Productively Positive

I must say I’m uber proud of myself! Not only have I had so much success with my event planning, but I have been sticking to my schedule by uploading and posting on time with my doll channel. I have an amazingly strong team behind me full of energy and positivity!

My Creative Director has left me gobsmacked with her ideas and proactivity, I feel truly blessed. We had some early bumps in the road with some hits and misses with my team, but we finally have our footing and the right people who are ready for 2019!

It’s an amazing feeling to see my ideas and goals come to fruition. As an entrepreneur I admit I was afraid that my vision was misunderstood. My advice to those preparing to run a business is to hold on to that vision until the right people come into your life. I held on for the right time and boom I’ve had nothing but positive results and I’m now surrounded with strong professionals that are self motivated and love what we do.

In this sea of competition, I believe that many people lose sight of what really matters. When dollars and cents are involved it can clash with the pure love of the art. I’ve seen many people blur the two things and end up in competition with each other. Well, my fellow indie artists, the only challenge you should ever accept is the one with yourself. Art is interpretive some will love your work some will like others’ work don’t let that discourage you! There are billions of people on this earth you will find your “people” you will find your niche.

I find it very sad when I see people envious or jealous. Those are 2 horrible traits to have, let those things go! They serve no purpose but destruction of relationships and contribute to the destruction of your soul. Steer clear of poisonous people and their venom and never second guess yourself. Sometimes the most venom comes in the form of a friend, a coworker and even a family member, you will rise above and you will recover. Trust your instincts, you know, that voice in your head or that knot in your stomach even the warnings of others. I love the saying “listen to what people tell you about themselves because they’re right” not sure if that was Dr. Phil, lol, be aware that you do have a choice to ignore, deny or accept those warnings to be true. I admit to ignoring those warnings in my past and sure enough the outcome was not a good one.

Going into 2019 with a heart full of happiness and a plan is the only way I choose to start this year off right. I hope you all find your footing and wish you a positive and productive new year!


IAC Doll Show

Midsummer days: Settling in and flying out…

August 2015

Midsummer is in full swing and I’m not only feeling the heat but my days have been filled with major changes in my lifestyle choices and a new beginning into a very exciting future!

A couple months ago, I made some serious lifestyle changes which not only included a lot of soul searching, but also required me to move into a new home, furnish it and put my business and travel plans into “full speed”.  In the midst of a tough situation, I managed to find my zen in a beautiful new home complete with everything I could ever hope for, the catch is that I have to furnish the entire thing!  Although, like many, I love to decorate and shop for my home I have to admit after almost 2 months of getting things organized and moved in I am EXHAUSTED!


Not only am I shopping for the house, but with September fast approaching I’ve been spending my last couple days getting the kids ready for their new schools, new clothing and appointments.  Yes..I still use my planner on a daily basis and it has been a lifesaver.

New duvet and cover IMG_1376 IMG_1372

The whole transition into a new life may come with some hiccups, but I take each hiccup with a proverbial drink of positive water and keep on moving towards my goals.  Due to the move, all my traveling plans were put on hold, so it’s time for this girl to pack her travel bag and get some much needed relaxation.



Being on Meerkat ( @AppMeerkat ) has introduced me to some amazing business contacts which have turned into some great friends.  After almost 5 months, I finally get to meet and hang out with some of my favourite people in New York!  My tickets are booked and now all I have to do is get packing!  My travel clothes are lined up and my itinerary has been finalized.  It will be an epic trip! 😀

Much love to all, I hope your summer has been a great one, too!  I’ll update you all soon!

Hanging out on Mom's new chair
Hanging out on Mom’s new chair
My daughter has her back covered! lol
My daughter has her back covered! lol

Let the birthdays begin

I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly feel like I have been insanely busy since the beginning of December!  Today marks my son’s 14th birthday and we just finished a weekend birthday celebration with family.  I’m exhausted, to put it mildly, with getting the kids back to their school routines, keeping track of schedules and trying to organize my own projects, I feel like I’m treading water.  2015 is in full swing with birthday line ups quickly coming up.  I’ll be celebrating at least one birthday every month for the rest of the year.

Birthdays and trips to plan, budgeting and purchasing food seems to be my norm these days.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love celebrating birthdays and such I just feel like I haven’t been able to come up for air.  Being a mom of 6 and having them all under one roof is definitely a balancing act, maintaining relationships with each one as well as with extended family and friends sometimes leaves me completely exhausted.

At times like these I opt to retreat to my studio, listen to some R & B music (Anita Baker and Mary J. Blige 😀 ) give myself a mani/pedi and try to calm and clear my mind.  I scroll through destination getaways and dream about being on white sand beaches enjoying the sun.

I watch through my window as the fluffy snow floats down and I am reminded how this tension will soon pass.  I exhale my stress and focus on getting through my lists while keeping myself sane!  Whew!

Forward and onward we go!

Much love y’all wish me luck!!


Welcome Fall… farewell Texas.. for now..

IMG_4277My trip to Texas was the most exciting journey I’ve had to date.  Mainly, because I was united with my “twin” after almost 2 years of correspondence online.  As much negativity and “Catfishing” that goes on these days, I’m proud to know that there are still amazing, generous and life-loving people still around.  The excitement was built up for weeks since I booked my flight and it didn’t stop the entire stay!

IMG_4567The whole trip began at 11pm September 10th.  I made the 2 hour shuttle bus ride to Detroit then proceeded to take a 6am flight to Houston with a quick 20 minute flight to my final destination.  The travel went without any trouble and I managed to try and get a few Z’s during the flights and layovers.  I arrived a little after 9:30am Sept. 11th.  Everyone was helpful and friendly which is what I love the most about visiting the U.S.

After our only day of relaxation.. we managed to nap and had a nice dinner and conversation with my new friends.  The next day was the big Texan BBQ!

IMG_4569Princess Stepford is surrounded with the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met.  With great food, laughs and drinks.. we partied the night away.

The next day, bright and early, the Princess and I hopped into her sweet Jeep and we made our way to Austin, Texas despite the rain, GPS problems, restaurant funnies and good ol’ humour.  I can honestly say I never stopped laughing and smiling the entire time!

IMG_4572We had a gorgeous hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was close distance to everything and since the Princess made good on her driving skills, we had enough time to unwind and take our time getting ready for the fun on 6th Street.

IMG_4574From Esther’s Follies to the Duelling Piano bar, a petty cab ride and meeting interesting people, we took in the night by seeing some sites and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The road trip back was extremely quiet as we were not only exhausted but we were both equally sad that I was going to be leaving.  There were tears shed and big hugs given with a promise that I would be back!

I am a very lucky person to have met and bonded with my beautiful Princess Stepford twin.  It was like we’ve known each other forever and I still find myself giggling silently throughout the day when I think of the fun we shared.  Along with her beautiful lil girl and her fabulous boyfriend, her family and friends, they are all the greatest people a gal like me could ever have the chance of meeting.

I will always have a deep love for Texas and my wonderful new friends.

As the Canadian weather transitions to Fall and I layer my daily attire, I do feel like the summer went out with a bang!  With the children back into their routines of going to school and daily chores I can’t help but think of when I can escape my routine days and be off for my next adventure.

To my Texas peeps… I’ll be back y’all! xoxo 😉


Compact Studio and Platform Shoes

I had a productive day and I’m exhausted. The appointment was tedious, but necessary and I was glad to be out as fast as I could. I was finishing up some final prep work for the show tomorrow. It’s officially my birthday and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I have a workload I can handle and I love what I do.

I bought a new microphone and so far I’m really impressed! The first test I did, I had the window down in the car as I recorded some ramblings and it caught every word, crisp and clear.

My studio set up is so easy and it’s portable. I will be able to bring everything I need in a tote sized bag. Now that I’ve pinpointed a date, city, and what we are going to do, the Texas trip is going forward. I can’t wait to let loose and have some fun.

I’m going to sink into my blanket, watch the seasons of Three’s Company until I pass out and dream of what bellbottoms look best with my platform shoes. 😉

Sweet dreams


Whew! Finally!


I finally got my phone upgraded and after numerous errors on my account with the cellphone company, I have a huge credit on my account and a new iPhone 5s. Now, I had to work for this important piece of gadgetry, it took almost a full week! Lesson learned: Always go to the bigger store locations, in my case the mall, customer service matters!

iPhone 5s

With new phone in hand with less than 10% charge :-/ I did do a bit of shopping…yes, I stopped at MAC… I only bought 3 things this time, so I did demonstrate some kind of restraint, although I DID only intend on buying 1 thing heehee I bought more Pro Longwear Concealer, a lip pencil in “Hip ‘n’ Happy” and an Amplified lipstick in “Chatterbox”. Just the names alone make me laugh because, well it kind of describes how I’ve been feeling lately.


After my spa retreat, I had a lot of time to just not think and completely relax. I also decided to try some of the AVEDA products they were selling there, I loved the natural scents in that spa. I’ve seen these spas around for many years, but as goes life, some things are just more important at the time. I bought two kinds of skin care kits, one is “enbrightenment” the other is “tourmaline charged”. Every year during the weather change, my skin decides to be a pain in the ass, so I’m trying to be more proactive this year. This ol’ gal isn’t getting any younger… these were some pricey products so I’m going to do a full review on them and let you know how it goes.


Overall, it’s been a great week…yes I’m knocking on everything made of wood! 😉

Refreshed and Renewed!

I just returned from my spa retreat weekend. It was a century mansion that was eventually turned into an Inn, now it has a spa. The quality of the food was amazing and although there was still snow on the ground, I walked the gravel trails and watched some wildlife around the property.  At one point a flock of geese came right above my head squawking and it scared the crap out of me, but I survived!  That was a very close call though.  I ended the weekend with an hour long massage and it helped me relax, rejuvenate and it gave me a calmer outlook on what is up and coming.

I will be going back to my phone store for the third time for my iPhone upgrade.  Every time I go there, they have to call to their offices, as it turns out nothing gets processed during the weekend so there is all this red tape and plan changes they keep putting on and of course, that will be one of the first things I’ll have to deal with.  I’m excited to start booking some flights and activities for my Texas trip at the end of the month.  I can’t wait to get on the road again, I’ve got that travel bug, again!

I did miss my babies terribly, that’s probably the hardest thing about coming home.  I didn’t realize how much I missed my kids until I was surrounded with their hugs.  I couldn’t stop kissing my 1½ year old. I missed my new pup too, but I was happy to see that his anxiety levels are not as bad as when he first started living with me. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

Here are some pics of some of the decorations and architecture of this mansion, simply stunning!

Mansion Retreat



Adventure day tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a BIG day for me. I will be up early (yuck), for a road trip to look at my potential service dog. I’m praying that we will be a good fit. I did some dog supply shopping and picked up some active wear. I want to get back into shape and get back into the show ring, but this time, for dog obedience training. I haven’t told the children yet, but I know they will be more than ecstatic when they meet him. I have been taking some video to document my dog training journey and I will be uploading it and some pictures soon.

Now that Spring is here I decided to get prepared for an upcoming charity walk. I’ll go more into details about that at a later time as it is one of my projects I’ve been working on lately, but by adding a companion to my exercise routine will be something to look forward to and something I love to do. Going to get to bed early tonight…shocking..I know, but it’s worth it.

I couldn’t ask for a better day! 🙂

Will update soon!

Shopping and great finds!

Today was a great shopping day! I finally found a leather tote to replace the wrecked one I had to urgently purchase from Walmart and this awesome Steve Madden purse for half the price at Winners, I found this Lux Beauty wet/dry brush I want to try out.

Shopping at Winners

I also found these cute clothes for my tiny pterodactyl, some track suits a hoodie and some Polo onesies. I can’t wait to put him in these clothes.


I spent the rest of the time trying to find specific clothing requests for the older boys and a spring jacket, but didn’t find anything so I guess that’s going to be added to tomorrow’s To Do List. I had hoped I could bring my camera home all repaired, but nope…Canon claimed nothing was wrong but the salesman and I tried recording video tests and it still had that stupid clicking noise. I decided to upgrade my camera to another model, but that won’t be received until Tuesday, so that will give me more time to prepare some of my video projects. Damn this camera store is going to love taking my money, but what’s a Gadget Gal without new gadgets…right?


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