2017 Heatwave in Ontario

Time to get my summer shoes out!

For the last 2 days it’s been so humid and hot I couldn’t go outside. The dogs didn’t even want to stay outside for very long.  I’m thinking of getting a hose that mists around the deck in the backyard. It’s hard to explain but when I find one I’ll post a picture. 

The air conditioner has been running hard and I’m sure my hydro bill will be a hefty one 🙄 thanks to the Ontario premier. (I don’t like her at all, to put that politely)

I’m still excited about the summer. When the kids are finally done the school year I can sleep in. Lol that’s my goal.

On that note be aware of the heat and stay cool during these unpredictable heat waves. Drink lots of water and relax as much as you can. 

Until next time ✌🏼 


A quick change and away we go…

It seemed as if I was ready to put my plan in motion and move forward, then like the boom of thunder something happens and I’m lead yet again down a very unknown path.  Making alterations and changing schedules has been an ongoing thing.  Sometimes it feels like I’m 2 steps forward yet 1 step back and it can be a tedious cycle.  Although it definitely feels like a Monday, it feels as if this is the moment where I have to adjust my plan to accommodate an even better opportunity.  I’m not sure where it will lead me and I really never want to know, I just know that I am being slightly forced to venture into very uncharted waters.  It’s both exciting and I’m full of anticipation I almost feel like a child with a great book, skipping forward a few pages just to be sure they know the outcome.

After moving and transforming over the last few months, I’ve accepted that for whatever reason, I chose this ever changing and unknown path and that’s ok.  I still love what I do and I’m willing to leave more room for changes when it comes to my decision making.

My vision is becoming more and more tangible with every opportunity that has been presented to me.  I am ever grateful to all my online people that have not only been inspirations but have become dear close friends of mine.

My next goal is to plan a family trip to Disney World…  I’m thinking about traveling there in a large RV and a strong wifi connection.. maybee… hmmmm…

Hope you are all staying warm and safe!

Much love my Sweets!


Restaurant Review: Crossing’s Pub & Eatery

It was Sunday morning and I woke up craving a nice homestyle Sunday Brunch.

After finding out the local restaurant was closed, I ventured around the corner and found the Crossing’s Pub & Eatery.


It resembles a Victorian farmhouse converted into an “inn style” pub, complete with seating on both the main and upper levels of the building.  Our server mentioned that the top floors could be reserved for more private dining and parties.  The overall atmosphere was welcoming and felt like “Home”.

It was a difficult decision, but among all the delicious options I decided to order the hearty flat iron steak and eggs.   When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation, the steak was cooked to perfection and full of juicy flavourings, the scrambled eggs were fluffy and the added touches of fruit and garnish added charm to this handsome looking plate!


This is a great place for anyone from family to business, their customer service made my stay pleasant and welcoming.  I highly recommend this restaurant for those Sunday Brunch cravings and I can’t wait to go back to try their dinner menu.

Cheers to a fabulous Sunday Brunch!

Click here for more info on Crossings Pub & Eatery

My First New York Trip

My latest travel to NYC was full of adventure and high energy!  I didn’t expect to love New York as much as I do now.


My hometown is 2 hours away from the Detroit airport which made for an early start to my trip at 1:00am early Thursday morning.  The shuttle bus was on time and filled with 10 passengers.  Out of 10 travellers I managed to hold up entire bus up at the border trying to explain what Meerkat (@AppMeerkat) was.  The officer wanted to know how I met my friends and what I was doing with the live streaming.  It was probably the most drilling set of questions I’ve had to answer but on top of that, the officer looked up my website! (He may be reading now, so HELLO! 🙂 Mr. Custom’sOfficer!)  He was very professional and he thanked me for giving him my information.  It was a little awkward on the bus after that, but we made it through.


My 8am flight took off and arrived on time at 10am.  Right from the time I collected my bags and exited the airplane I was already pumped full of excitement!  It was amazing to see Herbie (@HerbieMerrin) and Betsy (@BetsyBoop35) in real life and we even had time to stop off and see Ricky (@rickysanquiche) before we got to meet up with Nick (@dagadgetguy) for our Olive Garden dinner.  I’m still proud to boast that I out ate all three of them and cleared my plate like a true Foody and I cleared the plate again at Applebee’s haha.


I took in all the sights and the action on the streets.  Be it by car, bicycle or by foot, the only speed that New Yorkers know is FAST!  With Herbie’s driving skills and Betsy’s sass, I quickly felt safe and at home among the Big Apple dwellers.

One of the favourite places I visited was the Fifth Avenue Apple Store


The Apple Store was complete with a clear glass elevator that Nick and I could not resist so we took the elevator up from the enormous underground store.


This was the BEST first day of vacation!! 😀

Double-fist streaming like a true gadget guy! @dagadgetguy
Goodnight Day 1 in NYC!
World Trade Centre

The couple of days were spent shopping, laughter and great food..

Coney Island visit

I had an unforgettable time with friends that now feel more like family than anything else.  We all bonded in a way that would not have been possible without Meerkat and the magic of the internet.


I miss my dear friends and my Brooklyn home away from home.. but, I will be back…

Much love everyone hope you all have a great weekend! 😉


Watch my NYC footage here!


Snow during Spring… enough, please.

Although in many parts of Canada they are calling for more snow, I’m lucky enough to live in the southern part of Canada.  The weather people still claim there’s another round of snow heading my way and in some parts of the Mid-West U.S. they have received some more of the white stuff.  Since it’s too cold to go outside just yet, I made it through the kids’ March Break.  I can’t even front that it was a breeze!  The first couple of days was calm but towards the end of the week the kids were driving me bananas!  Luckily, a new and larger Dollarama store opened up close to my grocery store so I had a chance to wander through the aisles about 45 minutes before closing.  I stopped by the craft area and picked up a large package of pipe cleaners, pom-poms and google eyes.  I grabbed a couple bottles of glue and headed home.  My 6yr old is very high energy and with the older kids on the playstation, I took him aside and helped make him some pipe cleaner caterpillars and pom-pom birds.



IMG_1142My tablecloth was riddled with dried glue, but my kids all enjoyed making all kinds of critters, so into the wash it goes!

I recently introduced “A Different World” to my Netflix roster.  I was so happy when Netflix released it.  That show represented the 90s fashion and subjects dealing with growing up that you don’t see so much these days.  With all the reality shows showing so much disfunction and not enough solution, I was relieved that my older kids got to watch these episodes with me.  Surprisingly, watching the shows and learning about their characters created a lot of conversation and discussions.  Life challenges, especially in the show, aren’t all paved with fancy rainbow colours, there were some actual topics that provoked adult thought and dilemmas.  If not just for the nostalgia, I highly recommend watching the seasons of A Different World, the humour is fun and for once I can actually sit down and watch a show that isn’t as heavy as most of the tv shows these days.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Much love



What do you do on an 18 hour flight?

I’m sending out a special thank you to Mr. O for answering my question about an upcoming 18 hour flight.  Things can get boring and there isn’t much room to really stretch out.  He gave me some great tips on how to prepare for a lengthy stay on the plane.  I’m kind of on the fence about this upcoming trip, nothing is in stone yet there’s still a 50% chance I’ll be staying on my half of the world.  It is nice to know that I have geared up on some advice to prepare for a whole 18 hour trip.

Enjoy the video and thanks again for stopping by!

Much love,


Let the birthdays begin

I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly feel like I have been insanely busy since the beginning of December!  Today marks my son’s 14th birthday and we just finished a weekend birthday celebration with family.  I’m exhausted, to put it mildly, with getting the kids back to their school routines, keeping track of schedules and trying to organize my own projects, I feel like I’m treading water.  2015 is in full swing with birthday line ups quickly coming up.  I’ll be celebrating at least one birthday every month for the rest of the year.

Birthdays and trips to plan, budgeting and purchasing food seems to be my norm these days.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love celebrating birthdays and such I just feel like I haven’t been able to come up for air.  Being a mom of 6 and having them all under one roof is definitely a balancing act, maintaining relationships with each one as well as with extended family and friends sometimes leaves me completely exhausted.

At times like these I opt to retreat to my studio, listen to some R & B music (Anita Baker and Mary J. Blige 😀 ) give myself a mani/pedi and try to calm and clear my mind.  I scroll through destination getaways and dream about being on white sand beaches enjoying the sun.

I watch through my window as the fluffy snow floats down and I am reminded how this tension will soon pass.  I exhale my stress and focus on getting through my lists while keeping myself sane!  Whew!

Forward and onward we go!

Much love y’all wish me luck!!


Welcome Fall… farewell Texas.. for now..

IMG_4277My trip to Texas was the most exciting journey I’ve had to date.  Mainly, because I was united with my “twin” after almost 2 years of correspondence online.  As much negativity and “Catfishing” that goes on these days, I’m proud to know that there are still amazing, generous and life-loving people still around.  The excitement was built up for weeks since I booked my flight and it didn’t stop the entire stay!

IMG_4567The whole trip began at 11pm September 10th.  I made the 2 hour shuttle bus ride to Detroit then proceeded to take a 6am flight to Houston with a quick 20 minute flight to my final destination.  The travel went without any trouble and I managed to try and get a few Z’s during the flights and layovers.  I arrived a little after 9:30am Sept. 11th.  Everyone was helpful and friendly which is what I love the most about visiting the U.S.

After our only day of relaxation.. we managed to nap and had a nice dinner and conversation with my new friends.  The next day was the big Texan BBQ!

IMG_4569Princess Stepford is surrounded with the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met.  With great food, laughs and drinks.. we partied the night away.

The next day, bright and early, the Princess and I hopped into her sweet Jeep and we made our way to Austin, Texas despite the rain, GPS problems, restaurant funnies and good ol’ humour.  I can honestly say I never stopped laughing and smiling the entire time!

IMG_4572We had a gorgeous hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was close distance to everything and since the Princess made good on her driving skills, we had enough time to unwind and take our time getting ready for the fun on 6th Street.

IMG_4574From Esther’s Follies to the Duelling Piano bar, a petty cab ride and meeting interesting people, we took in the night by seeing some sites and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The road trip back was extremely quiet as we were not only exhausted but we were both equally sad that I was going to be leaving.  There were tears shed and big hugs given with a promise that I would be back!

I am a very lucky person to have met and bonded with my beautiful Princess Stepford twin.  It was like we’ve known each other forever and I still find myself giggling silently throughout the day when I think of the fun we shared.  Along with her beautiful lil girl and her fabulous boyfriend, her family and friends, they are all the greatest people a gal like me could ever have the chance of meeting.

I will always have a deep love for Texas and my wonderful new friends.

As the Canadian weather transitions to Fall and I layer my daily attire, I do feel like the summer went out with a bang!  With the children back into their routines of going to school and daily chores I can’t help but think of when I can escape my routine days and be off for my next adventure.

To my Texas peeps… I’ll be back y’all! xoxo 😉


Back To School…and Mommy Boredom

The first day of school for the pterodactyls and they were organized and out the door on time.  I packed their lunches the night before and had them get their outfits ready.  At around 2am I get a text from my 16 year old saying he couldn’t sleep because he was afraid he’d sleep through his alarm.  So, of course I had to reassure him I’d get him up on time.

Around 3am, my 2 year old came wandering into my room due to the lightning and thunder.  Needless to say, I had some trouble falling asleep to his snoring and his kicking me in the face and back all night.  Sigh.

By 8:30am, the house grew quiet and still.  My 2 year old had gone back down for his morning nap and I proceeded to lay in my bed…staring at the ceiling.  Summer is officially over and I was already thinking about all the things I didn’t get to do.  Trying to fight my boredom I proceeded to watch some movies to kill the time and cut the silence of the house.

Despite my summer fading away, I know I have a couple more travel destinations to go to before the snow shows up.  My long awaited Texas trip is booked and arrangements are being made.  I have a ton to do before I leave next week…like buy a new suitcase!  YIKES!

All in all this should be a very busy and full 8 days before I’ll be under the Texan stars.  I’ll fill y’all in as I go through my travel preparations for this exciting journey.

Off to make lunches! 🙂


Cincinnati Trip: Kentucky to Ohio

My latest travel took me to Cincinnati, Ohio through Kentucky. I booked my flights with U.S. Airways and it was the most tooth-pulling experience ever! I took an airport shuttle through the Canadian border to Detroit and my flight wasn’t until 5am. Crossing the border was such a pain as I was the only one on the shuttle. The customs officer searched my bag…thoroughly :-/ … and after a million questions finally sent me on my way.

I arrived a good 4 hours before my flight, so I had time to kill. My flight wasn’t until 5am and the only ones in the building were the maintenance crew. The chairs were uncomfortable but I managed to entertain myself by tweeting and messing around with social media. I also felt the need to adjust my bra at the most inopportune and gave a nice show for the floor cleaner. omg so embarrassing!

Waiting in Detroit

Now, the route of this flight was ridiculous! I had to fly to North Carolina then back to Kentucky, basically a 1-2 hour flight turned into a 4-5 hour flight. I didn’t mind the extra travel if I had more time in North Carolina, but I was boarded right away for Kentucky. Arriving at the airport was a relief! Getting to the baggage claim was a bit of a maze but I enjoyed the adventure.

I booked a hotel room in Cincinnati and what I love about the States is that one can travel from state to state in a heartbeat. In Canada, it feels like forever before you can get out of a province. It cost $2 USD to take a public bus (T.A.N.K.) and it dropped me off about a block away from my hotel. It was a beautiful sunny day when I arrived so that helped a lot since I had been traveling from Canada for over 12 hours! I had a nice breakfast bagel and checked into my hotel.

I stayed at the Garfield Suites Hotel, I booked a 1 bedroom suite and it was HUGE! It was basically a 1 bedroom apartment complete with a walk-in closet and full kitchen converted into a hotel room and I thought it was genius! I truly felt like I had moved into a new apartment..hey a gal can dream lol…The hotel staff were phenomenal, very professional and with excellent customer service. The hotel is centrally located among the attractions and many of the restaurants. I did have a nice room, however there was construction happening in the building across from me, so I had to remind myself about that little detail when getting out from the bathroom after a shower.

Although Cincinnati filled my vacation with some heavy rain, I did have some moments of sunshine where I got a chance to visit the Fountain Square and window shop at the local boutiques that lined the downtown streets. There were cafes and outdoor restaurants that were all within walking distance from my hotel.

 IMG_1355  IMG_1353 IMG_1352  IMG_1350

After 4 days, Cincinnati felt like home..however my adventure was not over..AT ALL!  I will miss this place and the Skyline coneys!!




I tried to get a flight out of Kentucky and with so many hurdles and phone calls back home…I thought I would have been stranded in the airport! My flight back home wasn’t until 10am the next morning, so I had to decide whether to stay at the airport overnight or find some kind of lodging for the night. With the airport wifi and my trusty gadgets I managed to find a very inexpensive hotel that was only about a 5-10 minute distance from the hotel. I booked a room at the Red Roof Inn and they even sent a car to pick me up for a flat fee of $10USD. I was mentally drained when I checked in, but the front staff were so sweet and they made me feel very at ease after a very stressful few hours. The room was clean and comfortable, although the wifi was a bit tricky, it worked and I was able to let everyone know I was safe. I had an ok sleep because my neighbours were so obnoxiously loud with their kids yelling in the hotel room and down the hall…I did manage to wake them up nice and early with my Hip Hop music complete with full volume 🙂

IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1391

This time my flight took me to Chicago then to Detroit which shaved off a good couple hours, however the flights were both delayed and the customer service of U.S. Airways was terrible. The changed the gates where the Detroit plane was flying out from and when I wanted to confirm I stood in front of this huge beastly man for about 5 minutes before he even acknowledged I was there.. In a nutshell, I will NEVER fly with U.S. Airways again!

Here’s my last meal before leaving U.S. soil:

Starbucks frappacino & chipotle chicken sandwich

After another full day of travel, I was exhausted, a little shell shocked and ready to see my babies. They all greeted me with excitement and stories…even my dogs seemed like they had so much to tell me! hahahaha

Despite the mishaps and weather, I must say this was an adventure filled vacation and I have no regrets…

Now…where to travel next…?

SS 😉

Good bye USA!

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