Dusty Coins

I’ve paved my path with gold, but the path lead to deception,
I filled my heart with love, but my heart ended up breaking,
I built my castle with all I had, but it crumbled under my tears,
I pressed on with all my hope, but I’m tired after all these years,
Like a vine on a trellis I’ll keep climbing even when things look bleak,
Like a dusty coin I’ll keep shining and one day I’ll find my peace.

A Quiet Plea

You are worth more than I diamond ring
You are my blessing as well as my sin
Please protect my heart and my mind
These are the rarest of all tender finds
When things are foggy and simply unclear
Please be my light and shoo all my fears
The happiness I see when I look in your eyes
I see that it’s you… You are my prize


Who would have thought that you’d ever exist
You looked at me once and fulfilled my wish
You did not judge and you made me smile
I haven’t felt like that in awhile

The only request that you had of me
Was to give you my heart openly
It feels like I’m walking the clouds of my dreams
When everything may not be what it seems

You came to me with truth in all that you do
But all that I really wanted is you

A Captured Mind

It happens so fast
You cannot help who you love
It may have been one
Or all those above

Something so strong
It could tear out your heart
It cuts through you like butter
And you fall apart

Beyond the strings
Of distance and time
You’re drawn like a magnet
They’ve captured your mind

You wear your armour
Made of your smiles
The attraction you feel
Is more than just “mild”

You long to hold them
And be by their side
They’re just out of your reach
So your emotions you hide

The Test

When you are away and
I feel all alone

I carry you with me
Where ever I go

I’ll wait for you
Through all sleepless nights

The sadness hidden
and emptiness I fight

You’re out of my hands and
Far from my grasp

I cling to the moments
We shared in our past

Until we unite and
We finally embrace

I’ll keep living life
With a smile on my face

There is no guarantee and
My trust issue is tested

I think of your promise
My heart is invested

I don’t have to wonder
What my future will be

I just drift off to dream and
It’s you who I see

Having a Day…

When the pan’s too hot and
I burn my eggs
I get a knife and the butter, but
I’m all outta bread

I pour a cup of coffee, but
the milk is all gone
I look out the window
as a dog shits on my lawn

I wear a nice dress then
I trip and I fall
I text while I’m walking
right into a wall

I’m in a rush but
I’ve gotta get gas
A stranger stares as I scream,

I text my friends
and no one replies
I’ve lost the count
of all of my sighs

Sign says the slush machine is
“Broken” today…
and I just KNOW there’s a bill
I forgot to pay

I take a shower but
I’m outta shampoo
and hey..wouldn’t you know
I’m outta conditioner too

I hide under my pillow and
try to sleep
then 5 minutes later my phone
starts to beep

I open my texts and prepare
what I will say
to a simple question of
“How was your day?”

My friends and I text all our
troubles away
And how we can’t wait for
a nice long vacay.



I am raised with a matriarchal mentality
I know how to maintain my own reality

When I am in pain I retreat to recover
I will come back stronger, my dear enemies, take cover!

There’s nothing you can do that will ever take me down
I earned these battle scars and I made my own crown

I’m a self-taught, wild minded, God fearing soul
I know what I want, I know where I’m going

Not all understand because my breed is rare
From my fingertips, my body to my long flowing hair

I do what I must for all that I dream
Welcome to the matriarchal society of ME.


I’m here to put you at ease
Relax your body
Now, drop to your knees

My command is what you wish
Get closer to me
And taste my dish

Don’t disobey and make me frown
Or I’ll have no choice
I’ll take you down

My hands are hot, my heart is cold
But all your secrets
I protect and hold

I am your darkest fantasy
Full of danger
…and ecstasy…


I am what I am
I am the result
Of what has been done
Regardless of fault

I don’t feel the pain
That you caused anymore
The numbness and calm
As I look towards the door

I thank you for pushing me
To the brink of despair
It has helped me rebuild
I am mended, repaired

I am who I am
The rawness, the laughs
The empowered woman
Who is now in your past

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