My chai is iced
My frap is slushed
My cookie is huge
I’m in a rush

My dog’s going blind
He bumps into walls
He still runs the show
When it comes to bone brawls

It’s a quiet morning
Except for the crickets
Chirping morning, noon, nite
Just to get dem digits

The house is still calm
No movements around
I sip my drink smiling
At the lack of all sounds

My trusty pup by my side
With paper and pen
I write about life and
All the places I went

My final chapter
Looks pretty sweet
I’ll meet beautiful people
During all my retreats

I’ll find my freedom
In the big fluffy clouds
No one to tell me
What is not allowed

My last hurrah will bring
Happy tears to my eyes
I’ll be at ease and
In comfort, I’ll smile

I’ll look back on my triumphs
Feeling joyous and pleased
My life’s work will be done
Then forever I’ll sleep

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