Gone are the days of picking fabric balls off of garments and fabric.  I didn’t really think of investing in a rechargeable lint remover until now.  I’ve been working on some crochet, knitting and other yarn and fabric projects so that finally sealed the deal to invest in a lint remover.

I headed over to Amazon and I bought a Ruidla Lint remover.  I tried it for the first time today and it not only gave my clothing new life but it was also therapeutic and ASMR-ish.  I can hear the fabric balls getting cut off as I maneuver around my fabric. One thing you do have to remember is to move it slowly and tilt it into every angle to make sure you get into high friction areas like under arms and inner seams on pants.

This gadget is a dream to use on yarn and fabric projects.  I make small toys and when I crochet or knit it is impossible to keep the fuzz away while I work.  After a gentle glide over my finished pieces, my pictures show each stitch more clearly.  This would also be a dream for baby and children’s clothing by extending their life and clearing the halo that shows on knitwear.

Enjoy my latest video!

How to use a lint remover

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