A Little Retro

*CLICK FOR VIDEO* Make it with Me! A Retro Apron Story

Summer is slowly starting to say its final goodbyes. I still have the windows open and it’s almost October! It’s inevitable the snow is on its way and I will soon have to do my traditional “hibernation”.

Last week, I had a lovely meeting with my colleague and was feeling so good about it I literally got inspired. If you’re anything like me, you will know that fabric stores, crafts, handmade artwork are my weaknesses. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and more recently felting have been great outlets for me to express myself. So, after my meeting I popped over to Fabricland and I wandered throughout the store touching fabric and looking in all the tiny corners for hidden gems. As you are aware, I am an art doll maker so of course my whole intention was to possibly sew a baby quilt or something. Then I found this amazing fabric and I knew exactly what I had to do with it.

I found it on the bottom shelf tucked in behind some other unrelated fabric. Not only is this my favourite I Love Lucy episode, the colours are gorgeous retro shades. I immediately thought about making an apron for my doll painting and other crafts. I gathered my focal fabric and some cute complimentary and contrast fabrics to give it a modern day/vintage look.

I found this chocolate brown fabric with delicate fine lines and flowers for the main apron, a dusty rose and white polka dotted fabric to compliment the main colour, then I added 1 full panel pocket and 2 smaller pockets on the front. I made sure I had room to carry my cellphone, pens, scissors and other notions.

I made my own pattern by copying the shape of my rooting apron. I started with the centre pocket with the base of 4 blocks of the focal fabric measuring 14 x 14 inches. I cut out 2 blocks of the focal fabric and put them over the bottom 2 blocks of the square piece. I finished the top edges of the pockets with white bias tape, I stitched between the 2 blocks to separate them into 2 smaller pockets. After cutting out the shape of the apron I attached the middle pockets. I kept the pocket looking like it was thrown together for that vintage homemade feel. For the straps, I took the dusty rose and white polka dot fabric and cut 4 x 3 inch strips, folded and sewed them right sides together lengthwise, turned the 4 pieces inside out, pressed and attached 2 pieces at the top of the apron for the neck tie and 2 pieces on either side of the waist of the apron. I also made the straps longer so I could wrap them around my waist and tie a bow at the front under the pocket. I finished all the edges around the apron, pressed the seams and taa daa! A fresh apron ready to get dirty!

I may do a video tutorial in the future for those that are interested in this quick little project. More sewing projects coming up soon!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!


Over already?!

It's the Civic Holiday weekend and it feels like the summer months passed by so fast! I blame most of this on the weirdest weather I've seen in years! It would rain so hard it sounded like hail against my windows, thunderstorms at least once a week followed by extreme heat where I could hardly breathe. Although, I'd rather have this weather than the upcoming winter months.

The back-to-school supplies and clothing are in all the stores, I can almost hear my bank account cry for my school shopping days that are just around the corner. It will be an emotional school year for me as my last little pterodactyl will be leaving the nest to go to school. So far, he knows his numbers up to 10 and backwards, but he refuses to sing the alphabet song lol. Thanks to the iPad he does know what the letters are, but he just doesn't like the song. I'm guessing that he thinks the song is dumb, he rolls his eyes every time I ask him to sing it.

Lately, my days are filled with doll orders and event planning. It's a truly exciting time for me. I have found what I love in all aspects of my life from the kids, social life and now my artistry. They often say that when your personal life is good everything else around is chaos. I am living proof that the saying is NOT true. We all need to find the balance in our own lives or things get harder and harder to do. It's like the universe makes some things in our lives difficult in order to accept something better in our lives. "Out with the old, in with the new" has a deeper meaning than we think. This whole year has unraveled many important life choices for me. My family relationships have been stronger now than ever, financial security is finally here, reuniting with my childhood best friend, maintaining deeper relationships with my friends from all over my online world and forming new amazing friendships who have cleared my mind and settled my soul.

Yes, you can have it all, yes abundance is attainable. If you want these things, you have to release everything that you know is holding you back. It will seem so difficult to let go, but it will be worth it and those difficult moments you are experiencing right now, will be in your distant past. Right when you're about to give up hope is when you have to gather up as much strength as you have to get through the rough moments. You will see your end goals, not when YOU want to see it, but when you're ready to accept it.


Are you sure it’s winter??


It’s midwinter and it’s unusually mild weather outside.  Similar to a damp Spring day it has all us Canadians weather confused which leads to questioning everything from or clothing to what drink we want to start off our days.  I spent most of the day putting laundry away, fixing beds, answering emails and setting my schedule for a busy upcoming weekend when the 12 Days of Christmas begins.

I must say I’ve had a very productive last week which allowed me to debut my new radio show successfully.  I co-hosted my new show, Stils On The Grills, with Bishop Moonshine who was not only great to chat with but is extraordinarily funny.  I’ve decided to do more than one show a week so I’m currently working on those.  I felt so great being back on the mic, it felt a lot like coming home after such a long hiatus and completely changing my creative plans.  I’m so excited about all the upcoming plans for all my various medias.  I will also be uploading some new videos very soon so don’t forget to keep checking in with me for details!

It may be a very warm and strange winter so far, but Christmas is definitely in the air and I am so excited to get some Christmas crafts, baking and shopping done over the next couple of weeks!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far 🙂 much love to you all!


Click here for Stils On The Grills Episode 1

Lil Man’s Operation


Nothing can humble a parent more than when they require an operation.  Although it was considered “minor” the powerless feeling was so overwhelming when they wheeled him out of the room in a steel crib that resembled an animal cage.

The newest hospital improvement is now a random number attached to the patient’s name.  The waiting room has a huge monitor to watch and track the patient’s whereabouts.  It’s a lot like the airport monitors where one searches through to look for their flight number.  He stared at me with his great big eyes and it took everything I had to not breakdown and cry.

The whole hospital visit took about 5 hours.

It took about 3 days for the pain to finally subside and his appetite has finally come back.  I’ve been awake on 24hour on-call nurse duties so, I’m happy that he’s back to his   sleep schedule.

Now that my son is healing, I’ve  been able to film and edit so you will be seeing much more of the video projects I’ve been working on as well as my radio show shenanigans.

Click the links to see my recent and previous videos:

StilettoSupermom Channel
#WhatIsLifeVlogs S1V1: Operation Day

Much love to you all and thanks again for all your support during my son’s hospital stay.   Take care! 🙂


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A frustrating week… can’t wait for the weekend!



Beginning this past Monday, my trip to get my Philippine passport once again was put on hold, fortunately, I did manage to get all the papers in and will be picking up my passport officially in May… MAY 2015!  Ugh I was extra frustrated when I read the May pickup date, but hey, you can’t beat their processing game so I have to just live with it.  I do have to pick up some legal documents next Monday, however I’ll just leave that event for now and try and get through this week.

As soon as I got home on Monday evening, I had to go to the hospital with my son because he had to get some minor surgery on his foot.  It was yet another uphill battle, surrounded with sickly adults and coughing babies… it was enough to make my head spin!  The doctors were excellent and it went well.  He has to recover at home, obviously, and I gained yet another “job” of being his nurse… UNfortunately for him, I have a terrible bedside manner and I did happen to yell at him for moving when I was trying to change his gauze today.  It happens…


I have a full week of appointments so this just is not my favourite week.  This weekend looks way better and I’m looking forward to my upcoming radio show on Saturday evening (Stiletto Says Episode 3  http://tobtr.com/s/7405951)  It will be a huge relief after this week is finally over.

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am!  Much love to you all and KEEP SMILING! 😉


Life with Supermom: A $17 Burger Trip

Once again, I hit the road on another major errand.

Along with my driver, my brother lol, and my son in the back we travel to Toronto where I have to obtain my Philippine Citizenship.  When my parents arrived here from The Philippines they had my brother and I before they were officially Canadian Citizens, therefore by default, my brother and I are Philippine citizens as our birthright.

We inherited land and I have to show that I am truly a citizen.  (It is illegal to own land in the Philippines if you are not a citizen) I had to got to the Philippine Consulate in Toronto to do this.  My brother and I made this trip 2 times before and since this was our 3rd trip to the Consulate I had triple checked that I had everything I needed.   Our birthright situation is a very uncommon one and there were 2 separate applications I was required to fill out plus a lot of documentation I needed to have sent to me in order for my to complete the process.  Luckily, the nightmare is over and I can rest easy.  I will have to go back to Toronto in a few days to get my official passport, but I know that this time, I will be much more excited!

Here’s a few moments of my trip with my brother from my craziness to some highway rest stop food.  He’s my big brother and my first best friend who has put up with me since I was born.. poor guy… but, we always have a great time hanging out, laughing and chatting.

Enjoy and have a great week!  🙂

Much love,


Life with Supermom: An Appointment Story

I dutifully took my son to his follow-up bone specialist appointment.  He broke his collarbone a month ago and I had to come back to X-ray his clavicle.  My appointment was at 10:25am and I didn’t get home until 1:30pm!

I showed up at my appointment time, “checked-in”, waited for them to call my number, which was 2 hours.  We had the X-ray done, although my little man screamed the whole time because he was scared of the X-ray machine.  We had to wait another hour to see the doctor.  When we finally saw someone, they showed me his X-ray results and it looked like it was healing properly.  It took about 5 minutes for her to tell me what was happening and that they didn’t need to see him again unless he was complaining about pain.

Before we actually saw the doctor, my lil pterodactyl decides to poop.  Lucky for me, there was a washroom nearby, UNLUCKY for me they didn’t have a change table in it.  So, I grabbed a chair and took it into the bathroom and tried to maneuver my awkward diaper change chair.  The diaper was changed successfully and a lady after me thanked me because she needed to change her baby, too.  All in all it worked out for my fellow Momma and me.

Now my beef is that the wait was ridiculous!  The huge waiting room was packed full of people, which I suspect they had double booked us all.  Keeping my 2 year old entertained with my iPad mini was a challenge because all he wanted to do was walk around.

It wasn’t one of my favourite times in my life, but I’m happy to be finished with those appointments.  Whew!

Much love to all! 🙂


I’m making progress!


Working from home has a lot of ups and downs, but my one gripe is not having enough time to accomplish major projects uninterrupted.  Between errand running, grocery shopping and dental appointments..sometimes I feel like I hardly have time to breathe.  Now that I have ironed out some major, inevitable, changes; I can move forward with all the fun stuff.

I’ve made some recent purchases that arrived on time to complete some upcoming videos and audios.  There’s a lot of writing and background work going on now, but I will soon be at the point where I need to be so I can share it with all my amazing peeps.

From now until the 2015, will be nothing but progress… and I can’t wait!

Much love to you all!


Welcome Fall… farewell Texas.. for now..

IMG_4277My trip to Texas was the most exciting journey I’ve had to date.  Mainly, because I was united with my “twin” after almost 2 years of correspondence online.  As much negativity and “Catfishing” that goes on these days, I’m proud to know that there are still amazing, generous and life-loving people still around.  The excitement was built up for weeks since I booked my flight and it didn’t stop the entire stay!

IMG_4567The whole trip began at 11pm September 10th.  I made the 2 hour shuttle bus ride to Detroit then proceeded to take a 6am flight to Houston with a quick 20 minute flight to my final destination.  The travel went without any trouble and I managed to try and get a few Z’s during the flights and layovers.  I arrived a little after 9:30am Sept. 11th.  Everyone was helpful and friendly which is what I love the most about visiting the U.S.

After our only day of relaxation.. we managed to nap and had a nice dinner and conversation with my new friends.  The next day was the big Texan BBQ!

IMG_4569Princess Stepford is surrounded with the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met.  With great food, laughs and drinks.. we partied the night away.

The next day, bright and early, the Princess and I hopped into her sweet Jeep and we made our way to Austin, Texas despite the rain, GPS problems, restaurant funnies and good ol’ humour.  I can honestly say I never stopped laughing and smiling the entire time!

IMG_4572We had a gorgeous hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was close distance to everything and since the Princess made good on her driving skills, we had enough time to unwind and take our time getting ready for the fun on 6th Street.

IMG_4574From Esther’s Follies to the Duelling Piano bar, a petty cab ride and meeting interesting people, we took in the night by seeing some sites and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The road trip back was extremely quiet as we were not only exhausted but we were both equally sad that I was going to be leaving.  There were tears shed and big hugs given with a promise that I would be back!

I am a very lucky person to have met and bonded with my beautiful Princess Stepford twin.  It was like we’ve known each other forever and I still find myself giggling silently throughout the day when I think of the fun we shared.  Along with her beautiful lil girl and her fabulous boyfriend, her family and friends, they are all the greatest people a gal like me could ever have the chance of meeting.

I will always have a deep love for Texas and my wonderful new friends.

As the Canadian weather transitions to Fall and I layer my daily attire, I do feel like the summer went out with a bang!  With the children back into their routines of going to school and daily chores I can’t help but think of when I can escape my routine days and be off for my next adventure.

To my Texas peeps… I’ll be back y’all! xoxo 😉


The Test

When you are away and
I feel all alone

I carry you with me
Where ever I go

I’ll wait for you
Through all sleepless nights

The sadness hidden
and emptiness I fight

You’re out of my hands and
Far from my grasp

I cling to the moments
We shared in our past

Until we unite and
We finally embrace

I’ll keep living life
With a smile on my face

There is no guarantee and
My trust issue is tested

I think of your promise
My heart is invested

I don’t have to wonder
What my future will be

I just drift off to dream and
It’s you who I see