What I love about social media is that I find people and companies that are very interesting, but in this instance Zavida found me!

As an avid coffee drinker, I looked through their website and found that their company is located right in my province of Ontario; they’re company story began in 1980.  I looked through all their different coffees on the site and I contacted them to find out if their products were sold in a store nearby.

They responded right away and through email correspondence they directed me to Costco where I found their Hazelnut Vanilla blend as well as their Organic blend.  I chose the Hazelnut Vanilla (my fave flavour)…

whole bean


The beans are very fresh and look beautiful!

Ground Zavida


As my machine brewed the coffee it filled my house with the wonderful Hazelnut Vanilla scent, even my children asked if I was baking! lol

The coffee is even better than I thought!  It held its aroma with the taste to match!

If you are looking for a GREAT coffee, check out their website and don’t be afraid to contact them.  Please also note that they are environmentally friendly and have all the varieties of products from Decaf to MiniSyrups.  Happy sipping everyone! 🙂


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