IMG_4277My trip to Texas was the most exciting journey I’ve had to date.  Mainly, because I was united with my “twin” after almost 2 years of correspondence online.  As much negativity and “Catfishing” that goes on these days, I’m proud to know that there are still amazing, generous and life-loving people still around.  The excitement was built up for weeks since I booked my flight and it didn’t stop the entire stay!

IMG_4567The whole trip began at 11pm September 10th.  I made the 2 hour shuttle bus ride to Detroit then proceeded to take a 6am flight to Houston with a quick 20 minute flight to my final destination.  The travel went without any trouble and I managed to try and get a few Z’s during the flights and layovers.  I arrived a little after 9:30am Sept. 11th.  Everyone was helpful and friendly which is what I love the most about visiting the U.S.

After our only day of relaxation.. we managed to nap and had a nice dinner and conversation with my new friends.  The next day was the big Texan BBQ!

IMG_4569Princess Stepford is surrounded with the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met.  With great food, laughs and drinks.. we partied the night away.

The next day, bright and early, the Princess and I hopped into her sweet Jeep and we made our way to Austin, Texas despite the rain, GPS problems, restaurant funnies and good ol’ humour.  I can honestly say I never stopped laughing and smiling the entire time!

IMG_4572We had a gorgeous hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was close distance to everything and since the Princess made good on her driving skills, we had enough time to unwind and take our time getting ready for the fun on 6th Street.

IMG_4574From Esther’s Follies to the Duelling Piano bar, a petty cab ride and meeting interesting people, we took in the night by seeing some sites and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The road trip back was extremely quiet as we were not only exhausted but we were both equally sad that I was going to be leaving.  There were tears shed and big hugs given with a promise that I would be back!

I am a very lucky person to have met and bonded with my beautiful Princess Stepford twin.  It was like we’ve known each other forever and I still find myself giggling silently throughout the day when I think of the fun we shared.  Along with her beautiful lil girl and her fabulous boyfriend, her family and friends, they are all the greatest people a gal like me could ever have the chance of meeting.

I will always have a deep love for Texas and my wonderful new friends.

As the Canadian weather transitions to Fall and I layer my daily attire, I do feel like the summer went out with a bang!  With the children back into their routines of going to school and daily chores I can’t help but think of when I can escape my routine days and be off for my next adventure.

To my Texas peeps… I’ll be back y’all! xoxo 😉


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