The first day of school for the pterodactyls and they were organized and out the door on time.  I packed their lunches the night before and had them get their outfits ready.  At around 2am I get a text from my 16 year old saying he couldn’t sleep because he was afraid he’d sleep through his alarm.  So, of course I had to reassure him I’d get him up on time.

Around 3am, my 2 year old came wandering into my room due to the lightning and thunder.  Needless to say, I had some trouble falling asleep to his snoring and his kicking me in the face and back all night.  Sigh.

By 8:30am, the house grew quiet and still.  My 2 year old had gone back down for his morning nap and I proceeded to lay in my bed…staring at the ceiling.  Summer is officially over and I was already thinking about all the things I didn’t get to do.  Trying to fight my boredom I proceeded to watch some movies to kill the time and cut the silence of the house.

Despite my summer fading away, I know I have a couple more travel destinations to go to before the snow shows up.  My long awaited Texas trip is booked and arrangements are being made.  I have a ton to do before I leave next week…like buy a new suitcase!  YIKES!

All in all this should be a very busy and full 8 days before I’ll be under the Texan stars.  I’ll fill y’all in as I go through my travel preparations for this exciting journey.

Off to make lunches! 🙂


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