One would think when they receive a “Heatwave Warning” the most logical thing to do would be to stay indoors or go somewhere where it is nice and cool… Well, clearly I didn’t follow the warnings and I accepted my consequences of constant perspiration and feeling so overwhelmed with all the errands I had to accomplish.

The morning started off trouble free, despite the teens sleeping in.  My friend and I partnered up again to attack the neighbourhood Freshco.  Sigh…  We picked up our much needed groceries, dropped them off at home then headed out for a dessert waffle at William’s.  If you have a chance, definitely try this dessert, it’s a freshly made waffle with ice cream and whipped cream.  YUM!

Well, I came back home and had to quickly start dinner.  While in the middle of cooking; I noticed that my kitchen sink was clogged…  Ugh my first though was “Why can’t these boys keep the drain plug in?!”  The dishes weren’t done, there were no clean utensils, etc.. It was a complete nightmare.

On a great note, the curling wand “adventure” was a successful one.  I walked away burn free and with a head of curls that stayed in my hair despite the hot ass weather.  I was perspiring all day and well into the evening because I had an urge to bleach down my entire kitchen!

Now that the house is nice and quiet, I can get my projects done and then I can finally relax.

It was a day….a definite day… whew!


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