Crazy weather brings germs.. yuck!

A very productive week has lead me to catch one of the worst colds I’ve had in a very long time.  It knocked me out all weekend and I still haven’t recovered.  I’m all drippy and sniffly and the whole thing just irritates me.  The constant nose blowing and passing out in the middle of watching movies has been my life for the last 72 hours.  I’ve been drinking fluids and Advil has been my best friend lately.

I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in my part of the world but it has been so confusing with one day being a high of 39 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius today!  I could hardly sleep last night with the thunder and lightning…flashing lights and angry rain was what woke me at 2 am and it kept me awake all morning.

Although I am supposed to be getting bed rest, I can’t help but bring my work to bed with me.  It’s a thing us workaholics do…which is something I need to revisit and reevaluate for my daily routine.  The tough part is being so sick you can hardly sit up, but then get these great ideas and search desperately for a pen and notebook with one eye open.  My work has taken up my bed forming a bit of a “nestlike” look.  It really is very sad.

I did manage to sidetrack myself and watch my favourite movies, the last one I finished being The Devil Wears Prada… by watching I mean the movie was on while I was writing notes, making project outlines and budgets.

The things I hate the most about being sick are:

1 –  I.  Can’t.  Breathe.

2 – Headaches are mean

3 – I can’t taste a damn thing

4 – Blowing my nose gets old

5 – I.  Can’t.  Breathe.

I hope you are all staying healthy… bring and use your hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE!

P.S.  Did I mention I can’t breathe???!!


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