No internet.. no communication


My birthday week is coming to an end and I can laugh now that everything is in place the way it should be.  I lost my internet, forgot to pay it for an extended period of time oopsy  so, I was cut off from all communication for 3 days.  I can laugh now, but I can honestly say I was freaking out a little tiny bit.  I had calls to make, businesses to look after I was going a bit ahead of myself.  It was refreshing being without the luxuries of contact to anyone on any device and at any time.  My kids were cut off from their snapchat friends and their Facebook messenger, it was a very quiet and relaxing 3 days.

I love the internet and all that it provides, like entertainment, ability to use your own equipment to make one of kind videos, meet business partners etc.  It is also nice to have a step back and take a break from how busy the internet can be for me.  Three or four days away to refresh and make better decisions has become a must for me.  I am going to take 3-4 days a month to turn off and enjoy the quiet.  It’s definitely something to look forward to after a long 24 hour period of life online.  I had time to reflect and just enjoy painting and the beautiful Spring weather.

I’ll be taking a road trip soon so join me on that trip live on Periscope (StilettoSuprmom).

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC day! 🙂


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