On the train to somewhere…

He takes a sip from his whiskey glass and she can see that he is troubled.  The things he’s seen the things he did, her heart grows heavy for his state of mind yet her eyes soften as they outline the curves of his jaw.  She smiles and admires his green eyes when he blinks.  Flecks of blonde kiss the tips of his lashes.  She sighs with sorrow for him, rubbing his back she kisses his cheek.  He grabs her knee tightly and presses his head to her shoulder.  Her long hair brushes the back of his neck.  They don’t speak.

He begins to grip her knee, she feels his internal pain as she watches his fingertips slowly turn pale, although his strong hand hurts her, she doesn’t care because all she wants is to be there for him.  She gently places her warm hand on his and at her very touch, he closes his eyes and exhales.  He loosens his grip and he straightens up… as the man fills his glass with more whiskey.

He smiles at her although she can still sense he is troubled, he takes a gulp of his drink.  He feels the need to let her into his world, so he points to the window as they pass landmarks and he explains the history of his land.  She watches him talk, with his strong and confident voice, she lights up every time his eyes meet hers.  She holds his hand in hers feeling comfort in his presence and presses her breasts onto his arm.  He looks down at her chest, then takes another swig of his drink sucking his teeth as the whiskey goes down.  She feels that he is watching and she smiles because she loves it, she feels wanted, desired and warm.

She runs her fingers through her hair and he catches a glimpse of her neck, he licks his lips with desire.  She looks up at him and melts in the warmth of his eyes.  He presses his fingers onto her warm inner thigh and she agreeably lifts up her skirt a little.  They can feel the passengers watching and hear whispers of their displeasure, but they dismiss their disapproval and the world melts away as they look deeply into each other.  Her heart beats faster and she starts to grow flushed.  He wraps her hair around her ear and whispers, “Let’s go.”

Without hesitation she holds his hand tightly and follows his lead scrambling to keep up with his pace as they pass each corridor. When they reach the third corridor, he brilliantly scans the car and grins to discover it is empty.  He swings her around with her back up against the wall, the thud masked by a bump on the tracks.  They kiss deeply, breathing heavily, her knees begin to weaken and all reality blurs around them.  He rips her low cut sweater down, then peels her bra away revealing her soft nipple.  He presses his tongue on her breast and she moans digging her nails into the back of his neck; she pulls him closer as his hand rubs up between her legs.  He pulls her thongs to the side and presses his fingers inside her.  She bites her bottom lip and tightly squeezes her eyes shut trying to control herself.  He feels her warm wetness and smiles as she exhales a moan from his touch.  He turns her around to face the wall and she pulls her skirt up with compliance, she places her hands up on the wall and closes her eyes as she hears him undo his buckle.  He pulls her thong down letting it drop to the floor and they moan together as he enters her, he grasps her hips tightly, slamming himself deep inside her.  The train tries to sway them off balance as it moves through its path, he grunts at the challenge and breathes deep as he secures his stance.  He runs his hand up the small of her back and thrusts into her as she firmly holds her position.  He reaches for the nape of her neck, letting her dark hair lace between his fingers, he closes his fist tight.  She smiles with pain and pleasure, he smiles back at her and he thrusts harder into her…deeper…harder…until… they release together.  He collapses resting his head on her back to catch his breath.

He regains his composure as he slowly kneels down to retrieve her thong on the floor.  As he stands up he locks his eyes onto hers, he smiles devilishly as he puts her thong in his pocket.  She giggles and shakes her head then they straighten themselves up.  She nods at him that she is ready and he brings her in close to him wrapping his arms around her, he kisses her softly.  He smiles at her lovingly and she feels relief seeing his tension subside, even if for only a moment.

Although she is still flushed he admires her glow, then leads them back to their assigned car.  They quicken their pace as they grin with amusement, the passengers look on with concern.  They locate their seats and she dreamily curls up beside him closing her eyes as he kisses her forehead.  He strokes her cheek softly as she falls into bliss…then the man fills his glass with more whiskey.

~For Mo Anam Cara

One response to “On the train to somewhere…”

  1. Dr.H Avatar

    I agore you my love. Mo Anem Cara
    Yours DrH


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