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Turning to Mush

The kids are back in their school routines, which means I get to have some much needed alone time.   By “alone time”, I mean “I can get things done uninterrupted and without playing the referee”.

I decided to put myself out there and try a Q&A episode for the radio show.  The questions I’ve been getting have been hilarious, topics from hygiene to relationships.  I can’t wait!  What better way to bring in my birthday than with my cohost?!  We always have a great laugh together. 🙂

Tomorrow will be another jam-packed day, so at 3:21am, I’m going to actually log off my computer before my brain turns to mush!

Much love to you guys!


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Local Fancy, but Flat.

I had to get so much done today but I managed to sneak in some food at a local pub I used to go to in my younger years.  It was completely renovated with the ambiance of a fine wine type restaurant, which I was completely underdressed for.    However, I was welcomed very professionally and seated right away.

I ordered the Coconut Shrimp as an appetizer… and wow!  The presentation was as yummy as it looks!  I’m not a huge fan of spicy sauces, but I tasted a bit of it and it wasn’t too spicy hot, but still too spicy for me haha.



For the main course, I ordered the Chef’s Special Red Snapper on Grilled Lemons and Tomatoes with Rice and Black Beans.  This was a huge disappointment.  It’s my preference to have my main course on one plate so when they brought out these two dishes by two different servers… I was confused….one brought out this hot wood and iron plate.  I felt like I was getting served from an iron frying pan.  The next server brought out a bowl of white rice and black beans.  Yes, I was confused.  Like, why the great presentation?  I was waiting for a band or something to pop out of nowhere.  When I inspected the tomato dish it looked really good, but the fish was burned to the bottom of this “frying pan” platter, so of course the fish was dry and tasteless, basically it was dry fish on salsa.  I tasted a fork full of the rice which, you guessed it, it tasted like plain white rice and black beans.  I was completely underwhelmed.  Completely.




On that note, the overall presentation was great but, damn…it seemed like such a waste.  I finished my iced tea and asked for the bill not even looking at the dessert menu.  It was a very confusing experience, but an experience nonetheless.  I probably won’t be coming back to this place anytime soon, but maybe I’ll give them another shot in a few more months.

Until the next restaurant…happy nom noms! 🙂

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Easter Weekend Begins…

Today begins the Easter Weekend.  Thankfully , the sun is shining and it is warm enough to do some walking.  After my 9 year old and my 5 year old were done eating their after school snack of apples; I brought out my packs of stickers and construction paper and told them to make some pages, hats, or whatever they wanted.  They loved the idea of making crowns and hats.  The house is so quiet and I actually have time to write and work..as well as repaint my nails.


Easter Nails

I filed and shaped my nails and I came up with a pastel purple, pink and green look.




On my left hand I painted OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in no, 540 Jaded on the ring finger.  On my right hand, I put the same lavender colour, but I used OPI’s If You Moust You Moust on the ring finger.  I’ll be going to my brother’s house for Easter this year.  I don’t have a clue what I’m going to wear but I’m going to be rocking these nails out.  It’s traditional for all of the women in our family to sit down after dinner and paint our nails, chat and watch movies while sipping our coffees or teas.  I know my sis inlaw will expect me to bring my nail polish.

I also bought these Sharpie 80’s Glam markers from Staples on sale for $15.00…



…and from Michael’s Craft Store I bought these adhesive ribbons that  for $9.99 with their 40% off sale.




I was clearing out my studio for some shelving and supply storage and I came to my picture box.  Most of the photos had taken some years of abuse from packing and unpacking.  Since everything is digital, I figured I’d seriously focus on getting these into scrapbooks before they get completely destroyed.  So far, it’s been very relaxing going through my old photos of the kids.  The best part is my brother left all his things with me on various moves.  From his paintings to his old decorations from his old place.  I came across his old pictures from when he was sporting around long hair, driving a Tracker and Keanu Reeves was the latest girl-craze.  I’m putting a page together for him which will be hilarious because I’m sure he’s completely forgotten about these.

I’m looking forward to this weekend with my kids and my family…  bring it on Easter! 🙂

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OMG Milk & OMG Peanut…and Netflix

This whole week I’ve been doing research and this weekend has come and gone. The kids’ lunches are ready for the last week before Easter. I went to the nearby Dollarama and picked up some Easter decorations and set it up before the kids came home…and they LOVED it! I had to sneak a picture before they ate all the MiniEggs…

Easter 2014

…like I thought, they devoured them haha

I couldn’t find construction paper at Dollarama so I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and found a couple things I needed for some of my projects. I will have to buy some gel pens as my boys “have no idea where they are”. The pen case was exactly where I left them, but zero pens..sigh.

Smiley Stickers



My biggest “score” however, were the OMG candy clusters I found. I was watching The Dragons’ Den on Netflix and I learned that these chocolate treats were made by the same creators of Clodhoppers. Of course, I wanted to try them.

OMG's Candy

Uhmm all I can say is YUMMMMM! These chocolates have graham cracker bits mixed in with almonds (Milk in red packaging) and the same mixture but with peanuts (Peanut in yellow packaging). If you are a chocolate lover like I am you will love these. The chocolate is so creamy and although the bag looks small, they are quite filling. The Peanut version seemed to have peanut butter mixed into the chocolate with whole peanut chunks. Great snack food!

I took my dog for a late night walk to burn off the delicious treats, now I’m off to curl up in my comfy bed and watch some Netflix. I will let you all know what I watched tomorrow.

Much love! 😉

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I am raised with a matriarchal mentality
I know how to maintain my own reality

When I am in pain I retreat to recover
I will come back stronger, my dear enemies, take cover!

There’s nothing you can do that will ever take me down
I earned these battle scars and I made my own crown

I’m a self-taught, wild minded, God fearing soul
I know what I want, I know where I’m going

Not all understand because my breed is rare
From my fingertips, my body to my long flowing hair

I do what I must for all that I dream
Welcome to the matriarchal society of ME.

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Quo Make-up Remover wipes and Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying some different facial cleansing wipes. Since I am on the go, quite a bit with and without my children, I have to have these in my purse.  Ever since I’ve had my first child, I have always toted around a small packet of wipes. That goes back to when my mom used to keep all the KFC towelette packets in her purse. She was definitely right because I’ve had to reach for a wipe or two wiping fingers and mouths from my kids!

I was happy to see that they finally have facial cleansing wipes available which smell more “adult” and less “toddler”.



I went to my local Shoppers Drug Mart and found that Quo (their exclusive brand) had started selling their Quo Make-Up Remover Wipes. I tried two packages, so approximately 1-2 months worth from this company. The scent is pleasant and at first I was nervous about whether my combination skin would get irritated. To my surprise the formula is pleasant and non-drying nor did it irritate my skin. It even managed to remove several layers of non-waterproof and waterproof mascara.





A couple weeks ago I was shopping at Costco and found Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes. It came in a box of a total of 150 sheets in 30 sheet and 15 sheet packages. I was running low on my Quo wipes so I decided to try it out and see if it was comparable. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the Kirkland and Quo brands both smell incredibly similar. The Quo brand is a little stronger in scent but the Kirkland formula worked equally as well. Depending on how much mascara I put on. I did have to use extra sheets, or hold the wipe on my lashes until the formula could dissolve the mascara enough to gently remove it.  No skin irritations either!



Facial Wipes


Overall, if I had to choose between the two I would choose Quo. The formula seems to penetrate my stubborn mascara faster and I used less sheets. I will however continue purchasing and switching from both brands and will try other brands depending on where I shop.   Happy shopping!  🙂

My Literature · Poems


I’m here to put you at ease
Relax your body
Now, drop to your knees

My command is what you wish
Get closer to me
And taste my dish

Don’t disobey and make me frown
Or I’ll have no choice
I’ll take you down

My hands are hot, my heart is cold
But all your secrets
I protect and hold

I am your darkest fantasy
Full of danger
…and ecstasy…