I wasn’t looking for you
But it was love at first sight
I brushed it off though
There was sunshine and light

I said “I do” it was the happiest time
Then we slipped off our dance shoes
But things were not fine

You hit me that night
I was heartbroken and shocked
I stayed with you still
I cried a lot

After years of abuse
Endless days of torment
I remained loyal
I was your friend

Your wandering hands
Landed a different pain
You crushed my spirit
That’s been hard to regain

In this final chapter
Of our crazy life
You choked out my voice
And made me choose..with a knife..

You have changed me forever
For bad and for good
I do not hate you
Though I wish that I could

But I must move on
And walk away from “us”
I must learn how to love
I must learn how to trust

I will always care
I will always be your friend
But it is now time for “me”
And for the “us” to end.

Good bye.

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