I’m sure we are all surrounded by the aromas of pumpkin spice, the smells of new plastic from the Halloween wigs and the sounds of spooky cackling throughout the stores and malls.  Halloween is less than a week away and there is so much preparation that needs to be done.

I will be hosting a children’s party this Halloween, my 2 nephews will be sleeping over for the first time so in total I will have 7 boys in my house!  Aaahh!  I have a dinner menu in mind complete with baked decorated treats and I also have some games lined up.

I still haven’t decided what I will be dressing up as, but I have a couple ideas I’m working on.

We opened our new radio show, Talk Loud Radio, last night and it really got me in the mood for Halloween.  It was a great show and we had a lot of fun!  Working a show isn’t the easiest with a lot of preparation behind the scenes, glitches when one goes live, etc.  but if you have a great cohost, you can really enjoy being creative and expressive.

Halloween Special Show:
Hope you are all enjoying this Fall season so far! 🙂


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