It’s Time

You have to go forward and claim your space

Yes you are worthy, so go take your place.

Keep your eyes forward and rebuild your heart

You need to grow, it’s time to restart

You are important to those that you know

You own your space so go, my friend, go.

The Gamble

Know that it is possible to see both present and future

Acknowledge your perception and feel what is meant to be

The present is here for a moment it will hurt you but that’s what it takes 

Leave it behind and never look back move forward despite what’s at stake 

Dusty Coins

I’ve paved my path with gold, but the path lead to deception,
I filled my heart with love, but my heart ended up breaking,
I built my castle with all I had, but it crumbled under my tears,
I pressed on with all my hope, but I’m tired after all these years,
Like a vine on a trellis I’ll keep climbing even when things look bleak,
Like a dusty coin I’ll keep shining and one day I’ll find my peace.

A Quiet Plea

You are worth more than I diamond ring
You are my blessing as well as my sin
Please protect my heart and my mind
These are the rarest of all tender finds
When things are foggy and simply unclear
Please be my light and shoo all my fears
The happiness I see when I look in your eyes
I see that it’s you… You are my prize


Who would have thought that you’d ever exist
You looked at me once and fulfilled my wish
You did not judge and you made me smile
I haven’t felt like that in awhile

The only request that you had of me
Was to give you my heart openly
It feels like I’m walking the clouds of my dreams
When everything may not be what it seems

You came to me with truth in all that you do
But all that I really wanted is you

A Captured Mind

It happens so fast
You cannot help who you love
It may have been one
Or all those above

Something so strong
It could tear out your heart
It cuts through you like butter
And you fall apart

Beyond the strings
Of distance and time
You’re drawn like a magnet
They’ve captured your mind

You wear your armour
Made of your smiles
The attraction you feel
Is more than just “mild”

You long to hold them
And be by their side
They’re just out of your reach
So your emotions you hide


I’ll retreat into my slumber
While thoughts run through my mind
Some things I’m bound to forget
Some things I’ll leave behind

The darkness destroys all light
As the quiet loudly grows
My eyes and ears deceive me
Making life a glorious show

Looking forward may be a mystery
Causing me to stop and wonder
Many things still go unanswered
So I’ll retreat into my slumber

Halloween around the corner!

I’m sure we are all surrounded by the aromas of pumpkin spice, the smells of new plastic from the Halloween wigs and the sounds of spooky cackling throughout the stores and malls.  Halloween is less than a week away and there is so much preparation that needs to be done.

I will be hosting a children’s party this Halloween, my 2 nephews will be sleeping over for the first time so in total I will have 7 boys in my house!  Aaahh!  I have a dinner menu in mind complete with baked decorated treats and I also have some games lined up.

I still haven’t decided what I will be dressing up as, but I have a couple ideas I’m working on.

We opened our new radio show, Talk Loud Radio, last night and it really got me in the mood for Halloween.  It was a great show and we had a lot of fun!  Working a show isn’t the easiest with a lot of preparation behind the scenes, glitches when one goes live, etc.  but if you have a great cohost, you can really enjoy being creative and expressive.

Halloween Special Show:
Hope you are all enjoying this Fall season so far! 🙂


When my work is done

My chai is iced
My frap is slushed
My cookie is huge
I’m in a rush

My dog’s going blind
He bumps into walls
He still runs the show
When it comes to bone brawls

It’s a quiet morning
Except for the crickets
Chirping morning, noon, nite
Just to get dem digits

The house is still calm
No movements around
I sip my drink smiling
At the lack of all sounds

My trusty pup by my side
With paper and pen
I write about life and
All the places I went

My final chapter
Looks pretty sweet
I’ll meet beautiful people
During all my retreats

I’ll find my freedom
In the big fluffy clouds
No one to tell me
What is not allowed

My last hurrah will bring
Happy tears to my eyes
I’ll be at ease and
In comfort, I’ll smile

I’ll look back on my triumphs
Feeling joyous and pleased
My life’s work will be done
Then forever I’ll sleep

Canada Day…and a failed video

Well, I hope everyone had a great Canada Day…  I had wanted to post a video regarding my Canada… however, it was a complete fail!  Sigh.. well I guess I’ll have to think of something else…  but in the meantime these are the 10 things I love about Canada:

1)  Healthcare – it’s paid with our taxes and being born here I’ve never had to worry about paying for my doctor visits nor hospital stays

2) Education and Social Programs – paid schooling from JK to Highschool, I love that our education is provided for and our social programs help people in need

3) We invented Basketball and Hockey – two of my favourite sports

4) Varying climates from West to East coast beaches to the ice, mountains and flatlands.. I plan to see it all! 🙂

5) Being known for our slang:  Eh, F*ckn A, oout and aboout… I love it

6) Colourful money – I like to keep things simple and colour coded…the $1 Loonie and the $2 Toonie coins are pretty cool!

7) We played a huge part of the Underground Railroad – I’m proud of Canada’s involvement with helping the slaves gain their freedom

8) Our legal drinking age is 19 years old, aside from Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec whose legal drinking age begins at 18 years old.

9) Poutine – a blend of fresh home fries with cheese curds melted with steaming hot gravy… YUM

10) Our license plate slogans – all describe the “personality” or “culture” of our provinces

With the license plate slogans in mind, I made this little dedication to my country, I hope you enjoy it:

I am Beautiful, among Wild Rose Country and under the Land of Living Skies.  I am Friendly and Yours to Discover because Je me souviens means I will remember that you stopped by.  I reach Canada’s Green Province and swim in Canada’s Ocean Playground.  I Explore Canada’s Arctic venturing through The Klondike; with Newfoundland and Labrador; New Brunswick on to Nunavut…my description remains clear…I say it loud for all to hear because…


Much love to you all!  Until next time…


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