I finally got my phone upgraded and after numerous errors on my account with the cellphone company, I have a huge credit on my account and a new iPhone 5s. Now, I had to work for this important piece of gadgetry, it took almost a full week! Lesson learned: Always go to the bigger store locations, in my case the mall, customer service matters!

iPhone 5s

With new phone in hand with less than 10% charge :-/ I did do a bit of shopping…yes, I stopped at MAC… I only bought 3 things this time, so I did demonstrate some kind of restraint, although I DID only intend on buying 1 thing heehee I bought more Pro Longwear Concealer, a lip pencil in “Hip ‘n’ Happy” and an Amplified lipstick in “Chatterbox”. Just the names alone make me laugh because, well it kind of describes how I’ve been feeling lately.


After my spa retreat, I had a lot of time to just not think and completely relax. I also decided to try some of the AVEDA products they were selling there, I loved the natural scents in that spa. I’ve seen these spas around for many years, but as goes life, some things are just more important at the time. I bought two kinds of skin care kits, one is “enbrightenment” the other is “tourmaline charged”. Every year during the weather change, my skin decides to be a pain in the ass, so I’m trying to be more proactive this year. This ol’ gal isn’t getting any younger… these were some pricey products so I’m going to do a full review on them and let you know how it goes.


Overall, it’s been a great week…yes I’m knocking on everything made of wood! 😉

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