we are on our own, we can’t ask the government for help when they have no answers.  We have to educate ourselves and our children and although we are very “free” we will always be an arms length from harm.  Our complacency leaves our children in very real danger.

I encourage you to watch this documentary and use it as a tool to protect those that you love.  Predators don’t hide in the shadows anymore, they hide in plain sight through the internet.  Protect your babies by educating them and yourself, that’s the first defence.


MS and Me

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago and I’ve come to understand my disease more and more each day.  It’s much like riding a bike or driving, I remember how to do all those things regardless of how long it’s been since you tried riding each.  MS is constantly called the “Monster” for good reason.  There is no cure for MS and it leaves permanent damage everywhere it travels.

I’ll be going over the disease in a self-documentation of what my symptoms are and the various treatments that I have been trying over the years.  I’m still learning more and more about my disease as well as being aware of how these symptoms have effected myself physically, emotionally and mentally.

I hope you enjoy my MS and Me serious.

I will post the video on my YouTube channel under: StilettoSupermom

Off we go…..

MS and Me Vlog Intro

MS and Me Vlog 1

Crazy Spring!

May was the craziest month of 2017, so far.  2 of my sons dislocated their shoulders, I had doctor and physio appointments top that with some rain and you get a beautiful disaster.  It seemed that as soon as it was clear blue skies and bright sun, the weather would do a complete switch and it would be pouring rain and humid as hell.  It has been a weird time of the year but I am not complaining.  I’m too distracted by all the planning I have to do for next year.

The last 3 weeks i’ve been filling doll orders as well as planning for a big event in May of 2018.  There’s so much to do and to tell you the truth, it kind of feels like I’m planning a huge elaborate wedding!  NO I am NOT getting married lol.  I remember when I was part of the Filipino Association as the Treasurer.  I had to organize the bills and quotations as well as book the event facility.  Mind you, it was a hell of lot easier because I had a large team of 8 people who took over a lot of the mundane work I didn’t have time for.  Now, here I am with a team of 4 people trying to organize the whole thing.. from the decorations, entertainment and food.. it’s all me.  There are packages to prepare, contests to plan… just as I am writing this I feel my brain throbbing with all the planning I have yet to do.  I did manage to lock the date and facility down, but now my creative juices have to start kicking into full swing!  I definitely need a bigger team.

As I look at all the upcoming appointments for my sons, follow up appointments for me, etc. The more I see sleepless nights in my horizon.  I don’t mind though, with a 4 year old full of energy surrounding me during the day, the only time that works is when all the pterodactyls are snoring away.  Does anyone else find more time to focus on detailed things at night?  I feel like I’m not alone in this.

They say working from home is way harder than working outside the home, this is so true.  It’s not like I can checkout and come back the next day to finish tasks.  Every day I wake up and there’s a mountain of things to do; add in the event planning and boom a fulfilled evening is born.  I love the quiet of night time working, but there are times where my procrastination takes over for a bit.  I’m surprisingly way ahead of deadlines and while on this journey, I have met so many amazing people that have offered a helping hand.  The world may be cynical but the balance is surrounding yourself with positive people who are excited to help you succeed.  If it wasn’t for all my new found support and newly developing friendships all my preparations and planning wouldn’t be this fun.

Sometimes you get little reminders here and there that you are on the right path, every time I meet a new friend it solidifies that I have the support I need and I am finally on the road to success and true happiness.  Summer is going to be fabulous and I can’t wait to share more of my adventures!

I hope you are all having a happy and positive day.  I also hope that you choose happiness in whatever you are currently into.  Yes you have to work hard, but you also have to play hard.. that’s what happiness is.

Much love


Movie Review: Split


I was hearing and reading quite a bit of reviews regarding this movie.  I haven’t watched any of the trailers for this movie and it was a good thing.  I am all for psychological thrillers, however I was disappointed at how predictable it was.  I’m going to totally spoil this movie so if you haven’t watched it yet.. stop reading this post right now.

Like I said I love scary movies filled with gore, however when it comes to psychological thrillers things have to make sense to me.  I didn’t understand why he kidnapped these girls with no plan.  It didn’t make any sense why they were held.  I mean, honestly I thought that was the weakest and one of the important details off the whole plot.  There was no extortion of money, no deviant motive.. it didn’t make any sense.  Now, granted James McAvoy did an excellent job portraying each of his personalities, it was sadly predictable and didn’t keep my attention for a lot of the movie.

I won’t be watching this movie again, but now I know their advertising team did a great job .  lol


Late night organizing

I spent the entire day getting my schedule together for the upcoming week, from making a new playlist for my radio show to getting my tasks in order.  I have some videos to edit and I can’t wait to upload them.  I also have some interviews to plan for as well as content to get organized.  I admit, I’ve been all over the place, but I’m getting closer to be more consistent.  Believe me when I say that this is one of the biggest challenges for me.

For example, it’s 12:09am on I’ve been so distracted with Twitter and my Instagram feeds and having a blast.  I love laughing with my online folk, I can’t help but to share a few crazy tweets and pictures.  Ah well, at least I’m having fun and meeting new people in the worldwide web.  I can honestly say I’ve met amazing people, they could also be catfishes but at least I’ll have fun trying to find out. haha

Ok, I’ve really got to focus.. omg I’m the worst! haha


Let’s make this right!

I am a proud, born and raised, Canadian woman raising the next generation of our great country.  I’m so happy that the internet has allowed me to have a voice in what has been happening in my country.  Through my tweets to our government officials, I was hoping to bring awareness to my fellow people in Canada who are all suffering in their own lives.  The Liberal Party and our Canadian government once stood for freedom and the ability to grow and expand our country and raise a better future.  It is this time, in 2017, that I am the most disgusted and disappointed in the government.

Let’s start years ago when I was legally able to vote.  I voted for the party that brought my family here for a better life.  I would listen to how proud my family was to have been given the opportunity to immigrate here from the Philippines.  The greatest Prime Minister in Canada, through their eyes, was Pierre Trudeau.  He was the epitome of a true Canadian, a voice for his people and loved by all.  He served 15 years in office and helped shape our country to what we are known for to this day.  It is with sad reflection that I see everything my family, the Pierre Trudeau government and Canadian citizens have honoured being destroyed by the systematical abuse of government authority.

I saw the corruption start to seep in, year by year, destroying everything that Canada once stood for.  When I first noticed it was when there was a question asked and quietly swept under a shroud of secrecy.  Our taxes are deducted from every paycheque we earn, we automatically contribute to the the Employment Insurance program.   This means if we lose our jobs, if we go on parental leave, or get injured on the job the taxes we paid protect us from hard times and help us get back to the working force.  The question that was so quietly hushed away was.. “Where do the unclaimed money for this program go?”  There were BILLIONS of dollars put into the program and most citizens have not used the program, yet we were met with a simple response to the question… “We don’t know.”  This was the response of the Liberal Party under fire and the only response.  Many don’t remember this, but I remember it.  It made me think even more about the government and this has stayed with me for years!  I couldn’t accept that response, I couldn’t grasp it, while watching my hardworking family and friends mandatorily contributing to a program that most they have never used.  I felt my support for the Liberal Party begin to wane.  How can an entire government not be held accountable for billions of dollars that we are required to pay?  How can the financial bleeding of our taxpayers go on without a solid educated and factual response?

Fast forward to today, once again the Liberal Party was elected to run our country and raise us back up to who we once were.  I am sad and disgusted to see that we have only gone backwards.  Instead of a resource rich and free country our oppression are hidden by webs of lies and our cries have been dismissed.  As a proud constituent of the Ontario government, I thought that maybe… possibly… hopefully the Liberal Party could turn it all around.  I am more disappointed than ever.  The current Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, increased our already expensive hydro costs (electricity & water). She supported and put our money into a now defunct energy plan, she increased hydro costs and added “carbon tax” which, to this day, I have no idea what the hell that means.  I have watched my own bills increase to two times more than it has ever been.  I read and watch the news of our senior citizens, the people who fought in wars, the people that funded Canada through years of taxpaying, the grandparents and great grandparents to many, deprived of the basics of humanity.  The increase of hydro bills have made them and other struggling families have to choose between rent, mortgage and even food OR pay for heat in the bitter cold and no energy to cook their food.  An elderly woman opted to move into a senior citizen’s home and give up her house of over 40 years because she simply could not pay for her current bill as well as the arrears she owed.  She is a woman with a pension living a basic life as a widow now impoverished by the government that she financially supported.

What finally made me lash out about our current government was in watching the latest story of a 72 year old man in Toronto who had his hydro turned off for three months, showering at a local YMCA and cooking his food by using a small gas powered generator located in his backyard.  He has been living without warmth and electricity for THREE MONTHS!!!  He has been living without these basic necessities of life during the coldest season in Canada.  That also means he spent the holidays without any help nor care from our own government.  While Kathleen Wynne surely enjoyed and showered her family with unnecessary gifts like gadgets and toys and slept cozily in her warm bed, possibly even mindlessly forgetting to turn the Christmas lights off that surrounds her finely adorned home, these elderly constituents have suffered greatly and probably the most suffering they have ever had to endure during their lives in Canada.  When met with great uprising anger towards these facts, Kathleen Wynne’s response was “I didn’t know this has affected so many”  A disgusting response from a heartless fiend that is now in the position of authority to make things right, but only turns a blind eye to focus on the environment.  Even appealing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the heir of Pierre Trudeau’s name and administration, was quickly dismissed and diverted back to the emphasis of environmental issues.

I pose this to our now defunct government bodies both provincial and federal.  How can we focus on our environment when we as a people are not sustaining our own lives?  How can a Prime Minister and a Premier of this great country simply shrug their shoulders?  How can a Prime Minister with such a great name, disparage it by loosely responding “..leaving the hydro issues with Premiers throughout all the provinces and territories of Canada..”.  He is focusing on helping other countries that are impoverished, which yes, is part of why I love my country so much, however his own country is suffering.  How can he support the actions of a Premier who parades around Ontario with no answers and no solutions, making appearances on our tax dollar?  How is this happening in Canada?  I will always fiercely protect my country and the Canadians who suffer without a voice nor forum to make their needs heard.  My fellow Canadians do not be complacent, this is not the time to turn the other cheek.  It is a time to help each of us to make our cries heard.  Reach out to your MPPs take what you can from any and all community support.

Our home and native land is bleeding.


It’s amazing how many times I am presented with a challenge, be it personal or professional, all seems the same when I am now happy.  I was presented with the opportunity to share my happiness and the events that lead me to where I am.  I owe my success to everyone who has lead me up to this point.  Good and bad every event has been a teachable moment of self preservation.

Lately, I’ve been waking up early with a smile on my face.  I don’t think I’m completely a morning person yet lol that’s still a challenge, but every day gets easier.  Spring has reached my corner of Canada and I’ve been opening my windows every day listening to the quiet of my neighbourhood.  The tree outside my window is starting to bud, the snow has melted away and my winter coat has been living in the closet for the past week.

Plans are all on track and I’m ready to pick up some speed.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week!  Keep your head up things always get better!


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