Beginning this past Monday, my trip to get my Philippine passport once again was put on hold, fortunately, I did manage to get all the papers in and will be picking up my passport officially in May… MAY 2015!  Ugh I was extra frustrated when I read the May pickup date, but hey, you can’t beat their processing game so I have to just live with it.  I do have to pick up some legal documents next Monday, however I’ll just leave that event for now and try and get through this week.

As soon as I got home on Monday evening, I had to go to the hospital with my son because he had to get some minor surgery on his foot.  It was yet another uphill battle, surrounded with sickly adults and coughing babies… it was enough to make my head spin!  The doctors were excellent and it went well.  He has to recover at home, obviously, and I gained yet another “job” of being his nurse… UNfortunately for him, I have a terrible bedside manner and I did happen to yell at him for moving when I was trying to change his gauze today.  It happens…


I have a full week of appointments so this just is not my favourite week.  This weekend looks way better and I’m looking forward to my upcoming radio show on Saturday evening (Stiletto Says Episode 3  It will be a huge relief after this week is finally over.

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am!  Much love to you all and KEEP SMILING! 😉


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