When the pan’s too hot and
I burn my eggs
I get a knife and the butter, but
I’m all outta bread

I pour a cup of coffee, but
the milk is all gone
I look out the window
as a dog shits on my lawn

I wear a nice dress then
I trip and I fall
I text while I’m walking
right into a wall

I’m in a rush but
I’ve gotta get gas
A stranger stares as I scream,

I text my friends
and no one replies
I’ve lost the count
of all of my sighs

Sign says the slush machine is
“Broken” today…
and I just KNOW there’s a bill
I forgot to pay

I take a shower but
I’m outta shampoo
and hey..wouldn’t you know
I’m outta conditioner too

I hide under my pillow and
try to sleep
then 5 minutes later my phone
starts to beep

I open my texts and prepare
what I will say
to a simple question of
“How was your day?”

My friends and I text all our
troubles away
And how we can’t wait for
a nice long vacay.


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