I’ve finally gotten things figured out so it looks like the end of April I will be united with my beautiful radio cohost! This has been a very anticipated trip and with the weather being so ridiculous, I figured I’d travel during the Spring instead of fighting with all these layers of winter wear. When I woke up today, I thought this gloomy weather had doomed me to another day of warm woolie socks, a tea and a bunch of girly movies…BUT it was surprising.

I received my Sephora order, I decided to replace my Naked 2 eyeshadow palette that I lost during my Chicago trip. I was agonizing about it for weeks! Yes, it was worth the wait! I feel like my makeup desk is complete…again! THEN, I was given a huge bag of free energy saving lightbulbs (long story, lol)…oh wait it got even better… when I got a nice cheque in the mail, too!

I like these little surprises! Bring it on universe, I still have tons on my list!

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