I am a proud, born and raised, Canadian woman raising the next generation of our great country.  I’m so happy that the internet has allowed me to have a voice in what has been happening in my country.  Through my tweets to our government officials, I was hoping to bring awareness to my fellow people in Canada who are all suffering in their own lives.  The Liberal Party and our Canadian government once stood for freedom and the ability to grow and expand our country and raise a better future.  It is this time, in 2017, that I am the most disgusted and disappointed in the government.

Let’s start years ago when I was legally able to vote.  I voted for the party that brought my family here for a better life.  I would listen to how proud my family was to have been given the opportunity to immigrate here from the Philippines.  The greatest Prime Minister in Canada, through their eyes, was Pierre Trudeau.  He was the epitome of a true Canadian, a voice for his people and loved by all.  He served 15 years in office and helped shape our country to what we are known for to this day.  It is with sad reflection that I see everything my family, the Pierre Trudeau government and Canadian citizens have honoured being destroyed by the systematical abuse of government authority.

I saw the corruption start to seep in, year by year, destroying everything that Canada once stood for.  When I first noticed it was when there was a question asked and quietly swept under a shroud of secrecy.  Our taxes are deducted from every paycheque we earn, we automatically contribute to the the Employment Insurance program.   This means if we lose our jobs, if we go on parental leave, or get injured on the job the taxes we paid protect us from hard times and help us get back to the working force.  The question that was so quietly hushed away was.. “Where do the unclaimed money for this program go?”  There were BILLIONS of dollars put into the program and most citizens have not used the program, yet we were met with a simple response to the question… “We don’t know.”  This was the response of the Liberal Party under fire and the only response.  Many don’t remember this, but I remember it.  It made me think even more about the government and this has stayed with me for years!  I couldn’t accept that response, I couldn’t grasp it, while watching my hardworking family and friends mandatorily contributing to a program that most they have never used.  I felt my support for the Liberal Party begin to wane.  How can an entire government not be held accountable for billions of dollars that we are required to pay?  How can the financial bleeding of our taxpayers go on without a solid educated and factual response?

Fast forward to today, once again the Liberal Party was elected to run our country and raise us back up to who we once were.  I am sad and disgusted to see that we have only gone backwards.  Instead of a resource rich and free country our oppression are hidden by webs of lies and our cries have been dismissed.  As a proud constituent of the Ontario government, I thought that maybe… possibly… hopefully the Liberal Party could turn it all around.  I am more disappointed than ever.  The current Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, increased our already expensive hydro costs (electricity & water). She supported and put our money into a now defunct energy plan, she increased hydro costs and added “carbon tax” which, to this day, I have no idea what the hell that means.  I have watched my own bills increase to two times more than it has ever been.  I read and watch the news of our senior citizens, the people who fought in wars, the people that funded Canada through years of taxpaying, the grandparents and great grandparents to many, deprived of the basics of humanity.  The increase of hydro bills have made them and other struggling families have to choose between rent, mortgage and even food OR pay for heat in the bitter cold and no energy to cook their food.  An elderly woman opted to move into a senior citizen’s home and give up her house of over 40 years because she simply could not pay for her current bill as well as the arrears she owed.  She is a woman with a pension living a basic life as a widow now impoverished by the government that she financially supported.

What finally made me lash out about our current government was in watching the latest story of a 72 year old man in Toronto who had his hydro turned off for three months, showering at a local YMCA and cooking his food by using a small gas powered generator located in his backyard.  He has been living without warmth and electricity for THREE MONTHS!!!  He has been living without these basic necessities of life during the coldest season in Canada.  That also means he spent the holidays without any help nor care from our own government.  While Kathleen Wynne surely enjoyed and showered her family with unnecessary gifts like gadgets and toys and slept cozily in her warm bed, possibly even mindlessly forgetting to turn the Christmas lights off that surrounds her finely adorned home, these elderly constituents have suffered greatly and probably the most suffering they have ever had to endure during their lives in Canada.  When met with great uprising anger towards these facts, Kathleen Wynne’s response was “I didn’t know this has affected so many”  A disgusting response from a heartless fiend that is now in the position of authority to make things right, but only turns a blind eye to focus on the environment.  Even appealing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the heir of Pierre Trudeau’s name and administration, was quickly dismissed and diverted back to the emphasis of environmental issues.

I pose this to our now defunct government bodies both provincial and federal.  How can we focus on our environment when we as a people are not sustaining our own lives?  How can a Prime Minister and a Premier of this great country simply shrug their shoulders?  How can a Prime Minister with such a great name, disparage it by loosely responding “..leaving the hydro issues with Premiers throughout all the provinces and territories of Canada..”.  He is focusing on helping other countries that are impoverished, which yes, is part of why I love my country so much, however his own country is suffering.  How can he support the actions of a Premier who parades around Ontario with no answers and no solutions, making appearances on our tax dollar?  How is this happening in Canada?  I will always fiercely protect my country and the Canadians who suffer without a voice nor forum to make their needs heard.  My fellow Canadians do not be complacent, this is not the time to turn the other cheek.  It is a time to help each of us to make our cries heard.  Reach out to your MPPs take what you can from any and all community support.

Our home and native land is bleeding.

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