Although in many parts of Canada they are calling for more snow, I’m lucky enough to live in the southern part of Canada.  The weather people still claim there’s another round of snow heading my way and in some parts of the Mid-West U.S. they have received some more of the white stuff.  Since it’s too cold to go outside just yet, I made it through the kids’ March Break.  I can’t even front that it was a breeze!  The first couple of days was calm but towards the end of the week the kids were driving me bananas!  Luckily, a new and larger Dollarama store opened up close to my grocery store so I had a chance to wander through the aisles about 45 minutes before closing.  I stopped by the craft area and picked up a large package of pipe cleaners, pom-poms and google eyes.  I grabbed a couple bottles of glue and headed home.  My 6yr old is very high energy and with the older kids on the playstation, I took him aside and helped make him some pipe cleaner caterpillars and pom-pom birds.



IMG_1142My tablecloth was riddled with dried glue, but my kids all enjoyed making all kinds of critters, so into the wash it goes!

I recently introduced “A Different World” to my Netflix roster.  I was so happy when Netflix released it.  That show represented the 90s fashion and subjects dealing with growing up that you don’t see so much these days.  With all the reality shows showing so much disfunction and not enough solution, I was relieved that my older kids got to watch these episodes with me.  Surprisingly, watching the shows and learning about their characters created a lot of conversation and discussions.  Life challenges, especially in the show, aren’t all paved with fancy rainbow colours, there were some actual topics that provoked adult thought and dilemmas.  If not just for the nostalgia, I highly recommend watching the seasons of A Different World, the humour is fun and for once I can actually sit down and watch a show that isn’t as heavy as most of the tv shows these days.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Much love



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