Late Spring 2014


The weather here in Canada is finally starting to get warmer and I’ve been enjoying the sun.  I love waking up in the morning, having a nice warm cup of coffee or tea as I sit and listen to the nature around me.  What’s so great about my neighbourhood is how quiet it is in the A.M.  I’m far enough away from the noise of the morning traffic… although the birds in all their Spring glory sometimes drive me a little crazy.

I’ve had to arrange and rearrange my plans due to the fact that my lovely father has decided to surprise me with his arrival from the Philippines.  It has, yet again, delayed my plans.  I’m frustrated, but I know that a couple days of a delay won’t be so bad.

I was supposed to be on a plane to Chicago tomorrow morning, but since my dad will be here at 3 am, I had to cancel my flight and my hotel… such a bummer.

I will be rebooking my trip next week and will be on my way!  I’m definitely getting anxious to travel, it’s been too long and I’ve got places to go and people to see! 😉

I hope you all had a great weekend and to my American friends I wish you all a very happy Memorial Day! 😀


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