Today was a great shopping day! I finally found a leather tote to replace the wrecked one I had to urgently purchase from Walmart and this awesome Steve Madden purse for half the price at Winners, I found this Lux Beauty wet/dry brush I want to try out.

Shopping at Winners

I also found these cute clothes for my tiny pterodactyl, some track suits a hoodie and some Polo onesies. I can’t wait to put him in these clothes.


I spent the rest of the time trying to find specific clothing requests for the older boys and a spring jacket, but didn’t find anything so I guess that’s going to be added to tomorrow’s To Do List. I had hoped I could bring my camera home all repaired, but nope…Canon claimed nothing was wrong but the salesman and I tried recording video tests and it still had that stupid clicking noise. I decided to upgrade my camera to another model, but that won’t be received until Tuesday, so that will give me more time to prepare some of my video projects. Damn this camera store is going to love taking my money, but what’s a Gadget Gal without new gadgets…right?


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