I’ve spent some time trying to think of ways to sustain the family through the winter but in a small space. It’s taken on a whole new life of its own so I’m going with the flow. I ordered seeds from a certified organic farm and I’m crossing my fingers. I’m dabbling in both soil and hydroponic hybrid environments. I’ll share my philosophy about the differences later in my new series. I’ll be using this series as a plant journal and experimentation with my son who has a love of science.

My Dad planted a full coconut plantation so this is my tribute to my family. I’m going purely on instinct and so far it has been so fun and surprisingly relaxing. In a summary of my “instinct” is that plants want to live. No matter what kind of environment they have a way of telling you what they need. I’ll be trying techniques and suggestions through as many sources as I can.

My first few herb plants are parsley and basil. These were bought from a local garden centre and were pot bound. I trimmed up some dead leaves and separated the roots as carefully as I could. My hope is that they will produce some new healthier leaves that I will have more confidence to put in food.

Miniature herb garden

I have made some live stream videos on Twitch under stilettosupermomlive and IGTV under my series Stilett-Grow’s Greenhouse. I’ve managed to save some videos to upload here as well. I just love how far technology has come!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Much love!


Catching some vitamin D

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